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The Agony of Growing out a Bob!

Not too long ago, my hair stylist told me that he was tired of seeing me every other month with my predictable bob. His suggestion was to grow my hair out, so that we could do something different in my next visit.

Trust me, I tried very very hard.

When it comes to hair, I am a neat freak!
And when it comes to bob,
This is how it should be; every single strand in place.
Beautiful Bob Hairstyle by elle academy

🙁 The agony of growing out a bob:
It frustrates me to to no end when the ends of my hair decides to curl outwards at midday, no matter how perfectly I’ve styled it at the start of the day!
Growing out a Bob aka Messy Bob

It was hard looking at the mirror and the mess my hair was in…

Then finally, I had enough and will not tolerant another day looking like an auntie with my hair tied up with scrunchie and multiple bobby pins!

Back to the Hair Stylist!

I was given 2 choices. Either go short or give the current mess a PERM! I knew I didn’t want to go short. But yet, history tells me that the only 3 occasions that I permed my hair, it didn’t sit quite right with my image!

It took me a while to muster enough courage to fully trust my hair stylist’s recommendation and went with his suggestion of a perm!
Mid length hair perm at Elle Academy JB

Surprisingly, it didn’t looked too bad!
In fact, I thought it looked pretty AWESOME!
Mid length hair perm at Elle academy JB

Elle Hair Academy
(Hair Stylist: CK Ng)
Lot 4.23, 4.23 A&B , Plaza Pelangi,
Jalan Kuning, Taman Pelangi,
80400 Johor Bahru, Johor.
Tel: 07-3328993

10.30 am – 9.00 pm
(Closed on every Tuesday)
10.30 am – 7.00 pm

Till the next installment of Busy Mom’s Guide to looking Fabulous,
do let me know your handy tips to growing out a bob in the comments section.
Busy Mom's Guide to looking fabulous!

p/s: Big Big thanks to hubby for volunteering to look after the kids while I spend time at the salon!

James’s Eczema Update | TCM Eczema Treatment

Sorry for the lack of updates on this blog recently.

James’s eczema condition which sudden took a sudden plunge to the land of ultimate took a toll on me. For something that has started off with only a tiny patch at the back of his left elbows quickly spread to the sole of his feet, back of his knees, hands, palms and face. It was scary how quickly I ran through a small tube of steroid cream and Phyiogel cream in a blink of an eye. Condition seems to improve for a couple of days before it hits big time all over again.

We suddenly find ourselves battling with extremely dry skin patches over his belly button, neck, armpits, ears and scalp too! As a mom, I’m pretty hardy. But, it’s really heart wrenching to see James scratching himself to the point where the skin would weep and bleed. Even taking anti-histamine medication doesn’t stop the itch!
Kids with Eczema

Kitson felt that we should concentrate on finding the underlying trigger of eczema rather than going on a witch-hunt for the “miracle” cream.

We started putting James on a strict diet, with no dairy other than breast milk. We’ve also started James on his daily doze of Cod Liver Oil.

To rule out the possibility of dust mite allergy. We’ve clean out the room with a vacuum cleaner fitted with HEPA filter. Other than changing bedding twice in a week, we’ve also steam them and threw out pillows that are more than 6 months old. In addition to that, air purifier was put into the room running 24/7.

James is currently using California Baby Therapeutic Relief Eczema Shampoo & Bodywash. And since, James’s condition is now know was an eczema flare up, steroid creams are necessary evils at this current moment. Immediately apply steroid cream and moisturizer after showers. And generously re-apply moisturizer whenever needed.

I am finally seeing some light at the end of a long long tunnel. Even though the skin is still rough, patchy and itchy, the redness subsided and it significantly looks less “angry”. With fingers and toes crossed, I hope it stays this way (and better)!

In one of our desperate measures, we visited a Traditional Chinese Medical Physician at Shan Dong Traditional Chinese Medicine. I believe in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). But when it comes to kids, I get a little skeptical, since I’ve never heard of a Traditional Medical Physician that specializes in kids!

Well, it looks like I’ve been living under a rock all these while. This one not only specializes in Acupuncture, but does Chinese Pediatric Medical Care and Child Massage (tuina) too! I’ve got to sneak a photo of the setup in my next visit.

Check out the exotic medication!
Traditional Chinese Medication TCM Eczema Treatment

TCM Eczema Treatment; This concoction is apparently for “blood cleansing”.

Herbs were brewed over the stove for 30 minutes with a piece of lean meat.
With all honesty, it didn’t look nor smell appetizing.

But surprisingly, James had no problem with it. In actual fact, he took the medication in big gulps, smacking his lips and asking for more!
Traditional Chinese Medication  TCM Eczema Treatment

Get Well and STAY WELL real soon!
Fingers Crossed that TCM eczema treatment works!

Drypers Happiest Baby on the Block

After 3 kids, and a whole strew of trial and errors,

I’ve derived my very own 5 step approach to the happiest baby on the block.

I am not a huge fan of routines, and I often fall off the bandwagons with a rigid time table. But, with kids, it is good to establish “fix” routines as early as possible.

Taking a nice warm bubble bath followed by relaxing massage in the morning indicates the start of James’s day.

We have been using Drypers ever since James’s birth, and we were excited to be introduced the newly improved Dryper Drypantz.

With increase mobility, we choose to fit James with Drypers Drypants to limit “downtime” for our active baby. He is simply moving too fast these days to be fumbling with tapes on diapers. It also helps make toilet training alot easier, since James is able to take out his diaper anytime he wants. The breathable cloth like cover on the Drypers Drypants keeps James’s skin healthy and comfortable throughout the hot days.

A Hungry Baby is an Angry Baby.

Settle little tummies with multiple small meals, healthy snacks and adequate fluids.

Taking in more fluids daily also means that with Drypers Drypantz, I have less to worry about with diaper changing especially when we are out and about. His diapers have an absorbent core that absorbs urine quickly and prevents flow-back, which means that he will be kept comfortable and dry all the time.

PLAY is crucial for a child’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth. We prefer to play outdoor, where it is spacious enough for James to run free. The snug and soft fit with improved waist and tummy elastic on Dryper Drypantz ensure that James’s movement is not hampered yet feeling comfortable when running and climbing around the playground. Look at that HAPPY face!

And finally, make sure your baby gets enough Sleep. A well rested James makes a huge difference in term of temperament. My mind is put to ease when new improved Drypers Drypantz has natural plant extracts of Vitamin E, Chamomile, Olive extract and Aloe Vera that is known to promote skin health and his skin is kept healthy. With its enhanced dryness and absorbency ensures that James stays comfortable and dry for a whole night of uninterrupted rest, which means I can sleep longer without having getting up blurry eyed to change his diapers in the middle of the night.

Have tips to keeping your baby Happy?

Do share it with us in our comment section.

Ready to switch to The Ultimate Comfort Diapering Solution?

Special for Singapore Mom Blogs Readers

Purchase any 2 packs of Drypers diapers from 1st June to 30st June. Send in a scanned or snapped photo of the receipt (proof of purchase), along with reader’s personal particulars (Name, address, contact no. , child’s name and DOB) to sg.contest@sca.com with subject title “[SingaporeMom]” to receive a $10 FairPrice voucher.

Full Disclosure: We received products and compensation from Drypers for the purpose of this review. But however, the opinions expressed herein are those of my own.

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Banish Bedtime Monsters with Philips and Disney Imaginative Lighting

Boo! Who’s afraid of the dark…

We have been trying to get the kids to sleep in their own room for ages, but it never happens. We’ll packed them off to bed every night and still find them on our bed the next morning. But a recent pajamas party we attended changed everything.

Seriously, can you even say no to such adorable pals?!?!

Well, I couldn’t!

These soft pals from Philips are PERFECT companions for bedtime. Other than being a huggable toy, these adorable cuties doubles up as night lights too! Smart Philips LED technology are used to ensure that these Soft Pal stays cool to the touch and are extremely kind to little hands.

James was pretty intrigue with his Jake the Pirate Torch Light. Looks like he is all set for a Neverland Adventure! Hey Matey… But, it’s time for bed!!

It was the BEST Pajamas Party we attended, since the kids were all pretty hyped up about sleeping in their own rooms.

Only at one condition that we get them their very own night lights to banish those bedtime monsters. Well, not just any other night light, but specifically a Philips and Disney one too! One that will fuel their imagination of happy Disney tales!

We’ve gotten the Philips and Disney Light with Image Projectors.
Other than fulfilling the basic function of a night light,
this uber fun night light projects colorful,
fun scenes of Disney Cars bringing a whole new spin to bedtime.

I no longer need to tell Hiroshi bedtime stories.
He spins the disc on the image projectors
and tell me imaginary Disney Cars stories instead!

While James is just happy to use it as a night light.

Brilliant partnership between Philips innovation and the Magic of Disney.
I am looking forward to more Disney characters coming alive to my children’s bedroom.

But as for now,
Kitson and myself are happy to reclaim our bedroom
with kids sticking to their own rooms!

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The IKEA Space Camp

To infinity and beyond!
This school holidays,
Makes Space For Imagination
as your little kiddies report for duties at The IKEA Space Camp.

There are 6 missions in the Solar System:

Build a Space Spaceship
– Think out of the box, with a box. Build your very own Spaceship using recycled cardboard. We made own very own Spaceship, went to Mars, made an unscheduled stop at Venus and headed right back to Planet Earth. What do you think of your Spaceship?
The IKEA space Camp | Make Space for Imagination

– Aliens, Martians, fuzzy monsters. Draw abd color whatever creature’s on your mind. Top 20 drawings will get turned into real soft toys!

Space MonStar
– Play with Imagination and design your own space-themed costume. Then strut your stuff down the catwalk!

-Be the star in the kitchen. Decorate delicious cookies and cupcakes with creative toppings and take them home for a celestial feast!

Orbital Course
– Ever wondered how a space cadet would train? Experience a fun and imaginative obstacle course and see if you can complete it!

Comet Shootout
– Defend the universe from alien invasion. Launch space comets and see if you can hit enough aliens cans and get FREE ice cream vouchers!

Complete any 2 activities to earn 2 Space Stamps!
Upon completing your mission, submit the report card at the submission booth near the Customer Relations at the store and receive a FREE $5 IKEA Gift Card.

That’s not all!
For all brave cadets complete 2 mission,
you stand a chance to win a Children’s IKEA bedroom makeover worth s$10,000!

The IKEA Space Camp is happening on 13 & 14 June
from 10am to 2am at IKEA Tampines and IKEA Alexandra.

Check IKEA’s website for more information.