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Singapore Mom Blogger is One!

Singapore Mom Bloggers is turning one and
We’re having a photo challenge!!

SMB PhotoChallengeI have to stress once again that this is a personal blog; maintained solely by myself. I am a member of Singapore Mom Bloggers, but I am in no way a representative of the group.

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Singapore Mom Bloggers is an initiative by mom blogger Rachel Teo from Right Klick Communications. To cut the long and short of it, it is a collective group of fun-loving, passionate mom bloggers who each have a unique story to tell.

Remember to check out Singapore Mom Bloggers Blog Roll for inspiration from the rest of the amazing mommies from this group.

Day 1 | Me
This is taken about 11 years back during my glamorous flying days with Singapore Airlines

Day 2 | Love of my Life
Check out out love story…..
Photo credits to John Teo from Episode Photography

Day 3 | Wedding
We’ll be celebrating our 10th year anniversary come November!
Photo Credits to Kelvin Koh From Lightedpixels Photography

Day 4 | Love
Children offers the purest form of unconditional love.

Day 5 | Home
It was love at first sight!

Day 6 | Ultrasound
Sophia at 26 weeks.
I was thrilled to bits finding out I was expecting a little girl!!
Think Pink, Shop Pink!!

Day 7 | Hope
Just for the records, I am not a compulsive gambler.
I thought that this could be an interesting tongue in cheek photo for the topic HOPE.

Day 8 | Births
The birth of James made us new parents once again.

Day 9 | First Birthdays
Hiroshi’s lavish 1st birthday!
This cheeky boy still laughs like that till date!
I hope he will never lose this child-like innocence.

Day 10 | Milestones
Hiroshi drinking from a cup at 17 months.

Day 11 | Family
We were happy as a couple, but having kids completes our family

Day 12 | Joy
Joy is seeing your children sleeping soundly through the night.

Day 13 | Laugh
Hiroshi at our favorite hair stylist from Ipoh

Day 14 | Singapore Mom Bloggers
Need I say anymore about this group?!?!?
Singapore Mom Bloggers RAWKS!
They have arrived at their very 1st birthday milestone,
and I am glad to be a small part of it.
Looking forward to many more good years to come!!

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Friday Five: Top 5 first Weaning Food

Top 5 Food for Weaning | Singapore Mom Blogs1. Organic Commercial Single Grain Cereal
Commercial iron-fortified rice cereal is the first choice of the American Academy of Pediatrics.
Rice is easily digested, is rarely an allergen, and thins readily when added to liquid.
Simply mix cereal with breast milk, formula, or water.

Top 5 Food for weaning | Singapore Mom Blogs2. Ripe Avocado
Mashed ripe avocado is an excellent first food for baby.
They are great source of unsaturated fatty acid that your baby needs for brain development.

3. Sweet Potato
Cooked mashed sweet potato is another favorite first food. It is highly nutritious and rich in beta-carotene.

Top 5 weaning food | Singapore Mom Blogs4. Ripe Banana
Banana are convenient first food. They are nutritious and easily digested.
But however, banana skins are porous, allowing fungicides to be absorb to the flesh.
Try to buy certified organically-grown bananas

5. Cooked Pear
Pears are good source of fiber and a fair source of vitamin C, B, A and iron.
Particularly useful when your baby is suffering from a constipation.

Have Fun Weaning!

Food Review: Arty Farty Dining Experience @ Museo

(Casual Fine Dining at Museo)

A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at MuseoI am instantly wowed by the magnificent view of the marina & luxurious yachts even before setting foot into the restaurant.

Tucked in the highly prestigious area of Quayside Isle on Sentosa Island…. Museo (pronounced as Moo-Zay-O) promises gastronomic treats exquisitely presented with a contemporary twist.

And as true to it’s name, Museo which means museum in Italian, brings great viewing pleasure of fine exhibits by well-renowned art masters, all displayed in an elegant and refined settings.

A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at MuseoWe were honestly spoilt for choices when being presented the cocktail menu, which comprises a range of 30 concocted cocktails!

This includes 10 exclusive brand new creations, as well as 10 classic cocktails, updated with a twist. And most interestingly, 10 dietary healthy cocktails where tea is infused with alcohol as well as other organic and healthy elements.

A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at Museo I had the Breakfast Martini. {$21} (tall skinny glass on the right) Which is basically made up of London dry gin, blood orange marmalade, citrus and a float of champagne. This is inspired by the modern classic Breakfast Martini,by Salvatore Calabrese in 2000. The tart flavors of the marmalade is soften by the champagne. If I knew breakfast was this happening, I wouldn’t mind waking up early everyday. Or perhaps even better…. Have all day breakfast!

Kitson had the Montenegro Sour. {$21} (the fat glass with pretty heart shaped orange garnish) Which is made up of Montenegro amaro, dolin, fresh pineapple & citrus. The dark caramel like nature of Montenegro amaro blended with the brighter dawn-esque sweetness of dolin rouge form the perfect base, Which the pineapple and citus pit their strength in flavor.

A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at Museo

We were just darn curious over the fancy names these cocktails were presented with, so  we decided to have another one; Kopi-o. {$16}

A local perk-me-up drink in its traditional outfit. A combination of Cariel Two-Vanilla Vodka and freshly brewed espresso floes silk-like across a tired palate subtly bittersweet.

We rubbed our tummies with glee, waiting for the next surprise to unfold.
A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at Museo
We had the Creamy Asparagus Soup with roasted bacon and herbs {$12} for starters. This creamy earthy vegetable soup hit in the right comfort spot. And as for the bacon, I love anything with bacon on it!! Oh-So-nice!!

A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at Museo
Next up was the Mezzanine Signature.

Diners were given free rein in customizing their own unique set by choosing 4 out of the 12 Mezzanines available for only $39. Or for the less adventurous, Museo offers the Mezzanine Signatures for $38, which includes an exquisite selection of 4 crowd-pleasers infused with local flavors.

We had the Joy of life {$12} (Smoked Roast Pork Belly served with hot sauce), The Kiss {$12} (Barbequed Squid with Chilli and Peppers), Matisse’s Gold {$12} (Deep fried Silver Fish served with hot sauce) and The Great Wave {$10} (Tuna Tataki) for our Mezzanine Signature set.

All I could say was, the small portioning has it left me craving for more! What a teaser!!

A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at MuseoAgain, curiosity got the better of us, we ordered Three Musicians {$12} (Soft Shell Chilli Crab served with sweet and savory Tomato-Chilli Sauce) which was also part of the Mezzanine.

There was a strange resemblance to Singapore’s Signature Dish; the chilli crab. But, this however was less spicy. And the clever use of soft shell crab also meant that there was no need for fine diners to get their hands dirty in the process of savoring this yummy dish.

A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at MuseoWatching chefs preparing our meals from an open concept kitchen
totally whet our appetite for more food…..

The setup was so comfortable,
we literately made ourselves at home.
Goofing ourselves silly with the menu.
A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at MuseoA Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at MuseoA Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at Museo

Back to serious food business.
A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at Museo
For Enterees, I ordered Sliced Beef with Mushroom “Zurich Style” Served with pan-roasted rosti potato. {$28}

I didn’t care much for the beef since it was overwhelmed by mushroom and mushroom sauce.
However, I do love the creamy wild mushrooms and pan-roasted rosti potato.

A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at Museo
Kitson on the other hand ordered River Prawns and Linguine. {$28} Baked prawn with cheese and herbs served with Aglio Olio linguine.

He quietly finished up in record time. So I supposed it must have aced a distinction from well traveled food critic.

We have a love hate relationships with desserts.
We love our desserts
but yet understand that
we shouldn’t indulge ourselves too much since the sensitive topic of age is catching up.

But, like always, the mind is willing but the soul is weak!
We over did dessert AGAIN!

A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at MuseoI was so predictable that Kitson instantly knew what I was going to order.That is precisely what happens when you are married for 10 years!

The Green Tea Creme Brulee served with Gelato {$12} of course!

The BEST I ever had. And even comparable to the ones I had in Italy!

A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at MuseoKitson had Vodka Chocolate Lava Cake served with Gelato. {$12} Lovely warm lava cake infused with vodka. Beautiful twist.

The small portioning has left us craving for more.
Highly Recommended!

A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at MuseoCuriosity has definitely killed the cat this time round.

Eton Mess. {$12} Strawberry and peach marinated with lemon juice and rum, plus a generous portion of whipping cream.

Refreshing dessert.
But, I wasn’t sure if I liked the rum.

A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at MuseoThe mastermind behind all these wonderful creation; Chef Yip.
Coincidentally, he is from Ipoh!!
I’ve come across plenty of good chefs from Ipoh on my gastronomic adventure!

I would rank Museo highly on its ambience.A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at Museo Perfect retreat for city dwellers
and peaceful sanctuary for working executives.
Great for a romantic first date between budding lovers.

Taking into account the ambience, food selection, and the amazing view.
It’s value for money.
A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at Museo
and the staffs are really lovely as well.

Kitson & Myself
(alongside with our little light bulb)
had the best date in many years
A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at Museo

A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at Museo
#01-22 Quayside Isle31 Ocean way
Singapore 098375
Tel: 6734 8066
Fax: 6734 8086
Website: www.mu-se-o.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MuseoSingapore


Singapore Mom Blogs has been invited by Museo for complimentary food review.
All thoughts and opinion are my own.

Disney XD | Home of Mavel Superheroes & more…..

Something exciting is brewing in the world of Disney.

If Marvel superheroes thrill you
and action’s the name of your game,
then Disney XD is just the thing you need!
disney xd

Disney XD will be the TV home of new Marvel series
featuring superheroes such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor
and introduce dynamic stories full of action, adventure and heroism to a whole new generation.
The channel will also feature original Disney XD series
including the martial arts comedy Kickin’ It,
turbo-charged animated series Motorcity
and the fun animated series Kick Buttowski – Suburban Daredevil
and the hugely popular 2D animated comedy Phineas & Ferb.

We were invited to the World of XD event,
as part of the launch of Disney’s upcoming new channel – Disney XD.

Kids were all super charged up for the adventure filled, tech-themed playgrounds
which will propel them into the World of Superheroes!

Having tons of fun on the trampoline
Trying to mimic superhero action of Kick Buttowski…..

Frantically looking for the right keys
to open the locks in order to save Agent P’s friends in the cages…..

There was also an entertaining stage show.
Sophia gamely volunteered herself for the games segment.
To my surprise,
she was pretty good in the game which requires plenty of coordination skills!!
SingaporeMomBlogs | Disney XD

The biggest highlight of this event has got to be the meet and greet with Ironman.

After all the highs of meeting a real life hero.
Hiroshi wants to be one too!

Craving for more superheroes pow-wow actions?
Remember to catch Disney XD
on StarHub on Channel 310 (Disney XD HD on 360).

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Finally a new home…..

Nope, we haven’t gotten a new property.
In fact, it’s insane to buy a new house now with Singapore’s sky rocketing property prices.

But we did get ourselves our very own self hosted domain name!!

Which is a huge deal for me….
We have been blogging over at www.babyhiroshi.blogspot.com for the past 8 years.
I would like to shamelessly think of ourselves as pioneers in the Singapore Mom Bloggers scene.

We have been procrastinating over the shift all these years.
Afterall, you do get sentimentally and emotionally attached to something
that you spend so much time documenting.

But, the shift was inevitable.

Firstly, It’s a mouthful to say I blog at www.babyhiroshi.blogspot.com.
Then comes the explanation of why BabyHiroshi.
Well, it’s not exactly tough to explain why BabyHiroshi…..
To put it simply, Hiroshi is my first born.
He has a quirky Japanese name because he was “made in Japan”.
Then the questions that follows amuse me.
So you’ve got babysophia.blogspot.com and babyjames.blogspot.com as well?!?!?
Nope, I don’t.
So that is why I am now choosing a really generic domain name.
Pretty brainless if you ask me.
Now, it’s just www.SingaporeMomBlogs.com

And finally the straw that broke the camel’s back…..
The thoughts of introducing our fast growing young man as BabyHiroshi
doesn’t sound right at all.

We look forward to furnishing this new “home” with many more exciting postings.

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SingaporeMomBlogs Facebook @SingaporeMomBlogs      SingaporeMomBlogs Twitter @smomblogs     SingaporeMomBlogs Instagram @smomblogs

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