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Stay Fresh & Smell good even after 60 minutes of Active Play

When I came across this video, I love how brutally honest it is!

Given the choice between active and idle toys?
Which one do you think your kids would have chosen?

I could safely bet my dollar that my kids would have also chosen the idle toy instead.

Yes, the truth is kids these days do not get enough active play.
And we are guilty as charged.

I try to let my kids run WILD at the playground for an hour everyday.
J&J Active Fresh 60 Minutes Active Play

Even though my kids are blessed with skinny genes, I believed that keeping active help curb childhood obesity. Our kids develop stronger bones, toned muscles as well as improved balance and eye-hand coordination skills through active play.

In addition, the chances of our kids wearing glasses are significantly higher since kitson and myself suffers from Myopia. And as far as we can, we try to prevent that from happening. Outdoor play helps lower the risks of Myopia.

Most importantly, active play helps expand boundless energy
from our kids so that they can sleep better at night.
(And when they sleep better, we do too!)
J&J Active fresh 60 Minutes Active Play

With active children and active play,
comes the uncomfortable feel of stickiness from perspiration.

But the innovative technology from Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh products
help keep kids fresh and smelling irresistible all day long.
Johnson's Baby Active Fresh

Thou mothers are generally bias,
but I wasn’t even kidding when I said my boys smell like flowers!

Active Fresh technology has long-lasting fragrance that is activated/released when it comes in contact with sweat.

Powder on with Johnson’s Active Fresh Power after shower as it helps absorb sweat, extending freshness and keeping kids smelling irresistible all day long.

Even though I love my sweaty kids no matter how they smell like…
But for the Uncle, Auntie, Gor Gor, Jie Jie, Di Di, Mei Mei
sharing the same elevator with my stinky heads,
it’s our social responsibility to smell our nicest with Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh.

Johnson’s Baby is advocating 60 minutes of active play a day because it helps build a sharper mind through increased concentration and improved problem solving skills, which aids in better academic performance.

Have you played outside today?

Full Disclosure: We have been compensated by Rise & Shine and given Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Powder and Shower Gel for the purpose of this review. All views, opinion and smelly kids are my own.

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5 Essential Android Apps for Primary School Going Kids

Before I get stone to death for encouraging the use of smart phones while the other part of the world is trying to tear their kids apart from the smart phone matrimony. I beg you to read on and see why smart phones are not necessary tools of the devil. In fact, parents with multiple kids attending primary school might find the smart phone an indispensable part of education.

We do not indulge our kids with the latest smartphone. In fact we do not condone the idea of buying them one. They would have to work for it and right now I do not think they are ready to handle a smart phone all by themselves 24/7.

They are currently using my phone or a dated smart phone I had.

All the apps recommended here are Android apps
5 Essential Android Apps for Primary School Going Kids:

1. English Dictionary & Chinese Dictionary

Apps for primary school kids: Pleco Chinese Dictionary AndriodApps for primary school kids: Dictionary.com English Dictionary
I believe that children should be taught to seek for answers and not be spoon fed. Hiroshi uses Dictionary.com for English and Pleco Chinese Dictionary for Chinese.

2. Voice Recorder

I record spelling and dictation on the Voice Recorder so that I do not have to repeat a gazillion times to get them tested. These days, Hiroshi actually does the recording on his own and even help Sophia with hers. 😉 Teaching self-reliance rawks!

3. Classical Music
Apps for primary school kids : Classical Music
Hiroshi gets easily distracted by his surroundings. So to prevent that from happening, I pass him ear phones. He’ll get plugged into Classical Music while doing his homework. This does help him stay focus till he completes his task at hand.

4. Google + Youtube
Apps for primary school kids: googleApps for primary school kids: YouTube
Google and YouTube has become an indispensable tool of my life and the kids’ life! Hiroshi is a visual learner. So at many times, Google and YouTube saves the day!

5. Skype
Apps for primary school kids: Skype
Since Kitson travels so often, Skype is an essential app to keep everybody connected. Being able to video call and leave messages anytime they want helps keep daddy in their lives even when he isn’t physically present. :p Technology Rawks!!

Smart phones has become part of our lives that we cannot live without. We can only learn to use advance technology to our best advantage, by teaching our children self-reliance and seeking answers for themselves.

Do you allow smart phones for your kids?
And if you do, what other apps do you use?

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Simple 3 Steps to Bigger Eyes.

If Eyes are the windows to the soul,
then eyelashes must be the curtains.

This simple 3 Steps to bigger eyes tutorial
opens up the eye for an illusion of Bigger Eyes.

Step 1:
Tightline eyelid. By filling in the gaps between eyelashes.
This will give the illusion of “fuller” eyelashes immediately

Step 2:
Curl Eyelash with eyelash curler.
Remember to “walk” the eyelash curler. (90°, 60°, 30°)
If you are born lucky with long, full luscious eyelashes, use Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler.
If you are born not so lucky with short eyelashes, use Shishedo Eyelash Curler.

Step 3:
Coat Eyelashes with Mascara (top and bottom part of upper eyelash)

Proceed with Caution. Some part of the video looks like scene from the Exorcist.
I seriously dunno how to make tight-lining of eyelid looks “glam”.

Still too much work?
Worry that you’ll pinch your eyelids with the eyelash curler OR
jab yourself in the eye with pencil eyeliner or mascara?

Try Eyelash extension…
The lazy way out to Beautiful Soulful Eyes!!

My recent visit to High Brow left me addicted.
Coz Kitson tells me how attractive my eyes were even at bedtime!

The session starts with consultation with a beauty consultant. And through a series of questions, the beauty consultant recommended me the best length and intensity for my eyelash extension based on lifestyle. I was then led to a recliner at a quiet cozy corner.

And the process of beautification began…

Naked Eyelash before Eyelash Extension
Naked Eyelash before Eyelash Extension

My eyelash technician hard at work “planting” individual eyelashes.
On an average 80-100 stands of eyelashes are “planted” on each eye.
Eyelash Extension High Brow

Significant differences between left and right eyes!
Eyelash Extension High Brow Ying Yang eyelash

The entire process took 1 hour. And strangely, those eyelash extension felt like my own lashes. Feather light. I could hardly feel anything! But yet they look so AWESOME!

Looking Effortlessly Beautiful!
Eyelash Extension by High Brow

High Brow
High Brow Eyelas Extension at Star Vista

1 Vista Exchange Green,
#B1-25 The Star Vista
Singapore 138617
Tel : 6694 2777

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Till the next installment of Busy Mom Guide to looking Fabulous,

The Differences of Parenting First, Second and Third Child

We try to be impartial to all 3 kids. But from our own personal experiences, parenting 3 somehow differs from parenting 1 or 2. Some of these scenarios may be grossly exaggerated, but, I hope you’ll find humor in some of them.

For someone without a sense of humor or kids
to start accusing us of child abuse
OR perhaps even report us to Child Protection Services,
I hate to break this to you…

It’s a fact for most some parents that a few parenting standard gets thrown out the window at the arrival of each kid. These standards will eventually get so low that we’ll be happy as long as our kids are fed and still surviving at the end of each day.

Keeping our sanity is like winning a lottery ticket for parents of 3 kids and more. So we do whatever it takes…

First Child: Are you kidding me! Of course we’re going to the Pediatrician!
Second Child: I’m sure the GP is equally as good and qualified to the job.
Third Child: Polyclinic will do lah!

Monthly Photos

First Child: ON THE DOT. Without fail. Take cute pictures of kids on their “monthday”
Second Child: Mange to take most of them. But it won’t be in a timely fashion.
Third Child: What Photo?!?!?

First Child: Ferociously flash learning cards even before baby’s first babble.
Second Child: Try to teach what you can and whenever you can.
Third Child: Wow! When did he learn that?!?!?

First Child: Walked at 12 months 14 day at 4.00pm. Even had videos for it.
Second Child: Walked roughly at 12 months
Third Child: Oh! Walked already huh?!?!?

First Child: New. Pre-washed, color coordinated and neatly folded.
Second Child: Mostly hand me downs.
Third Child: Looks like a refugee from a concentration camp.

At Home
First Child: Spend a good bit of every day just gazing at the baby.
Second Child: Spend a bit of everyday watching to be sure your older child isn’t squeezing, poking, or hitting the baby.
Third Child: Spend a little bit of every day hiding from the children.

First Child: Meticulously spend hours batch cooking Annabel Karmel recipes and freezing ’em in ice cube trays.
Second Child: Randomly cook something edible, still avoiding salt and sugar.
Third Child: They eat what you’re eating.

Swallowing a Coin
First Child: Panic and send him/her to the Pediatrician Immediately!
Second Child: Wait for it to be pass out in his/her poo poo.
Third Child: Deduct from his/her allowances!

Getting a Bump
First Child: Panic and send him/her to the Pediatrician Immediately!
Second Child: You monitor and look out for vital signs.
Third Child: He’ll LIVE!

Have you got more scenarios to add to the list?

Well, on a separate note…
James finally visited the Zoo!
Third kid, almost 2 and first trip to the Zoo.

And we were there because Sophia’s class has an excursion to the Zoo.
The differences of parenting first, second and third child

James’s eyes widen as he watched intently while listening carefully at my commentary at each animal enclosure. Didn’t expect a 2 year old to be this interested…
Difference of parenting first, second and third child

My heart ache with guilt at how little we’ve been doing with him.

It turns out, a trip to the zoo is cheaper and yet more effective than a day at the Speech Therapist. James learned the baby sign language for “monkey”. He tells me that the monkey “JUMP”, and the tiger “ROAR”.

I curb my fear for snakes and finally had a picture taken with a Royal Python!
Singapore Zoo with Snakes

That pretty much sums up James’s first trip to the Zoo.

Even though we do not take “monthday” pictures, flash learning cards or fuss over a bump, it doesn’t mean we love James any lesser.

Parents with 2 kids and more,
how do you deal with this guilt about doing lesser with the subsequent child?

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Inspiring People 2014; Lim Lee Lee

Inspiring People 2014 Lim Lee LeeLee Lee was born with an eye condition known as retinopathy of prematurity.

Despite losing her vision since infancy, Lee Lee lives an independent lifestyle alongside with her beautiful guide dog, Nice.

Through sheer determination, Lee Lee is the first visually challenged student that has graduated from Open University UK through SIM with a Bachelor Degree of Arts in English Language & Literature after 7 long years.

Lee Lee currently works as a Business Development Manager for Whiz Heartz Edu Centre, a Trainer, Dialogue in the Dark, Singapore. She also gives motivational talks to companies and schools during her leisure time.

1) Which person had the biggest influence in your life so far?
In fact I wouldn’t say it is a person, but a poem entitled Don’t Quit.
Lim Lee Lee Don't Quit Poem

2) What is the best piece of advice you have been given and by whom?
My late grandmother. Before she passed on, she told me to do my best to excel in my studies because anything physical can be robbed, stolen or taken away from me but knowledge is mine to keep forever.

3) Name 3 factors that have contributed to your success today?
Persistence, Resilience & Tenacity.

4) If you could be a Superhero, who would you be and why?
Never thought who would I be if were a super hero. Hmm… Superheros are ordinary people who conquer limitations. I want to be my own super hero.

5) There are 6000 visually impaired people in Singapore, but ONLY 6 has Guide dogs.
Do you think the use guide dogs would improve the lives of the visually impaired?
(Lee Lee is the first Singaporean to receive a Japanese Guide Dog; Nice.)
The use of guide dogs as mobility aids enhances independence, speed, efficiency and safety for a visually impaired person. Of course, I would advocate for such eventualities but reality does not work this way. Cheng Hock, the owner of Singapore’s first guide dog; Kendra has done a lot to raise awareness for this subject matter. But despite the great effort from Cheng Hock, we still need more awareness campaigns on guide dogs for the visually impaired and general public.

6) Being visually impaired, what is the biggest difficulties for you in Singapore?
Sadly, support services are not adequate. Support services and funding may be present, but the final execution remains poor.

7) Do you have any suggestions to make this better?
I personally feel we should let people who are able to empathize with those who requires support services to fill such job positions in order for them fully understand ones’ needs and to do the job better.

8) What are your plans in the near future?
I am working on several projects at the moment. One of which involves social good activities for the visually impaired community. I hope to gain everybody’s support when I unveil this project on 5th October 2014. At the meantime, do follow us on Facebook for updates and more information.

That’s me hugging Nice; the Japanese Guide Dog when she was “off-duty”
Singapore Mom Blogger Irene Soh with Nice the Japanese Guide Dog

Follow Lee Lee & Nice the Japanese Guide Dog on Facebook.

You’re my Inspiration! is a monthly series (Published on Third Monday) where we interview inspiring people from all walks of life, sharing their stories to keep ourselves motivated to do and live better.

If you have a story to share, please email me at SingaporeMomBlogs {at} live {dot} com.
Inspiring people 2014

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