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Flashback Fridays: Reminisce of Sophia’s Birthday Parties…..

As I plan Sophia’s 6th Birthday Party,
I reminisce all the wonderful birthdays she had over the years.

The BIRTH Day (05.06.07)

1st Birthday Party

2nd Birthday

3th Birthday

4th Birthday

5th Birthday

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Art Garden 2013 at the Singapore Art Museum

When you see Walter relaxing by the front lawn of Singapore Art Museum,
it simply means that Children’s Season is back!
Singapore Mom Blogs visit Art Garden 2013 at the Singapore Art Museum

Art Garden 2013 at the Singapore Art Museum is back!
But is it Bigger and Better?!?!?!?
Read on and see what we think of it…..

4 levels of Contemporary Art Fun for Children.

Level 1
Landscape In The Box
by NUS Architecture Students lead by tutor Raffaella Sini

Sophia was not impressed when we were greeted by this installation at the front door.
In her words, she said; “Art Museum so BORING!!!”
In short, don’t waste your time here….
there are many other more worthy exhibition than this one!
Singapore Mom Blogs visit Art Garden 2013 at the Singapore Art Museum

The Enchanted Garden City
by Sandra Lee

Extremely Colorful and Whimsical.
Familiar fairy tales with an Asian twist.
Activity: Draw the Enchanted Garden and watch it appear on the Magic Mirror.
Singapore Mom Blogs visit Art Garden 2013 at the Singapore Art Museum

Kids can’t get enough of this rainbow bridge!
They kept going over and over and over again……
Singapore Mom Blogs visit Art Garden 2013 at the Singapore Art Museum

Level 2
Film Screenings
A selection of local short films and animation.
The 2 TV addicts got stuck in this cozy room for a solid 45 minutes!!
Singapore Mom Blogs visit Art Garden 2013 at the Singapore Art Museum

Around the Day in Eighty Worlds
by Vicente Delgado

Another of our favorite installation.
Go on an adventure. Enter this fascinating world and observe what’s around you
– some things may look familiar at first,
but a closer look may reveal something different about them
Decorate a hot air balloon “postcard”
Draw your own kitty cat
Make your own kaleidoscope
Singapore Mom Blogs visit Art Garden 2013 at the Singapore Art MuseumSingapore Mom Blogs visit Art Garden 2013 at the Singapore Art Museum

Get a whole new perspective of the world when you look through a Kaleidoscope.
Singapore Mom Blogs visit Art Garden 2013 at the Singapore Art Museum

Opps! I broke a chair!!
Singapore Mom Blogs visit Art Garden 2013 at the Singapore Art Museum

Level 3

Stellar Cave ||
by Julien Salaud
With support from institut Francais Singapour

This is simply AMAZING!
Feast your eyes on this stunning work made only with screws, thread and UV lights.
Singapore Mom Blogs visit Art Garden 2013 at the Singapore Art Museum

Sophia having a feel on how that art installation was done.
Singapore Mom Blogs visit Art Garden 2013 at the Singapore Art Museum

The Incredible Magical Expanding Room
by Mojoko and Shang Liang

Watch the room visually transform as all four walls respond to your voice.
Honestly…. There is nothing magical bout it!
Even my Windows Media Player visualizer is able to respond the music I am playing.
But, nevertheless….. the kids were sill pretty amused by it!

Les Reves Engloutis –
Glossy Dreams in Depth
by Stephane Blanquet
Let your imagination take over as you enter a room filled with fantasy and dreams.
Roomful of peculiar objects, 3D drawings and holograms.
I didn’t enjoy this one at all.
Even the kids commented that it is SPOOKY!
It has failed as an art installation meant for children.
Activity: Mask making
Singapore Mom Blogs visit Art Garden 2013 at the Singapore Art Museum
Singapore Mom Blogs visit Art Garden 2013 at the Singapore Art Museum
Singapore Mom Blogs visit Art Garden 2013 at the Singapore Art Museum

Level 4
Love, Revolve The World
by Sun Yu-li

Collaboration work between local sculptor and 750 students represents the connections that existed in the universe and the random nature of everything around us.
Save your effort of climbing that extra level.
Nothing interesting for the kids!
Singapore Mom Blogs visit Art Garden 2013 at the Singapore Art Museum

Even though some parts of the Art Garden 2013 at the Singapore Art Museum was a sheer disappointment. It is still an exhibition worth going for. Be prepared to stay for a couple of hours. The children would be kept busy with all the interesting activities planned out for them.

Singapore Art Museum at 8Q
Art Garden 2013 at the Singapore Art Museum

17 May 2013 – 1 September 2013
10am – 7pm (Mon – Sun)
$10 (Adult), $5 (Students & Seniors)
Fee Admission for Citizens, PR and visitors aged 6 and below)

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Singapore Mom Bloggers is ONE! | HeART Studio Singapore

Singapore Mom Blogger is One!! | Heart StudioThis is a personal blog maintained solely by myself. I am a member of Singapore Mom Bloggers, but I am in no way a representative of the group.

Singapore Mom Bloggers Website
Singapore Mom Bloggers Facebook

Singapore Mom Bloggers is an initiative by mom blogger Rachel Teo from Catch 40 Winks. To cut the long and short of it, it is a collective group of fun-loving, passionate mom bloggers who each have a unique story to tell.

Remember to check out Singapore Mom Bloggers Blog Roll for inspiration from the rest of the amazing mommies from this group.

It’s like the party that never ends!
After learning to dress and paint our faces right at Style Essence…..
We are now painting on canvas Vincent Van Gogh style at HeART Studio Singapore!

I’ve always love Art. But, I never had the opportunity to learn it formally. So when this activity was presented for Singapore Mom Bloggers’ FIRST birthday, I knew I had to jump on it!

Upon arriving at HeART Studio Singapore, my mood was immediately lifted up with the endless creative artwork on display. I marveled at every single piece of work. You can totally feel the passion these people have through these amazing pieces.

Our instructors for the day were Syafiq and Elma.
Young and energetic. Full of talent.
I think both of them would have worked brilliantly with kids of all ages!

Syafiq started off by telling us some interesting facts about Vincent Van Gogh.
Then Elma proceed on by demonstrating step by step instruction in creating our very own renown “Sunflowers”.
Instructions from Elma was short, concise and easy to follow.

We had to draft our Sunflowers lightly with a pastel on canvas.

Then comes the really FUN part of painting them with Acrylic paints

This artwork by Vincent Van Gogh highlighted the technique of building up paint with thick horizontal and vertical brushstrokes ( impasto). Alternating color tone also made this piece more dimensional.

Since I’ve never done it before, it took me quite some time to get the technique right.
It wasn’t tough when we have 2 capable instructors guiding us along….

Undeniably an event for mothers! James went painting with me too!!!

After 2 hours of nurturing. Sunflowers by Singapore Mom Blogs is finally done!!!
Special thanks to the 2 brilliant instructors who have made this possible!

All the other wonderful ladies from Singapore Mom Bloggers
Evelyn Neo, Lyndis Lee, Justina Tey, Me, Dominique Goh, Adeline Oon, Regina
Donna, Pamela, Alicia Tan, Rachel
Photo credits: Rachel Teo of Catch 40 Winks

Happy 1st Birthday Singapore Mom Bloggers!!
I am just glad to be a Small part of this Big Celebration.
Looking forward to many more wonderful years of blogging and friendships.

And perhaps, wishfully thinking….
till the day we set up our very own Singapore Grandma Bloggers Club! :p

HeART Studio Singapore conducts adult canvas classes to teach basic art sketching to canvas art. 2 people to start a class.
The school also offers art classes for children 3 – 12 years old

Website : http://www.heartstudiosg.com/

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Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite Electric Toothbrush Review

This is a sponsored review for Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite (HX6711) Electric Toothbrush.

Product comes with 1 Sonicare toothbrush, 1 ProResults brush head, 1 standard charger with brush head holder, 1 hygienic travel cap and 3 interchangeable color code rings.

While many other leading brands of electric toothbrushes have rotary brush heads. Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite Electric’s brush head seems to look like any other regular toothbrushes. This has left me really curious, wondering how would this match up to its competitors in the market.

The initial charge up is 24 hours. But I soon ran into a little difficulty, the charger’s plug does not fit into my standard wall plug. I had to get an adapter.

But the wait was all well worth it!

There are 2 modes on Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite Toothbrush.
Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite Electric Toothbrush Review by Singapore Mom Blogger; Irene Soh
Clean Mode which runs on the 2 minutes smart timer ensures that one keeps to the healthy brushing time as recommended by dental professionals. Features such as the quadpacer also encourages attentive brushing to each quadrant of the mouth.

Clean and White Mode runs the standard 2 minutes of Clean mode with an additional 30 seconds of White mode to focus on the visible front teeth.

I have been running on ‘clean mode’ for the past 2 weeks. Features such as the smart timer and quadpacer ensures that my teeth are bushed thoroughly.

Teeth are visibility cleaner even from the 1st use. After 2 weeks of usage, dental plaque was close to non existence.

My current electric toothbrush of a leading market brand doesn’t deliver the same outstanding results as Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite Electric Toothbrush.

Philips’ Patented Sonic Technology delivers 31,000 brush strokes per minute to specific reach of the brush head as it sweeps back and forth to create Sonicare’s unique dynamic cleaning action.

This is so good that, it has even passed our corn-bits-stuck-in-teeth test!

Everything is great about the Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite Electric Toothbrush. But, there is this strange gap between the Sonicare toothbrush and the ProResults brush head.

But, upon double checking with the good people from Philips, the explanation is such that, the gap is required to accommodate the vibration movement. So, just in case you are wondering if it was a design flaw. No, it isn’t. The gap is actually required for the Patented Sonic Technology to work.

But of course that doesn’t change my opinion about the impressive performance of this toothbrush. I love it and would strongly recommend it to anyone looking for a electric toothbrush. Worthy investment for healthy teeth and gums. Your dentist would thank you for it!

Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite Electric Toothbrush retails for $155.
Great Singapore Sales Specials: Only at $119!!

Do follow Philips Twitter page at https://twitter.com/PhilipsSG and participate in the Twitter games to win up to $100 shopping vouchers!

You can find out more here – http://www.philips.com.sg/e/promo/promotions/general/gss-promotion.html

Financial compensation was not received for this post.
A sample product was gifted from Philips.
Opinions expressed here are my own.

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Cold Storage Kids Run 2013 | Top 5 tips for Stroller Run.

This is a sponsored review for Cold Storage Kids Run 2013.

I’ve never thought that I would ever participate in a marathon!
Let’s face it, who am I kidding…..
I am not a runner.
The only running I do these days are running after kids and BUSES!
And it’s normally done in a quick burst of short distances!

When I told the kids about Cold Storage Kids Run.
They were thrilled.
Despite knowing the fact that they had to run 800m
they remained positively excited.
So I enrolled all 3 kids into the Cold Storage Kids Race.

There were intention for training.
But, we never got about DOING it.

So when it came race day,
We sang Que Sara Sara Whatever will be, Will be.

Hiroshi was up 1st in the Boogey Blue Dash. A competitive run for kids in the age group of 7 & 8 years old. Honestly, it doesn’t matter if he came in first or last. All that matter was the brave child did his first run all by himself. And I was there to witness it!!
Singapore Mom Blogger Irene Soh | Hiroshi Participating in Boogey Blue Dash

Then it was Sophia’s turn at the Sunshine Orange Chase. A fun run which requires a parent to team up with their child and have a jolly good time running together. Sophia was full of zest even thought it wasn’t competitive!
Singapore Mom Blogger Irene Soh | Sophia Participating in Sunshine Orange Chase

Finally, it was James’s turn at the Huggies Stroller Chase. I boldly took up the challenge and ran with James on the stroller. I had a tough time catching my breath and my mind was constantly straying and wondering, “where the heck is the finishing line!!!!”

We made the day extra memorable by dressing up our strollers for the Best Dressed Stroller Competition. We went as Fireman Sam James. It was definitely a head turner! People were whipping out cameras and shouting SooOOoOoOooo CutEeeeEEeee!
Singapore Mom Blogger Irene Soh | James Participating in Huggies Stroller Chase

Perhaps we should do the Star Wars X-wing accompanied by Princess Leia Irene in our next stroller race!!

Gold Medals and Certificate were given to all kids that has completed the race. I’ll like to applaud the people from Cold Storage Kids Run for such thoughtful gestures. To me, it simply meant that every kid is a WINNER. My kids were uber proud of it that they brought the medals to school to show them off!!
Singapore Mom Blogger Irene Soh | Medals from Cold Storage Kids Run 2013

Top 5 tips for Stroller Race
Singapore Mom Blogger Irene Soh | Top 5 Tips for Stroller Run

1. Choice of Stroller
Technically speaking, a stroller specifically designed for jogging should be used in a stroller race. But, since we are all everyday Singaporeans who might not even run with our strollers on a day to day basis…..
A normal stroller will suffice. But, extra precaution should be taken.
The stroller you are using should be sturdy, comes with 5 point safety belt harness, large canopy, Comfortably Padded, and ideally comes with a suspension system as well.

2. Test Run
I know, I’ve been in that same pit fall. How tough is it to run with strollers?!?!? As it turns out, not so easy….. When you run take note of your posture, remember to keep your elbows bent and stroller close to your body. Abdominal muscles pulled in tight. Shoulders rolled down and back. Keep a relaxed grip over the stroller. And most importantly….. Train, Train, Train.

3. Pack Necessities & Entertainment
I’ve packed crackers, water and toys to keep James happy and settled in the stroller. Do whatever it takes to keep your child happy in the stroller!! It’s distracting to run with a crying baby.

4. Keep Child Safe from Hash Elements

The sun was unforgiving during the Cold Storage Kids Run. Remember to ladle on Sunscreen and put on a super cool sunshade for the child. Having a stroller with large canopy would be great for situations like that. But coupled with a portable electronic fan would be god sent!

5. All in the Name of FUN
Don’t break a sweat over it! Stroller Runs are suppose to be FUN. Run in your own pace. Keep left and do not hog up the entire race track. Stay in line. Keep a safe distance between yourself and other participants.

Financial compensation was not received for this post.
An invitation was extended from Full Circle Public Relation .
Opinions expressed here are my own.

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