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Pick your battles | Dyson Cinetic DC52 Vacuum Cleaner

Our family has a love-hate relationship with vacuum cleaners.

I love it to bits and to the point that I cannot function without it.
While Kitson blatantly tells me he hates my 10 year old vacuum cleaner.
Vacuum Cleaner with Bags and no Filter are Awful!

I can’t remember how many time we had to argue over my sentimental piece of “junk”.

Being the reasonable husband he is, Kitson gives me a quick science lesson on vacuum cleaners in hopes of me dumping out the old vacuum cleaner. He explains that air and dirt are sucked into the vacuum cleaner, while most of the dirt stays in the dirt bag some are expel with the hot air coming from the back of the vacuum cleaner. This poses a huge problem since our 10 year old antique does not have any form of filters. Fine dust particles are not visible with our naked eyes. So, my “clean” room is actually extremely filthy. 🙁

Well… *twiddle thumbs* Alrighty, point taken, no filter is bad. Plus I’m also guilty of leaving the dust bag in longer then it should. But that doesn’t mean we dump out something that is still functioning right??


With James’s eczema and sensitive airways, we couldn’t sit on this issue anymore. We had to keep the house clean and free of allergen.

Time for a new vacuum cleaner.

With abit of research, we came to the conclusion that a good vacuum cleaner should be
– of the right size and weight
– easy to maneuver around the house
– with good suction power
– fitted with filter
– preferably bag-less

Just when I thought I knew everything about vacuum cleaners, I got hit by another new term; Cinetic Cyclone Technology.

A technology that took Dyson 20 years of research. And 50 prototypes later, Dyson unveils a Two Tier Radial vacuum cleaner fitted with 54 high-frequency cyclones to generate higher centrifugal forces with the ability of capturing smaller particles and even microscopic dirt particles.

These cyclones are fitted with flexible tips that oscillate and vibrate to prevent dust from clogging the cyclone aperture. And hence, promising no loss of suction. In fact, they are so efficient that no filter maintenance is even required!
Dyson Cinetic DC52 | Cinetic Cyclone Technology

No Dust Bags, No Filter Maintenance means in the long run, we save more Moolahs!

The Dyson Cinetic DC52 Vacuum Cleaner is not heavy nor bulky and Follows obediently. The small but powerful motor is housed at the bottom of the “ball” design making it extremely maneuverable.
Dyson Vacuum Ball Design

Now, let me sink into my bimbotic moment.
The Dyson Cinetic DC 52 Vacuum Cleaner looks extremely SEXY!
Dyson Cinetic Cyclone DC52

Demonstration of how the Dyson DC52 effectively clean different surfaces.
(From parquet, to carpets to tiles… No Problemo!)

Unboxing Video of Dyson DC52

On the overall, I’ve enjoyed the experience of vacuuming with the Dyson DC52, and finally understood why they are priced as they were. For all the technology advances in this vacuum cleaner, I think that it is an extremely worthy investment.

And just when I’m happily enjoying my Dyson DC52,
the good guys at Dyson unveils the Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum Cleaner!

PuuuUuuuUuuurfect vacuum cleaner for lazy busy housewives like myself!

Full Disclosure:
We received the Dyson DC52 for the purpose of this review.
All view, opinions and dusty home are our own.

Wordless Wednesday: Finding our Roots

Kek Lok Sei Temple
kek lok sei temple

Live a life of faith, hope and love.
Kek Lok Sei Temple Faithfully Praying

I’ll look back on this and smile because it was LIFE and I decided to live it
Kek Lok Sei Temple Spirial Staircase

The songs of our ancestors are also the songs of our children
Kek Lok Sei Temple Final Resting Place

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Possessed by Singulair | Odd Temper Tantrums by Singulair

James started throwing a huge tantrum from not getting his own seat in the car. I tried ways and means to pacify him, but he was inconsolable. He screeched at the top of his voice, making the 15 minutes car ride an eternal torture for its occupants. He started hitting, scratching and even attempted to bite me. Despite my stern warning he continues with his atrocious behaviour.

The tantrum didn’t stop after the 15 minutes car ride. Like a Taiwanese soap opera, it continued on… Everyone was seated for dinner and the crying persisted on. Patrons from the restaurants looked at me as if I’ve failed terribly to keep my own son under control. While the staffs were a little more empathetic, trying to coax James out of his trance. I walked out of the restaurant. Patiently talking to James hoping that he will snap out of it real soon. But my desperate pleads were being ignored. Food were ordered, food were served. But, like a broken record James went on and on and on.

My patience was running thin. I gave up. Decided to just stay in the car with James and let him vent it out. He became uncontrollably violent. Other than hitting, scratching and bitting me, he started throwing himself at the backseats. I’ve seen temper tantrums of a 2 year old kid. But, I swear this tantrum episode is out of the ordinary. It is nothing I’ve seen by far.

Nothing significant has changed in our lives for James to be behaving like that…

So we thought James’s medications (Singulair) which was prescribed by the Pediatrician for his wheezing problem might be the trigger source of this sudden tamper tantrums. After researching online, we realized that there were others in the same predicament. We stopped Singulair for a couple of days, and saw drastic improvement to his behavior.

Have you experience strange behaviors from your kids after Singulair?
Is this medication really safe for kids?
Singulair Temper Tantrums

Inspiring People 2014; Conrad Alvin Lim

Conrad Alvin Lim14 years ago, Conrad Alvin Lim found himself stuck in a rut. After a series of multiple setbacks, he was left in debt, jobless with a wife and 2 small kids to feed.

Who would employ someone who is over experienced, under qualified, middle aged and worse of all, bankrupt?


Instead of whining, Conrad did whatever it took to survive. He started taking in freelance media assignments, stayed competitive against youngsters by quoting way below his usual asking price in a fast shrinking market and turned to on-line trading as a form of side-line income.

His early on-line trading venture turned into a nightmare after attending several trading workshops between 2005 and 2006. Undaunted, Conrad went about giving himself an education in Finance and Economics from some of the most renown teachers in the business and financial world. This provided him with the foundation on which he has built a solid trading career, a sound business base and multiple income streams.

As a result of his hard work and perseverance, he cleared his debts in 2007 got discharged from bankruptcy.

7 years on, he is now the author of several best selling books, runs his own Pattern Trader Tutorial, a successful entrepreneur as well as a successful online trader.

1) Which person had the biggest influence in your life so far?
Obviously, in the last few years since my recovery from bankruptcy, Adam Khoo has been very influencial in giving me a direction and a sense of purpose. I found my calling in becoming a Trainer and Mentor.

2) What is the best piece of advice you have been given and by whom?
The biggest impression left on me from my early days in the Film Industry was from my late mentor, Joseph Tan, who repeatedly told me that “nothing is impossible given the right motivation and the right budget”. I have kept that as my mantra since the first day I learned that and it has kept me focused on everything I set out to achieve. It was also my primary motivation that drove me to get out of bankruptcy.

3) Name 3 factors that have contributed to your success today?
Hard work, belief and passion.

I have always known that nothing comes free or is easy to attain without Hard Work. Every successful person I know and have read about always had this one common factor – they worked really hard and often faced failure along their way to success.

It was their belief that kept driving them to success. Therefore, Believing is another key factor that drives me. There really is no point in setting goals or objectives if you don’t believe it can be done or if you have even the slightest doubt about your ability to achieve it. When I set my mind to something, I must believe that it can be done. It must be measurable, targeted and datelined.

Then there’s Passion. Once again, the pattern of successful people is the passion they have in their purpose. Passion is the one success ingredient that doesn’t need to be taught or nurtured. If you love doing what you’re doing, you will be passionate about it. If you’re passionate about it, you will be naturally motivated, focused and driven. I have done many things in my life but it was those things that I was most passionate about that I excelled in.

That is why I do what I do today – I teach because I love to teach (passion), I trade because I know I can always get better at it (belief) and I continue to work hard at everything I do because my hard work has paid off for everything I have set out to achieve.
Conrad Alvin Lim

4) If you could be a Superhero, who would you be and why?
I have always been a huge fan of Spiderman since I was a kid back in the early 70s. But if I had to be a Superhero, I’d love to be a combination of Captain America for his leadership, strength and righteousness and Lucy (yes, I know she’s not a Superhero) for a amazing powers.

5) When things get tough, how do you keep yourself going?
Many have asked my this question and they often refer to it as a “never say die” attitude. I don’t know where I got it from but I can credit much of it to Joseph Tan who taught me that losers are those who quit. Any problem to me is only a temporary set-back as long as its not life-threatening. Such set-backs are challenges to be overcome. And every challenge I overcome serves to make me a better person.

I live by believing that things can always get better. Everyday, I ask myself how I made yesterday better than the day before. Then I ask what I can do now to make today better than yesterday. Then I plan what I need to do to make tomorrow better than today. This gives me purpose, focus and makes my life more meaningful from day to day.

6) What rules do you live by?
Read my latest book *chuckle*
I live by 8 values. They are Respect, Harmony, Balance, Experience, Happiness, Defense, Wisdom and Passion.
Conrad Alvin Lim Books

7) What advice would you give to someone who is currently stuck in a financial rut?
Money problems are always going to be temporary set-backs that can be overcome in time with hard work. There will be other more pressing problems that are not financially related that we will need more energy to focus on. Problems that money can’t solve. So why worry about something that you can do something about? Stop fretting and get going about doing whatever it takes to overcome that financial obstacle.

8) What is your best advice to readers who wants to do what you do?
Get real.

Its not as easy as you think it is and definitely not what gurus are preaching about. Its not about making a million bucks and attaining financial freedom – the fact is, more have been slaughtered in this business than have become successful.

What I do as a trader is tough and requires a lot of discipline and hard work – something that most people don’t consider when discussing this. To most, trading is either gambling or a way to get rich quickly. The get-rich-quick attitude is a mindset that is commonplace because so many gurus are preaching it and the media hypes it up that way. The masses then get influenced into believing that this is what the market is about.

It is not.

It takes a lot of LEARNING (as much as a Finance and Economics student needs to learn), PRACTICE (as much as an Intern on Wall Street requires) and PATIENCE (because like anything else in life, EXPERIENCE doesn’t come easily or quickly and takes time to achieve) to attain the one thing that makes any trader great – EXPERIENCE.

And get yourself a good Mentor.

Conrad Alvin Lim Online Trader

“Success belongs to those who work at it the hardest and believe in it the longest.”
Conrad Alvin Lim

Follow Conrad on Pattern Trader Website and Pattern Trader Facebook Page.

You’re my Inspiration! is a monthly series (Published on Third Monday) where we interview inspiring people from all walks of life, sharing their stories to keep ourselves motivated to do and live better.

If you have a story to share, please email me at SingaporeMomBlogs {at} live {dot} com.
Inspiring people 2014

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Swensen’s turns up the heat with all-American BBQ favourites

I love businesses that innovates.
Restaurants that excites their customers’ palate
by bringing new taste and flavors into their mundane menu.
Swensen’s seasonal menu of U.S. Southern BBQ favorites is just one fine example of it.
Swensen's US Southen BBQ
In any case, if you cannot remember what I’ve written in this blog post…

You only need to remember this;
Firecracker Soft Shell Prawns is under the die-die-must-try category!

These addictive prawns are lightly battered and coated with a unique blend of spices. They are served together with Swensen’s signature U.S. fries and fresh veggie sticks with pineapple BBQ and Tartar sauce dips on the side.
Swensens US Southern BBQ Firecracker Soft Shell Pawns

Like a hungry cowboy, Hiroshi polished his Cajun Chicken with Creamy Ranch Sauce in record time! Chicken was slow cooked with cajun herbs and spices into perfection and nicely complimented with the homemade creamy ranch sauce. It was served with wild rice, mesclun salad and BBQ beans.
Swensen's U.S. Southern BBQ Cajun Chicken with creamy ranch sauce

The Grilled Snapper with Seafood Creole Sauce seemed like the unbeatable favorite amongst everybody from my table. This tenderly grilled saltwater snapper was generously drizzled with the chef’s special creamy creole sauce, served with buttered vegetables and mixed wild rice. Yums!
Swensen's U.S. southern BBQ Grilled Snapper with seafood creole sauce

It’s getting hot, hot, hot. This Jalapeno BBQ Burger was stacked high with a juicy beef patty, flavorful jalapeno chunks and onion ring for the ultimate burger experience. It was served with steak cut fries lightly seasoned in cajun spices and mesclun salad.
Swensens U.S. Southern BBQ Jalapeno BBQ Burger

Finally wash it all down with the Refreshingly Zesty Key Lime Soda.
Swensens U.S. Southern BBQ Key Lime Soda

Wait no more, located the nearest Swensen’s Outlet as this seasonal U.S. Southern BBQ Menu is only available from 1st September 2014 till 31st October 2014!

Oh, and there’s one more thing…
There’s ALWAYS space for desserts.
Do check out Swensen’s Ice Cream Buffet happening ONLY at Orchard Ion (#B1-31)!
Swensen's Ion Ice Cream Buffet

If you’ve enjoyed this post, you might be interested in reading our experiences of celebrating James’s First Birthday at Swensen’s too!

P/s: We’ve been invited by Aly from Touch PR & Events Pte Ltd for Media Food Tasting at Swensen’s. All opinion, tastebuds and calories are my own.