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Top 5 Tips to Awakening Your Child’s Natural Genius by Dr Thomas Armstrong

We were invited to attend Dr Thomas Armstrong workshop recently as part of partner bloggers for Rise & Shine. The workshop which was held at SmartKids Asia Expo 2014, was sponsored by Wyeth Nutrition Singapore.

Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D. is the Executive Director of the American Institute for Learning and Human Development, and an award-winning author and speaker who has been an educator for the past forty years.

He spoke about Awakening Your Child’s Natural Genius. A journey of Discovering and reviving the Natural Motivation that exist in all children at birth.

This is my summary of the whole workshop:
Top 5 Tips to Awakening Your Child’s Natural Genius by Dr Thomas Armstrong

1. Every Child is a GENIUS!

2. 12 Important Qualities of a Genius
Curiosity • Playfulness • Imagination • Creativity • Wonder • Wisdom • Inventiveness • Vitality • Sensitivity • Flexibility • Humor • Joy

3. Factors that could De-Genius a child

At Home:
– Dysfunctional Family
– Disadvantaged Family
– Fast-Track Family
– Rigid-Ideology Family

In School:
– Testing and Grading
– Talk and Tedium
– Textbooks and Worksheets
– Tracking and Labeling

Media Influences:
– Mind-Numbing Violence
– Trivial Content
– Insipid Language
– Stereotypical Images

4. How to (Re)Awaken the Genius in Me:
– (Re)awaken Genius in Ourselves
– Provide Simple Experiences
– See Genius in Many “Colors”
(The 8 Intelligences)

      • Nature Smart (Naturalist Intelligence): These are individuals who are more in tune with nature and are often interested in nurturing, exploring the environment and learning about other species. 
      • Self Smart (Intra personal Intelligence): Individuals who are strong in intra personal intelligence are good at being aware of their own emotional states, feelings and motivations.
      • People Smart (Interpersonal Intelligence): Those who have strong interpersonal intelligence are good at understanding and interacting with other people.
      • Body Smart (Bodily -Kinaesthetic): People who have high bodily-kinaesthetic intelligence are said to be good at body movement, performing actions and physical control.
      • Music Smart (Musical Intelligence): People who have strong musical intelligence are good in thinking in patterns, rhythms and sounds.
      • Picture Smart (Spatial Intelligence): People who are strong in spatial intelligence are good in visualizing things.
      • Logic Smart (Logical-mathematics Intelligence): Individuals who are strong in logical-mathematical intelligence are good in reasoning, recognizing patterns and logically analyse problems.
      • Word Smart (Linguistic Intelligence): Individuals who are strong in linguistic – verbal intelligence are able to use words well, both when writing and speaking.

– Create a Genial Climate:

      • Freedom to Choose
      • Open-Ended Exploration
      • Freedom from Judgement
      • Honoring Every Child’s Experience
      • Believing in Every Child’s Genius

5. Optimal Nutrition for multi-dimensional Learning
For multi-dimensional development to be fully effective, it requires all senses to be in optimal condition. For this, the brain needs proper nutrition in order to coordinate and make full use of the senses. Nutrition is key in improving and fueling the tools that help kids make the most out of their development.

Wyeth Nutrition fully supports breastfeeding as the optimal nutrition for infants. But if the mother cannot breastfeed or chooses not to do so, Wyeth Nutrition’s line of infant formulas offers a healthy alternative.

Full Disclosure: We were compensated by Rise & Shine for attending the event and this posting. However, all views and opinions are my own.

Kitson’s Birthday Surprise | The Clan Restaurant

We managed to remain below radar till execution day!
Kitson was pleasantly surprised to see presents and cards on his desk.

The Singing Hippo Birthday Card must be pretty Impressive,
since Kitson thought it was a card picked up from stores.
(My last minute effort did pay off handsomely!)

The highlight of the day is dinner at The Clan Restaurant.

Nested amidst the city central and within walking distance of monumental Chinatown, The Clan Restaurant sits quietly along conserved shophouses of Bukit Pasoh.
The Clan Restaurant Bukit Pasoh

Upon arrival to The Clan Restaurant, we were ushered upstairs into a quiet corner of the restaurant. The lush interior puts us in a romantic mood instantaneously.

We started off dinner with complimentary lime sorbet, which saw James gulping one down and asking for MORE!
The Clan Restaurant Lime Sorbet

It was then swiftly followed up with the Chef’s Starter; which includes Scallop, Chawamushi & Prawn Sushi. I couldn’t quite figure out if I was having dinner or enjoying an art exhibition. The presentation of each dish is extremely exquisite!
The Clan Restaurant Chef's Starter

Kids were happy to know that there was a kiddy menu catered specially for them. The earthy mushroom soup proved to be an excellent starter! The kids totally loved it! Delightfully slurped till the very last drop!
The Clan Restaurant Kid's Menu Mushroom Soup

For cold dish, I had Beef Carpaccio with Truffle Teriyaki & Horseradish Sauce while Kitson indulged on the Alaskan King Crab with Seasonal Greens in Homemade Karashi Dressing.
The Clan Restaurant Cold Dish

Having traveled the world, it is hard to impress Kitson with food. But, the birthday boy was pretty impressed by the food quality and impeccable service!

For side dishes, Kitson had the Steamed Razor Clam, Salmon Trout Roe Drizzled with Japanese Sauce while I savor the Herb Crusted Mushroom Escargot.
The Clan Restaurant Side Dish

I had the Seafood Soup with Pernod Dash, while Kitson’s Cepes Mushroom with Truffle Paste got hijacked by Hiroshi!
The Clan Restaurant Soup

We continued on with our gastronomical journey with main courses. Kitson had Green Lobster Crustacean Oil Pasta while I am pleasantly surprised by the succulent Prime Beef Short Ribs on Hoba Leaf w Peppercorn Sauce on Lava Stone.
The Clan Restaurant Mains

Hiroshi had Teriyaki Chicken, Sophia had Tempura Fish​ and James is happy with whatever that was thrown his way as long as he is in charged of his own cutleries.
The Clan Restaurant Kid's Meal Mains

Then came the beautiful surprise.
Kitson was astounded to be presented with a slice of Tiramisu with personalized Birthday greetings. Definitely service beyond expectation!
The Clan Restaurant Birthday

Ending our 6 course dinner on an extremely sweet note.
Kitson and the kids had the signature Chocolate Lava with Homemade Gelato while I satisfy my dessert cravings with Triple Espresso Crème Brûlée.
The Clan Restaurant Dessert

For the high level of impeccable service,
I personally felt that the meals are reasonably priced.
$69.80++ for a 6 course meal,
and $18.80++ for a 3 course kid’s meal.

Highly recommended for first dates, anniversaries, birthdays
or any occasion to impress that someone special!

The Clan Restaurant
20 Bukit Pasoh Rd,
Singapore 089834

Tel: 6222 2084

Kitson’s Birthday Surprise | The Prelude

It wasn’t easy planning for a surprise party when the birthday boy has been on leave all week. We had to scurry at every opportunity whenever Kitson was out running errands to get things done.

Tough fight between the Klipsch x4i, x7i and x11i. But after testing the earphones, the SEXY Klipsch x7i earphones undeniably emerge as winner! I personally felt that it was the most ergonomically designed among the 3. This is definitely considered a splurge. But for the responsible father and loving husband who faithfully puts his family before himself, Kitson totally deserves it!

The birthday present was the easiest to settle.
But, even so I was nearly caught in the act while wrapping it! That was a close shave.
Klipsch x7i Earphones

My original plan was to indulge ourselves with buffet at Shangarila; The Line.
But since, we’ll be celebrating my mother-in-law’s birthday a day before Kitson’s at Buffet Town. It would be an overkill to have buffet 2 days in a row!
Celebrating Mother-in-law's Birthday at Buffet Town

Feeling pretty lost, I send out an SOS signal call on Singapore Mom Bloggers Facebook Page asking for suggestions. The girls were ever so helpful! I was then swamped with a whole list of great restaurant to choose from! I decided to go with CherieLadie’s suggestion of The Clan Restaurant.

Made my reservations online. Got a confirmation email from the restaurant almost immediately. And the restaurant even call me a day before to confirm my reservations and acceded to my special requests. Great Service!

Canon Creative Park Birthday Card Canon PIXMA MG 6470

I managed to make a pretty amazing singing hippo birthday card at the eleventh hour with the help of Canon Creative Park and my spanking new Canon PIXMA MG6470 printer!

->Tutorial to Follow up Soon<-

The Handmade card the even Sings!

-To Be Continued-

Easy Peasy Thai Style Sticky Coconut Rice with Mango Recipe

Thai Style Sticky Coconut Rice with Mango Recipe
Kitson carefully hand carried the precious cargo of 6 mangoes all the way back from Manila. Seriously, no one in the right frame of mind could ever resist an incredible deal like this. 6 mangoes, all for the price of S$2.00?!?!

Totally unbeatable!

In attempts to finish up the bag of glutinous rice lying in the kitchen,
I’ve decided to make some Thai Style Sticky Coconut Rice with Mango.

Sawadee Ka! Let’s get cookin’.

(Recipe yield 2 portions)
1/2 cup of Glutinous Rice
(soak for at least 2 hours or overnight)
1/2 Cup Coconut Milk
2 tbsp Sugar
A pinch of Salt
1 Yummy Mango (Peeled and cut into thick slices)

1. Drain water from Glutinous Rice and steam for 20 mins.
2. In a small saucepan, bring coconut milk. sugar and a pinch of salt to a slow simmer.
(the sugar should dissolve completely)
3. Stir coconut milk into steamed glutinous rice. Cover up with Cling Wrap and let it sit in room temperature for 30 mins.
4. Plate Coconut Sticky rice with Chunky slices of Mango.

Bon Apetit!
Let me know what you think about my Easy Peasy Thai Style Sticky Coconut Rice with Mango Recipe.

p/s: You may also like to check out other glutinous rice recipes such as
Authentic Lor Mai Kai and Pulut Panggang (Grilled Rice Packets).

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Under James Arrest | Severe Separation Anxiety

For the first time in 9 years, I am running thin.
Running thin on patience and to the brim of a burnout.

The lethal concoction of bad health, teething, eczema breakout and a possible speech delay in James is driving me nuts.

I am not coping well with the latest status of “James Arrest”. Any attempts to walk away will trigger the device into berserk wailing. It will then collapse and squirm about uncontrollably. Often accompanied by dramatic flailing of arms and legs! Any attempts to reset device will set it off further with yet another round of ear-piercing screams!

Note: Device is working perfectly fine and there will be no refunds.

Separation Anxiety is a BITCH!

*chants repetitively*
It is just a phase.
And it will pass us quickly than the speed of light.

p/s: Does anyone has remedy for eczema? The mild steroid cream given by the doctor doesn’t seems to be working very well!