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James’s Babbling! | Update on James’s Speech Progression

This post is an update on James Speech Progression,
since the last posting of getting diagnosed with Isolated Speech Delay.

Sounds a tad silly for third time parents,
but we were truly excited to see James communicating
and having conversations in his own special way.

James’s ability to speak is still not on par with kids his age.
And I am not putting a yard stick on my child’s development.
I am only writing this down because under the eyes of a medical professional,
James speech progression has been deemed as delayed.
The caregiver workshop for speech language therapy by KKH
which I’ve attended in May wasn’t exactly beneficial in my personal opinion.
We are still waiting to see a speech language therapist next month,
and a hearing test which is scheduled for September.

Even thou James is still a man of few word, his level of understanding is amazingly good. He is able to understand and carry out instructions most of the time. His communication skills involves baby sign language, gesturing, babbling and words. It’s gratifying to see him trying really hard to communicate in his own ways.

James has been babbling a lot more these day. Often surprising me when I least expected it. He said “Auntie” and “Come Down” just the other day. And “straw” today!

Soon he’ll be picking up more words, then phrases and even sentences too. We’ll be having real conversations in no time. But for today, I am just enjoying James for who he is and what he is capable of.

Till then, I’m sure I’ll be looking back and missing all his adorable antics of gesturing and babbling.

Creamier Handcrafted Ice Cream and Coffee | Best Waffle Ice Cream EVER!

I’m not too sure if it is a good idea
to have your nieces and nephews following you on Social Media…

And this is WHY…

Recently, Hiroshi (@hellohiroshi) started following his aunt on instagram.
He faithfully stalked, liked and commented at every food picture that was posted.
Ivy's instagram on Creamier Ice Cream Waffle At Toa Payoh

Eventually the obligating aunt had no choice but to bring the kids out for an ice cream treat over pinky instagram promise.

In contrast of sleepy town at Blk 128 Toa Payoh Lorong 1,
the Ice Cream Parlor; Creamier was buzzing with activity.
Creamier Toa Payoh Handcrafted Ice Cream And Coffee

Happiness is staring at the whole range of Handcrafted Ice cream
after queuing for the past 20 minutes.
Creamier Toa Payoh  Handcrafted Ice cream abd coffee

The smell of freshly made waffles and brewed coffee is HEAVENLY!!
Creamier Toa Payoh Fresh Waffles

After ordering, display your table number prominently.
Creamier Toa Payoh Table Number

Supporting local artist, by displaying their art works.
Creamier Toa Payoh Ice Cream Parlor Support Local Artist

We went on a Full Scale Indulgence with No Reservations.
Ultimate Combination of Double scoop Ice Cream served on 2 slices of freshly made waffles sitting on delicious Maple Syrup & Chocolate Sauce.
(Ice Cream Flavors we had: Butterscotch Almond, Mango Passion Fruit Sorbet, Cookies and Cream, Strawberry Sorbet, Thai Milk Tea, Pistachio, Green Tea)
Creamier Toa Payoh Handcrafted Ice Cream and Coffee

The Belgian waffle is one of the best I had in a long long time! Crispy on the outside, but yet fluffy inside. Warm waffle with Delectable Creamy Ice Cream send joy down my rumbling tummy.

Every flavor tasted exquisite. It was hard picking out which was our favorite. I personally love Thai Milk Tea. Creamy with a tinge of tea fragrance.

On the overall, Creamier has far exceed our expectation in terms of food quality.

Extremely reasonable pricing.
My pockets were smiling, not because the bill was dirt cheap…
but because Auntie Ivy was BUYING! 🙂
(Waffle with ice cream cost $8.50. Extra scoop of ice cream is $2.50 each.
There is an additional charge of $0.80/scoop for Premium ice cream.)

It is a cozy environment, but be prepared to eat your ice cream Elbow to Elbow or sit Butt to Butt because it get incredibly crowded during peak hours!

Thank you Auntie Ivy for that AWESOME Ice Cream Treat.
I believed Hiroshi has also liked your instagram photo of the Standing Sushi Bar.
Heeheehee… Now you know why having nieces and nephews following you on social media ain’t such a good idea afterall right?!?!?

Creamier Handcrafted Ice Cream and Coffee
128, Toa Payoh Lorong 1.
Singapore 310128
P: (65) 6250 1476

Opening Hours
Tue – Thu:
12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Fri – Sat:
12:00 pm – 11:00 pm
12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Closed on Mondays.

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5 Essential tips to choosing the Ultimate Diaper Pants | Drypers Drypantz

When James turned 6 months old he was a flipping Olympian. The kid would flip at every given opportunity, and especially during diapering. As a 3rd time parent I thought my diaper changing skills were comparable to the speed of pit stop tyre changers in a Formula 1 race. But James seems to think otherwise, flipping and crawling away before I could even properly tape him down.

James 295,480 vs Mommy 0
James diapering challenge

🙁 I am not taking another day of humiliating defeat.
Time to move onto diaper pants where I, the slow poke
would no longer have to fumble with tapes on diapers.

Being the youngest among 3 kids, James is cheeky.
He learns fast and often mimics his older siblings.
Wearing diaper pants gives him the freedom
of removing his diaper for pee pee drills on the potty all by himself.
Self-Lead Potty Training = Lazy Parents 🙂
Did you know that Drypers Drypantz fits little babies from as early as 7kg?
Drypers Drypantz
The soft cover on Drypers Drypantz is a huge bonus for the well being of James’s sensitive skin due to eczema. Breathable Comfort Fit™ waistband also ensures that James enjoy maximum comfort by reduce chances of rashes, redness and pressure marks along the waistline. A comfortable baby is a happy baby.
Drypers Drypantz airy softie

In addition, the newly improved Dryper Drypantz which contains 4 Natural Plant Extracts; Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Olive Extracts and Vitamin E, also helps to keep James’s skin healthy and comfortable throughout the day. Now that the well being of James’s sensitive skin is well taken care of, I can breath easy.

Sharing 5 essential tips to choosing the Ultimate Diaper Pants.

Step 1:
Choose one that best correspond to your baby’s weight.
How to choose a diaper pants that fits

Step 2:
How to effectively wear a diaper pant?
-Put your hands through the bottom of the diaper pants and gently ease your baby’s legs into the openings.
How to wear Dryper Drypantz
-Ensure that the waistline of the Diaper Pants is above baby’s navel
Correct way of wearing drypers Drypantz, over the Navel
-Check the fit around the thighs and ensure gathers are not folded inwards.
how to wear drypers drypantz. Gathers outwards
-If you have a little boy, make sure that his “pee pee” is pointing downwards.

Step 3:
Ensure a proper fit.
A properly fitted diaper pants will ensure utmost freedom of movement for baby.

Tell tale signs of a ill fitting diaper pants:
– Redness around the waist and thighs
– Rashes
– Pressure marks
– Gaps around thighs and waist
– Drooping diaper which sags and needs to be pulled up constantly.
Correct fitting for Drypers Drypantz

Step 4:
Diaper pants should be clearly labeled Front and Back
Nothing is more frustrating than
staring at a diaper pants without knowing which way to wear it.
Drypers Drypants clearly Labeled Front and Back

Step 5:
Stay calm and
Breath Easy with Drypers Drypantz today.
Breath easy with drypers today!

Log on to www.facebook.com.sg/DrypersSingapore to request for FREE samples.

Promotional Offering (July 2014)
Specially for the month of July, Drypers Drypantz can be purchased for a special trial of $10.95 per pack at participating supermarkets and hypermarkets. This works out to be only 29-35 cents per piece (depending on pack count). Sizes available: M44, L36, XL32, XXL28

Facebook Contest
Play the Drypers “Breathe Easy Breeze” game. Top scorers from every week stand a chance to walk away with fantastic prizes! Prizes include $100 cash vouchers and tickets (worth $88 each) to Lunchbox Theatrical Production’s “Bubble Magic” show, happening in early September 2014.

Full Disclosure: This is a sponsored review. We received products for the purpose of this review. Views and Opinion are our own.

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Human Body Experience at Singapore Science Center

Be prepared to be shrunk down the the size of a little lab rat as you venture into Human Body Experience Exhibition at the Singapore Science Center.

The interactive journey starts when you climb into the mouth and slide down the throat of the larger-than-life exhibit. As you arrive at the the vocal cords, push those walls to play with sounds in the voice box. Venture further and watch lungs inflate and deflate in the respiratory section. Then carefully navigate through a labyrinth of veins. Step into the amazing cardiovascular system, as you hear the thudding of the heart and have a ball of a time playing with giant bouncing blood cells. Followed by a of couple of vital organs, such as the Kidney, Liver, Pancreas and Spleen. Then try to keep your balance as you wobble across the floor of the churning stomach. And finally get digested through the intestines and exit the exhibition from you-know-where.
Singapore science center Human body experience
Singapore Science Center Human Body Experience
Singapore Science Center Human Body Experience
Singapore Science Center Human Body Experience

Kids were more than Happy to be Swallowed Alive! Human Body Experience Exhibition is a fun and educational way for kids to understand the human body.

Check out the makings of Human Body Experience

Human Body Experience Exhibition is located at Singapore Science Center.
15 Science Centre Road Singapore 609081
Nearest train station: Jurong East MRT Station
Tel: (65) 6425-2500

Admission Rates
Science Centre + Human Body Experience Exhibition
Adult: $20 Child (3-12 years old): $15
* One ticket allows you to enter the exhibition 2 times.

Get Ready for Bad Air Days with Philips Air Purifier AC4014

There are 2 things that I would invest in my kids’ lives regardlessly.
Health and Education.

Hiroshi and Sophia practically grew up problem free.

But as for James, we have plenty to worry about. Not only is he plagued with the trouble of eczema, he has an sensitive airway too. Each time he comes down with a cough or flu, it will automatically worsen into bronchitis. The inhaler has turned into a permanent fixture at home. I think it is God’s way of making us work the extra mile since he is probably our last child!

In our case and for the sake of James we have an air purifier. An industrial grade one which is also widely used in hospitals around Singapore. It works perfectly, but aesthetically, it looked terrible.

I was excited to see Philips launching a whole range of air purifiers.

Aesthetically, it was Love at First Sight.
It is at least half the size as compared to our existing air purifier.
Philips Air Purifier

3 steps Filtration system aka Philips VitaShield IPS (Intelligent Purification System) Technology removes 99.9% of Bacterial from indoor air.
Philips Air Purifier 3 steps filter system

Step 1: Pre- Filter Netting
Filters large particles such as house dust and pet hair.
It is also anti-bacteria for added protection
*Can be washed easily, just like air-con filters*
Philips Air Purifier Pre filter

Step 2: Activated Carbon Filter
Removes odors, harmful gasses like benzene, formaldehyde including cigarette smoke and VOC emitted from household cleaning supplies, and paint fumes.
Philips Air Purifier Activated Carbon Filter

Step 3: Anti-Bacteria HEPA Filter
Capable of removing 90% of ultrafine particles (PM2.5) in the air including airbone viruses carried in droplets, mould, pollen. Effectively remove 99.9% of bacteria.
Philips Air Purifier HEPA Filter

p/s: Yours truly used it straight out from the box without realizing that the filters are individually wrapped in plastic inside the Philips Air Purifier Unit. So learn from my epic silly mistake, remove plastic from filters before using!

The additional features include easy-to-set (1/4/8 hours) timer which was hardly put to use since we turn on our purifier 24/7. Running at 36w, the Philips Air Purifier is definitely gentle on our pockets as well.

3 step fan-speed to adjust air flow to one’ liking. Ours is always on speed 1.

3-step light indicators (Blue-Good; Purple- Fair, Red- Bad) is a great add on, as it clearly show air quality level and when I need to bulk on on my stash of N95 masks!
Philips Air Purifier 3 step light indication for air quality

No more marking your calendars for filter replacement. This gadget is so smart that it even gives you a timely warning for filter replacements.

Finally an air purifier that looks good in a modern home
without the compromise over efficiency.

We love the Philips Air Purifier.

But, if I had to seriously nitpick, perhaps a “lock-screen” on the control buttons would be a useful feature to have for parents like myself.

James is intrigued by the buttons and is constantly pushing it. #outsmartedmommy
Philips Air Purifier James Outsmarted Mommy

I am not taking the current good air days for granted.
(Read about how our family survived with last years INSANE Haze level of PSI 401)
My Haze Survival kit comes with a good Air Purifier and a Healthy stash of N95 Masks.
Philips Air Purifier Haze Kit

Never be caught off guard ever again.
Stay Prepared.

Full Disclosure: We were given a set of Philips Air Purifier AC4014 for the purpose of this review. No other monetary compensation was received. All views, opinions and a nearly bacteria free room are my own.