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M.I.C.E 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway (2nd Day)

If you’re still oblivious about the AWESOME M.I.C.E 12 days of Christmas Giveaway which I am running with 3 other mommy bloggers, do check out this POST to find out more…..

Mabel from AmazingStill kicked off the first day of Christmas Giveaway with a set of Baking Goodies. (p/s: The Giveaway is still open till the 29th of December 2013!)

The 2nd day of Christmas brings you more pampering gifts. I have 1 set of Stila Color me Glossy + 1 Harajuku Lovers Limited Edition “Snow Bunnies” Eau De Toilette Spray by Gwen Stefani to give away. A Giveaway that is worth $80 out for Grabs!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

CherieLadie will be hosting
the third day of M.I.C.E 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway.
Do remember to head over to her blog
to see what goodies she has installed for you!

Terms and Conditions:
1. Open to all with a Singapore address
2. Giveaway ends midnight of 30 December 2013
3. Incomplete entries will be disqualified
4. Winner will be randomly picked and announced on my Facebook Page on 31 December 2013
5. This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook
6. This giveaway is also not sponsored by any external parties. All prizes are paid for by myself.

The Best Christmas Eve Party EVER | Stress Free Christmas Eve Party

Whenever we hold parties at home, you’ll see Kitson and myself scrambling around the kitchen like headless chickens. We love parties. But we just hate organising and the cleaning up that follows up thereafter.

Once again, I am living up to my reputation of Queen of Impromptu. I briefly discussed with my sister; Ivy about Christmas Eve plans after church service last Sunday and promptly decided that we should have Christmas Eve dinner at my place.

Kitson and myself walked into Cold Storage 4 hours before the party started. Amidst the mad crowd, we did get everything we needed within 15 minutes. I must say that I am pretty amazed with our ability to shop under pressure!

Our Christmas Eve party Menu didn’t looked too shabby either. For 15 minutes of shopping and a little more effort on plating, I think we did an AWESOME job!

1) Gravlax Salmon with Asparagus and Baby Corn + Shaved Ham
2) Caviar & Eggs on Toasted Sesame Bread

Clam Chowder

Garden Salad with Japanese Sesame Dressing

Mains(Served with baked potato)
1) Pork Knuckle
2) Black Pepper Ribs & Honey Baked Ribs
3) Honey Baked Chicken

Assorted Fruits

Well, for once, we were able to sit down, have dinner and host our guest at the same time. It was seriously a Stress Free Christmas Eve Party!

To hear our guests commenting over and over again how much they love the food left us grinning ear to ear!

We round off the night watching movies and playing Uno Attack.

Sometimes, we put too much emphasis on food, drinks, and entertainment in a party,
that we often forget
It’s the company that counts.

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

M.I.C.E 12 days of Christmas Giveaway!

As you are well aware that I am part of Singapore Mom Bloggers. An exclusive group which consist of slightly over 100 Active Mom Bloggers in Singapore.

Over the course of last year, I got to know a few mom bloggers in the group better though attending several media events and chatting on social media.

And since Christmas is the Season of Giving, I’ve got together with 3 of my mom blogger friends to surprise our readers with M.I.C.E (Mabel.Irene.Cherie.Estella) 12 days of Christmas Giveaway.

Introducing my Generous Mom Blogger friends:

Singapore Mom Bloggers (AmazinglyStill) 12 days of Christmas GiveawayMabel
Blog: www.AmazinglyStill.com
FB: AmazinglyStill
Mom to 2 adorable kids and lady boss at www.PartyFavors.Sg. Other than the daily musing of family life, Mabel also often blog about things that interest her. A photo enthusiast that believes that a moment caught on camera are memories to last a lifetime.

Singapore Mom Bloggers (CherieLadie) 12 days of Christmas GiveawayCherie
Blog: www.CherieLadie.com     FB: CherieLadie
A full-time working mother & a hopeful supermom wannabe who juggles motherhood alongside with her 3 boys (husband included). she loves fashion (has a huge fetish for shoes, bags and chunky accessories) and describes manicuring her own nails me-time. She loves her food and lives to eat, loves capturing her life in pictures and is a globe trotter! Her life’s motto is to live happy and to live life to the fullest.

Singapore Mom Bloggers ( SoOddlyDreamlike) 12 days of Christmas GiveawayEstella
Blog: www.SoOddlyDreamlike.com    FB: SoOddlyDreamlike

Mama to a little girl named Joy, Estella is learning to cook, teach and bring up the love of her life. Estella loves make up, shoes, food and travelling and has recently returned to life as an occasional singer/host with Live, Oh Life!

Mabel from www.amazinglystill.com
will kick off the first day of christmas giveaway
on 25th of December.
Remember to hound her blog for more details…..

Celebrating DongZhi 冬至 and making TangYuen 湯圓 (Glutinuous Rice Balls)

As the saying goes 冬至大过年. It simply meant that the Winter Solstice Festival holds far more importance than the Chinese Lunar New Year. So therefore, DongZhi 冬至 is one of the most important festival celebrated in the chinese calendar.

Dongzhi 冬至 is a time for the family to get together. One activity that usually occurs during these get together is the making and eating of tangyuan (湯圓) glutinous rice balls, which symbolize reunion. Tangyuan are made from glutinous rice flour. We love to have our glutinous rice balls brightly coloured. The glutinous rice balls may be plain or stuffed. We usually cook the glutinous rice balls in a sweet soup broth. The glutinous Rice balls and the soup broth are then served together in one bowl.
Celebrating DongZhi 冬至 and making TangYuen 湯圓 (Glutinuous Rice Balls)

My grandmother used to make them. And I remembered messing around with the dough as my grandmother patiently roll them into perfection. But, ever since my grandmother passed on, I haven’t had homemade glutinous Rice Balls for a long long time until I met Kitson.

My mother-in-law would make glutinous Rice Balls religiously for every DongZhi. From her, I found the warmth of homemade glutinous Rice Balls that was lost for so many years.

Now that I have a family of my own, I do my best in preserving this tradition so that these colorful glutinous Rice Balls could be enjoyed at every DongZhi. Hiroshi and Sophia had so much fun rolling out these colorful glutinous Rice Balls. And eating what you’ve personally rolled out is twice as delicious for the kids!

Recipe for TangYuen 湯圓 (Glutinous Rice Balls)
250g glutinous Rice Flour
200ml Warm Water
Food Coloring (Optional)

Pandan Leaves Water
Manuka Honey

1. Mix glutinous Rice Flour with Water to form a dough
2. Divide dough and color each one with different food coloring.
3. Roll dough into small rice balls. (While covering the rest of the unused dough under a damp muslin cloth.)
4. In a medium pot, boil water with sugar and pandan leaves.
5. Drop glutinous Rice Balls into boiling water. Rice balls are ready once they are seen floating on the surface of the water.
6. Scoop up.
7. Serve glutinous Rice Balls together a Bowl of Manuka Honey Water.

Happy Winter Solstice Festival!
 Wishing your family a Blessed Reunion and a Great Year Ahead!

Exclusive Interview with Evelyn Kuek | Celebrate with the World 2014

We recently scored an exclusive interview with Evelyn Kuek,
better known as the host of the ever popular Tv Show Groom My Room on Octo.

The bubbily show host shared with us her top 3 highlights of 2013 which includes trying out something new, picking up a new language and hosting the upcoming Celebrate with the World 2014 with Sheikh Haikel.

Celebrate with the World 2014 is a Countdown Extravaganza
happening on 31 December 2013, from 6pm at The Promontory.
Admission is FREE!!

Dance the night away with non-stop entertainment by international and local artistes such as renowned German DJ Ronski Speed, Filipino rock band Rivermaya, Malaysian singer-songwriter Namewee and our homegrown Juz-B, Chriz Tong and Queen Inc. featuring Sylvester Sim.

Want to know the ONE thing that Evelyn wants to accomplish in 2014?
Check out the Full Interview here:

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