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ZOVB BLOOP WHAT? | Extreme Adrenalin Junkies Alert!

ZVOB in Singapore | Bloop in Singapore

I am NOT speaking incoherently.

ZOVB is an activity that is perfect for the EXTREME Adrenalin Junkies.
Zorbing originated from New Zealand in the 1990s as a novel invention by 2 kiwis! Today, it is adopted in Singapore on the slopy grounds of Old Holland Road.

Once securely strapped into the capsule of the gigantic clear plastic air-cushioned ball. It is ready, Get set and a LONG LONG roll down the grass slopes.

Cautious: PLEASE TURN DOWN YOUR VOLUME before watching video!
From this experience alone, I can safely conclude that there are 3 types of ZVOB-ers.
1) The screaming ZVOB-ers 2) The laughing ZVOB-ers 3) The quiet ZVOB-ers
Kitson and myself is anything BUT The quiet ZVOB-ers!!

After the adrenalin pumping ride of ROLLING down, there was still more to the Ultimate ZVOB experience. It was time for an “Uphill” challenge.

Since I am not an adrenalin junkie to begin with, I preferred the “uphill” experience.

Do NOT indulge in an expensive meal before ZVOB-ing!!
My delicious lunch from bacon and booze
didn’t sit too well after tumbling down slope.

Bloop looks exactly like mini ZVOB balls. Perfect for cushioning an individual player.
101 different games can be played with Bloop! The possibilities are endless!
We had fun wrestling and watching the loosing opponent roll down the hill!

Out of ideas on what to do for a birthday party?
Have an ultimate party experience by ZOVB-ing and Bloop-ing.

For more information:

Disclaimer: We have been invited by WOW Experience for the ZOVB and Bloop Experience. All views and opinions are our own.

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Fashion Fridays: Candy Crush Nail Art

It’s Candy Crush inspired nail art for Fashion Friday this week!

Get a Life!

I don’t have a habit of getting addicted to games because I simply suck at it! This totally explains why I am getting into this hype after the frenzy has died down.

Singapore mom blogger Irene Soh | Candy Crush Nail Art Design My Inspiration for this Candy Crush nail art design.

Candy Crush logo is painted free hand using acrylic paints.
Singapore mom blogger Irene Soh | Candy Crush Nail Art Design

The rest of the nails in blue french manicure with stripy red and white candy cane.
Singapore mom blogger Irene Soh | Candy Crush Nail Art Design

What game are you playing at this current moment?

Linking up with Princess and the Rock:

Princess and The Rock
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NIVEA Body UV Whitening Serum 14 days challenge

With all honesty, I am a no fuss kind of women. I could go from bed to “operational ready” in 10 minutes. Even more so after motherhood! After getting 3 kids ready, I’ve hardly even got time to look at myself in the mirror!

Lathering a body cream to me is a luxury.

I’ll be taking on the NIVEA Body UV Whitening Serum 14 days challenge.

I got horror when I took a picture of my arm and zoomed in!
To save you the agony, I’ve decided not to post the SUPER zoomed in version.

In short, the neglect on my poor arm has resulted to premature aging of the skin due to sun exposure. My 33 year old arm looks as though they belonged to my 50 year old mother’s arm! (In fact, I think my mom has better skin!) They were dull, itchy, uneven, and stressed.

This is the part when I cannot live in denial anymore. I have to do something about it! I will faithfully stick to the NIVEA Body UV Whitening Serum 14 days challenge. And at the same time keep my fingers crossed that it isn’t too late!

I was pleasantly surprised after the first application. NIVEA Body UV Whitening Serum is lightweight. Does not leave a tacky feeling after application, and it smells pretty good too!

Come back in 14 days to check out the results.
Join me in my 14 days Body UV Whitening Serum challenge!!

See you in 14 days time!

Disclaimer: We received monetary compensation and products from NIVEA for this review. All opinions and views are my own.

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Doctor for a Day | Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

Upon our arrival at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, we were confused. The kids kept asking if we were going to be checking into a hotel?!?!?

The architectural design and interior furnishings of the swanky new hospital exudes confidence and finesse of a 5-star hotel. But yet, it is peaceful, private and well-equipped. A healing oasis designed to promote recovery.

But, no one is checking in for today.
We’ve signed up to be doctors for a day.
Doctors for a day is a ingenious publicity campaign organized by Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital. It is a program which allows children to make pretend and be doctors for a day!

The whole of level 9 at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital was converted for this experience.

Doctors reporting for duty were changed into scrubs and given doctor name tags. They warmed up as they introduced themselves to one another. Doctors were reminded to keep their hands clean before visiting their patients by going through the proper steps of hand washing. Shift starts, a hectic day awaits…..

General Practitioner
It’s back to basic stuffs with temperature taking, plus checking the lungs and heart with a stethoscope. Even Dr. Bones wants to be part of the medical team.

Accident & Emergency Room
An Emergency suddenly arise. Someone shouted, “FLATLINE!” Doctors quickly get to work with the Automated External Defibrillator. Thank God they managed to revive the patient! Dr. Sophia attended to a patient who got injured from a work related accident on her wrist. Nice bandage work Dr. Sophia!

Nursing Room
EVERY doctor’s favorite room! How can you not like all these adorable babies? It started with the ohhs and ahhs, till the babies started crying and needed a change. Doctors immediately went EWWW! But, their professionalism held strong. They managed to change stinky diapers, feed the babies and even sang lullabies to put the babies to bed!

Operating Theater
Today’s patient Mr smoke-a-lot is in a lot of trouble! Doctors are operating on his lung to get rid of sticky tars! It was a challenging operation. Dr. Hiroshi wipes perspiration off his forehead and proclaim loudly, “Luckily, I DON’T SMOKE!”

We survived a day as doctors!
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It’s amazing to see how much patience they have with these kids! High level of job dedication! Carefully explaining different roles they do in different department of the hospital. A very enriching experience!

*2 Thumbs and 2 Toes Up!*

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