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The Makeover Inc Review

(The Makeover Inc)

We were invited to The Makeover Inc for a photography session.

My dad was a vivid photographer. I remember spending many weekends with my father at East Coast Park posing for pictures, while my dad conservatively snap with his Nikon FM2. The luxury of taking photos in photo studios were rare for the common people. And sad to say, I don’t have many family photographs to remember my father by.

This is why I often make the effort to take more pictures for my own family. (and this also explains my obsession over good cameras!!) I hope the pictures I take today would be a talking story board for my kids or grandkids in time to come.

This is the third time we are taking our family’s portraits in a studio. But, this experience is different from the other 2 we had.

The Makeover Inc is a one stop service.
Vast expertise ranging from make up, to hair-dos, to image styling
to photography and last but not least, digital imaging.
Just one stop to turn from Plain Jane into Diva-licious…..

The service we received at the front desk was impeccable. We were made to feel right at home once we walked through the front doors.

But however, the make up was not quite what I expected it to be. Being a professional in this field, I was expecting a more ‘dramatic’ kind of make up for studio photography. The make up artist explained that since it was a family shot, make up was kept at a minimalist classic look. But, was happy to accede to my request if I wanted it any other way.

The photographer was a young chap. Friendly & easy going.

Even though it too the kids some time to get warmed up to studio settings, the overall experience was pleasant. It wasn’t easy coordinating 5 smiles to simultaneously go off at once at the photographer’s command, but we managed somehow with some wonderful pictures for keepsakes.

It takes a total of 14 days after your makeover to receive your photographs in print.

But, I was pleasantly surprised upon receiving the photographs. It was way better than what I’ve expected. I love these photographs. And would recommend The Makeover Inc to anyone.

Let the photographs do the talking…..
A Singapore Mom Blogger's experience at The Makeover Inc Singapore

A Singapore Mom Blogger's experience at The Makeover Inc Singapore

A Singapore Mom Blogger's experience at The Makeover Inc Singapore

A Singapore Mom Blogger's experience at The Makeover Inc Singapore

A Singapore Mom Blogger's experience at The Makeover Inc Singapore

Disclaimer: Singapore Mom Blogs has been invited for a makeover session at The Makeover Inc. No monetary compensation was involved. All views and opinions shared are my own.

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Escaping Haze Part 3.3: Ipoh Staduim Food Court Ice Kachang

{{Back Posting: 21 June 2013 – 30 June 2013}}

Ice Kachang:
A popular local dessert which sees the marriage of attap chee (palm seed), red beans, sweet corn, grass jelly and cubes of agar agar topped off with shaved ice. Drizzled with condense milk and sweet colorful syrup.

Ipoh stadium food held a special place in Kitson’s heart. Particularly, the stall ABC Ice Kachang left a deeper impression since he was a little kid. Our mission was to find ABC Ice Kachang at Ipoh stadium food court and reminisce in Kitson’s childhood. However, our search ended up futile. A quick check with the locals left us with no hope of ever tasting the wonderful Ice Kachang from ABC store! The owners have passed on.

We scout around and was told by the locals that Gerai Pekin is one of the better dessert store at Ipoh Stadium Food Court. With no benchmark and nothing to lose, we went for it. Our efforts were richly rewarded. The desserts were just the thing needed to beat the heat and the store owners were very friendly too!

There were peanuts in our Ice Kachang, and Hiroshi was thrilled!!
There was also the purist wheatgrass juice. Hiroshi finished the entire glass of it. I must say I am impressed, since I thought it tasted a little too “green” for my liking.
Wan Tau Long Or simply ice jelly in Singapore standards is refreshing.
Singapore mom blogger Irene Soh visits Ipoh Staduim Food Court Ice Kachang

Even James likes Ice Kachang! (MUST WATCH VIDEO!)

Which is your favorite dessert store in Ipoh?

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Combat Skirmish LIVE @ Fort Siloso, Sentosa

I never thought we would have enjoyed GUNS this much.

Located in a quiet corner in Sentosa, Combat Skirmish LIVE at Fort Siloso offers adrenaline rushing experience of combat simulation game.

If you are feeling a tad nervous about the word combat and picture live rounds being fired all around while you scurry for safety.

Don’t be… Combat Skirmish LIVE is absolutely safe. And I have James as living proof!

There are no bullets to dodge from as Combat Skirmish LIVE is played by laser tag technology.

Enough yakking. Time to head towards our first mission; The Indoor Maze.
In a comfortable air condition environment, the whole cohort was divide into 2 teams. We had to navigate through a maze, shoot down opponents with our high tech laser guns, dodge enemies attack and achieve specific team missions. In short, the team with the least respawn wins!!
Game time is 15 min and cost $18 per pax.

Never go into the battlefield without camouflage face paint!
Even James is pretty serious about getting his face painted!!

I can’t help but break into laughter whenever I see this photo!
The guys were committed to their mission.
The gals didn’t look feisty even though we were carrying mean looking guns.
While James is thinking,
“You got to be kidding me! She is not bringing me to the battlefield right?!?”

Our verdict on Combat Skirmish LIVE Indoor Maze: STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!! We felt like kids all over again as we ran through the maze alongside with our kids. There was an unspeakable feeling as we watch the kids work together fulfilling one common mission; to eliminate the other team! Hiroshi was fast and furious, while Sophia creeps quietly as the silent sniper. To sum it all up, it is a FUN activity for people of all ages.

Now that we’ve graduated from “nursery” class,
it is time to head down to the real world war 2 battle tunnels for more action!

First up, briefing.
Our little troopers paying full attention to their Mission Command

A challenge of teamwork and communication. We ran through the longest tunnel dug during the world war 2. Fighting mean mechanical soldiers who fires at will upon detecting motion! Defeating these machines was not an easy task. Working hand in hand and planning strategically is the key to success! There are 3 stages to clear before you meet the super villain on the clock tower! Retrieve the antidote to save injured soldiers!
Game time is about 30mins and cost $35 per pax.

Our verdict of Combat Skirmish LIVE Tunnel Battle:
Navigating around the world war 2 battle tunnels bring the game to a whole new level. Under the sweltering heat, I could totally sympathize with our recruits in Tekong! Those mechanical soldiers were harder to defeat. It took us many rounds of firing just to get one down.

But when we finally got to the clock tower to defeat the super villain, we could all feel the sense of accomplishment as a team.

Great activity for team building!

We survived Combat Skirmish!
What about you?

Special Promotion for September

Out of ideas on what to do for a birthday party?
Have an ultimate party experience with Skirmish Combat!

It’s time for a GIVEAWAY!!
4 tickets to Combat Skirmish LIVE Indoor Maze
+ 1 free photo for each participant.

Giveaway will run from 02/09 12.00am till 09/09 12.00am.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: We have been invited by WOW Experience for Combat Skirmish. All views and opinions are our own.

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Parents World Exhibition 2013

The Big B Event has concluded.
We’ve made it to the Singapore Book of Records
with a record breaking number of 160 mothers breastfeeding together.

The Big B Event has served to raise awareness to the benefits of breastfeeding. This solitary act also encourages other mothers to breastfeed their babies for at least the 1st 6 months as recommended by the World Health Organization.

That’s me with other mommy bloggers at The Big B Event:
Estella Goh, Angelina Ng and Mommy Ting.

Today is the LAST Day to Parents World Exhibition 2013.
The time is ticking, but there is still time to shop!

We are sharing some of our favorite exhibitors.

Goodie Bags should be like this, filled with Wholesome Goodies and No Fillers!!

Download RedTree Apps on Apple Itune Store, follow the instructions on this video and receive Parents World Goodie Bag worth $50.

The Imagination Factory (Booth J5) is our favorite booth at the exhibition!
Quality wooden toys that expands the imagination of a child.
*$50 vouchers to be won for parents who post pictures of their kids playing with their toys on their facebook page!!

Chunky touch and feel bugs puzzle which retails for $15.90

Exclusive Parents World exhibition deals from RedMart; The Online Grocer. (Booth L18)

In need of a vitamin boost? Visit Ocean Kids.
Hiroshi and Sophia gladly take their vitamins over and over again.

Most parents have the LG Bumper Mat. Only question is how to effectively clean it?!?!? You’ll be delighted to find this Antibacterial and All Organic mat cleaner from Small Small World. (Booth E13)

Organic Basic Mosquito Repellent
Keeping ourselves safe from the dengue outbreak, and even safer with organic products!!

Udderly delicious chocolate milk from Mooch Chocolate Milk (Booth 16A)
Less than 1% of Fat! No artificial flavors and sweeteners. BURSTING with CALCIUM!
$16/ pack of 12 cans (Available in 3 yummy flavors; Cookie, Marshmallow & Original)

Disclaimer: Singapore Mom Blogs was invited for a media tour of the Parent’s World Exhibition organized by RedTree Group. I was gifted with merchandise and discount vouchers by participating exhibitors, but however, all views and opinion are my own.

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