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MICE 12 days of Christmas Giveaway

Can you feel it?
It’s finally December!

Christmas spirit is in the air,
and it’s the season of giving…

And after a successful series of MICE 12 days of Christmas giveaway last year,
We’re back again this year to thank our readers for their year long support.

Introducing my Generous Mom Blogger friends:

Singapore Mom Bloggers (AmazinglyStill) 12 days of Christmas GiveawayMabel
Blog: www.AmazinglyStill.com
FB: AmazinglyStill
Mom to 2 adorable kids and lady boss at www.PartyFavors.Sg. Other than the daily musing of family life, Mabel also often blog about things that interest her. A photo enthusiast that believes that a moment caught on camera are memories to last a lifetime.

Singapore Mom Bloggers (CherieLadie) 12 days of Christmas GiveawayCherie
Blog: www.CherieLadie.com     FB: CherieLadie
A full-time working mother & a hopeful supermom wannabe who juggles motherhood alongside with her 3 boys (husband included). she loves fashion (has a huge fetish for shoes, bags and chunky accessories) and describes manicuring her own nails me-time. She loves her food and lives to eat, loves capturing her life in pictures and is a globe trotter! Her life’s motto is to live happy and to live life to the fullest.

Singapore Mom Bloggers ( SoOddlyDreamlike) 12 days of Christmas GiveawayEstella
Blog: www.SoOddlyDreamlike.com    FB: SoOddlyDreamlike

Mama to a little girl named Joy, Estella is learning to cook, teach and bring up the love of her life. Estella loves make up, shoes, food and travelling and has recently returned to life as an occasional singer/host with Live, Oh Life!

Mabel from www.amazinglystill.com
will kick off the first day of Christmas giveaway
on 1st of December.
Remember to hound her blog for more details…..

MICE 12 days of Christmas giveaway covers the entire month of December.
Remember to pop by
AmazinglyStill, SingaporeMomBlogs, Cherieladie and SoOddlyDreamlike
to check out the amazing giveaways we’ve in stored for you!

MICE 12 days of christmas giveaway

*Waggle Brows* Hello Browtisan!

Now I could leave the house looking decent even if I had “no” make up on.
Left: My Original Mugshot Right: After Eyebrow embroidery and eyelash extension
Browtisan Eyebrow Embriodery Sg

Being a certified make up artist means that I’ve pretty much seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to eyebrow embroidery. I was apprehensive. But yet, with 3 kids I simply do not even have the time to look at the mirror anymore. I often leave the house looking less than desirable…

I had enough of looking far worst than Maria next door, so I took the plunge.

It wasn’t easy. It was nerve wrecking, and I had thoughts of chickening out.

But when I was introduced my brow artisan; Coco, a veteran in the eyebrow and facial grooming industry with more than 2 decades of experience, I heaved sigh of relief knowing that I will be well taken care of.

The lingering fragrance in the tea gathered my senses back…
Browtisan Eyebrow Embriodery by Coco

Anesthetic cream was applied. But unlike the usual industry standards of putting cling wrap over the anesthetic cream, Browtisan uses 3M™ Tegaderm™ Transparent Film Dressing. This is done to ensure that the anesthetic cream is fully effective.
Browtisan Eyebrow Embriodery by Coco Singapore Numbing cream Process

After detailed consultation by Coco,
eyebrows were trimmed and filled in with eyebrow pencil to emulate the final look.
Browtisan Eyebrow Embriodery by Coco

Waggle your brows and see if you liked it.
Browtisan Eyebrow Embroidery by Coco Singapore

If you are not comfortable with it, you can still change it…
So take your time to decide.

Since I loved the shape, we proceeded into the treatment room.

As I lay down waiting for the procedure to start, it was hard not to notice how lush the bed is! It is soft, comfortable and cushion-y. And not to mention the amount of pillows to make me feel right at home!

Coco puts on her amplifying glasses and carefully work on my brows. Strangely, it wasn’t as painful as I imagined it to be. You could always ask for more local anesthetic lotion to be applied on if you have lower threshold for pain.
Browtisan Eyebrow Embroidery by Coco Singapore

What is the differences between Eyebrow Embroidery and Eyebrow Tattoo?
What is the differences between eyebrow embroidery and Eyebrow tattoo?
Eyebrow Embroidery is done on the epidermis (superficial) layer of the skin with minimum intrusion, so you shouldn’t see any blood in the entire process. It is a semi-permanent procedure, often lasting from 2-4 years with occasional touch ups. And it is definitely a lot more natural as compared to eyebrow tattoos.
Eyebrow Tattoo is a permanent procedure done by penetrating ink deep into the dermis layer causing the skin harm, scaring and bleeding.

Our facial muscles react differently when we are seated upright as compared to lying down, so Coco sits me up on a chair to check if my newly embroidered eyebrows are done to perfection. I was impressed by how detailed she was!
Browtisan Eyebrow Embroidery by Coco Singapore

Can you see that eyebrow embroidery is done stroke by stroke?
Which are my own brows and which are “planted” by Coco?
Can you tell? I am not able to tell them apart anymore…
Browtisan by Coco Eyelash Extension

Since I was in the mood for some pampering, I’ve decided to put on some eyelash extension too. Picture above shows my “naked” eyelash. I could do with some help in the volumising and lengthening department for these ridiculously short eyelashes!

A heated eyelash curler is used before eyelash extension procedure. This extra step is done so that our natural lashes are nicely curled for the eyelash extensions to sit on.
Browtisan by Coco Eyelash Extension Sg

With the help of the amplifying glasses, Coco puts on individual strand of eyelash extension on each eyelash. It was a  precision labored task, Coco made sure that the eyelash extension was about 1mm away from the roots of my eyelashes the best results.
Eyebrow Embriodery Browtisan by Coco Singapore

Totally lovin’ my Thicker and Longer Eyelash Extension.
Eyebrow Embriodery Browtisan by Coco Singapore

That’s me and beautiful Coco.
Thank you for making me look effortlessly better than Maria next door!
Eyebrow embriodery Browtisan by Coco Singapore

Aftercare tips for Eyebrow Embroidery:
– should not come in contact with water in the first 7 days.
– apply a tiny bit of aftercare serum 3-5 times a day with clean finger.
– you’ll see scabbing/flaking in a few days, do not pick it, let it drop naturally.
– eyebrow color will darken in the first few days, but lighten thereafter.
– Return 3-4 week later for touch up

*waggle brows*
At day 6 still looking fabulous huh?!?
Eyebrow Embroidery Browtisan by Coco Singapore

Special discount for Singapore Mom Blogs readers:
Discount Coupon for Browtisan Eyebrow Embriodery

Stay calm and look fabulous!

Browtisan by Coco
Delfi Orchard
402 Orchard Road #03-17
Singapore 238876

To book a consultation, call 6235 2355

Full Disclousure: I was invited to Browtisan by ATMC. Eyebrows embroidery and eyelashes extensions were sponsored by Browtisan by Coco for the purpose of this review. No further compensation or fees were received. All opinions expressed are my own.

9 and a 1/2

You’ve waited all year round for this day to proclaim to the world
that you are finally 9 and a 1/2.
But in actual fact, you’re only 9.

I find it amusing that as kids, you can’t wait to grow up.
While as parents, we felt that you’re all growing up way too soon.

9 years from the first cries that made me mom,
today we are already celebrating your transition into tweenhood…

Happy Birthday Hiroshi!

We stumbled upon The Queen & Mangosteen at Vivo City (#01-106/107).
The Lunch Special seems like a very good deal!
The Queen and mangosteen Vivo City

Soup of the day was Mushroom Soup. And our votes were unanimous…
Even James agrees that the unadulterated creamy Mushroom Soup is outta this world!
The Queen & Mangosteen Vivo City Mushroom Soup

Chicken Cordon Bleu, Red Snapper Loin, Braised Ox-tail.
The Queen & Mangosteen Vivo City Lunch Special

Hiroshi and Sophia gave 2 thumbs up for the food.
The queen and Mangosteen Lunch Special

$16.90++ for Soup of the day and Main course with free flow drinks is a steal.

Attentive service staff.

The cozy ambiance coupled with a panoramic waterfront view of scenic Sentosa makes The Queen & Mangosteen a perfect dinning location for many different occasions.
The Queen & Mangosteen Vivo City Review

No birthday celebration is ever complete without a trip to Swensen’s for Ice Cream!

Swensen’s Earle at Vivo City (#02-117)

Molten Chocolate Lava Cake & Banana Split
(I was a tad disappointed at the Molten Chocolate Lava Cake!)
Swensen's Earle Vivo City Molten Chocolate Lava Cake Banana Split

Swensen’s Earle complimentary ice cream cake makes Hiroshi a very happy boy!
Swensen's Earle Vivo City Complimentary Birthday cake

Very spacious restaurant. Reasonably priced, but I was hoping for better service.

Finally a family photo to freeze up this precious moment of you being 9 and a 1/2.
The Queen and Mangosteen Vivo City Hiroshi's Birthday

You’ll grow out of my arms,
but never my heart!

KidProof your Walls with Dulux Wash and Wear

It’s all starting to take flight!

I am such a terrible visualizer that my friend JingTing jumped to my recuse by designing and sketching out the intended layout of Hiroshi’s room. It was love at first sight…
Dulux Singapore Travel Themed Room
Dulux Singapore Travel Themed Room

I can bet you a million dollar that Hiroshi will fall head over heeds over his travel themed room makeover with Dulux! Wouldn’t you?

The professional painters from Dulux came by for an onsite consultation and offered many useful advice and suggestions on color selection. After much consideration, we eventually picked Lakemont Blue, Song Porcelain and Mendelssohn Concerto.
Dulux Paint Blue Scheme Travel Themed Room

*mimic captain Hiroshi ticking off his pre-flight checklist*
Theme, Checked. Colors, Checked.
What’s next?

With so many different type of paints offered by Dulux,
which one should we choose?
Dulux Paint Singapore

My suggestion is choose one that best fits your lifestyle needs.
And here’s a glimpse at ours…

We’ve got to get the right paint for the right job. And it’s without a shadow of doubt that we’ll be picking Dulux Wash and Wear with new KidProof Technology!

Dulux Wash and Wear with KidProof Technology effectively repels tough stains.

Instead of absorbing stains into the wall like normal paints do, liquid form beads onto the surface of this unique protective paint film causing delay to stain penetration.

This premium paint makes cleaning up a breeze, and it keeps colors looking fresher for longer too.

Dulux Wash and Wear paint has been awarded Singapore Green Label certification, it emits less Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and is low on odour, even when freshly painted.

It’s absolutely safe for children as there is no added lead or mercury content in Dulux Wash and Wear paints.

Everything is looking good and we can’t wait to take flight.
Come back soon to check out the process of our room transformation.

In need of a paint job too?
Check out the promotion and attractive paint packages offered by Dulux Paint.
Dulux Paint Singapore Discount Codes

What’s More?
SingaporeMomBlogs readers saves MORE!
Enjoy additional $30 off painting packages when you call 6265 0677 and quote IS550.
Dulux Paint Singapore Discount Code
(hotline is open on weekday 8.30am – 5.00pm)

Don’t say BoJio…
Follow Dulux Facebook page closely for a chance to win up to $600 worth of prizes!

For more inspirational ideas online, Please visit
– Facebook: fb.com/dulux.sg
– Instagram: @duluxg
– Pintrest: pintrest.com/duluxsg
– Youtube: youtube.com/duluxsingapore
– Website: www.dulux.com.sg

Dulux, Please Groom my Room.

Dear Dulux,

Dulux wash and wear make belive pirateMy name is Isaac Hirsoshi and I am 9 years old this year. Like any other boys my age, I am active and have vivid imaginations. Some days, I am a pirate searching for lost treasures, while other days I just quietly prowl under my blanket and pretend to be a sniper…

My biggest dream of all would be about traveling around the world and flying in my very own airplane.

I am writing to you because my mother says Dulux Paint is the best paint manufacturer with a proven track record of excellence of over 70 years in Singapore. I am hoping that you could convince my mummy so that my room gets a new paint job.

I’ve had the luxury of my own room since I was a baby. When my baby brother James came along, I was more than happy to share my room with him.

But the truth is, my room is in a dire straits of a makeover.
Dulux Paint Room Makeover

My parents are Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts. Most of the furniture in my room were lovingly fixed up by my parents. I am very proud of them. But things aren’t always rosy. I’ve got holes in my wall because of drilling boo boos.
Dulux Paint SG Holes in my wall

And till this very day, these holes have never been patched.

I’ve got to give my parents credits for being so creative with the paint work in my room. But, can you tell that the white walls are starting to “stain”? There are also crack marks all over the wall. How is that even suppose to happen at all?
Dulux Paint Sg Groom My Room

Before we go any further, I have a small confession to make.

When my sister Sophia and myself were little younger, we had a great time doodling on the walls in my room. (Every other kid does it right?) We were honestly expecting our mom to be delighted with our masterpieces, but her reactions proved otherwise.

In your advertisements, you said forgiveness is easy, but unfortunately for us… Our walls were not protected by Dulux Wash and Wear! So that left mummy very angry.
Dulux wash and wear forgiveness is easy

So if you ever come by to paint my room, please make it a Dulux Wash and Wear too. Nah, I promise I will never doddle on the wall ever again… I am just worried that James might just do it too. Prevention is always better than cure right?

I have been staring at the Dulux Color Inspiration 2015 catalog for hours. And if given the opportunity, I hope to transform my room to something more inspiring. Something that takes my imagination to a higher ground.

Perhaps something to do with travel and planes?
Dulux Paint Blue travel Plane themed kids room

I’m looking at blue. In monochromatic color scheme. Or Analogous color scheme.
Dulux Paint Monochromatic Blue feature wall

Apart from staring at the small patch of paint sample on Dulux Color Inspiration 2015 catalog while trying to visualize the final outcome on my wall I used an amazing app call Dulux Visualizer.

You could pick a color to match your room on the Dulux Visualizer. This smart app even gives you suggestions on color scheme from your chosen color. How cool is that!
Dulux Visualizer Pick a color

This incredible app allows me to digitally picture the final outcome of my room even before we paint it! You can download this free app from AppStore or GooglePlay.

I still cannot decide, there are just way too many pretty colors staring back at me.

I guess we’ll just have to fill up the request form for a FREE consultation with a Professional Dulux Color Consultant for their expert opinion.

Mummy always says that repainting and redecorating our room would be very troublesome and takes up way too much time. But I heard that the professional painters from Dulux are so efficient that we won’t even have to lift a finger!

Maybe that would help change mummy’s mind.
Looking forward to a room makeover real soon…

Yours hopefully,
Isaac Hiroshi

For more inspirational ideas online, Please visit
– Facebook: fb.com/dulux.sg
– Instagram: @duluxg
– Pintrest: pintrest.com/duluxsg
– Youtube: youtube.com/duluxsingapore
– Website: www.dulux.com.sg

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