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Simple tips to Perfectly Steamed Fish.

My mother in law is an incredible home cook! She is 85 and still cooking for the family. I was flattered when she said she loved my steam fish, and has even asked me for my recipe.

Sharing a couple of simple tips to perfectly steamed fish. It’s not difficult, and I promise even the kitchen noob will emerge victoriously with perfectly steamed fish.
Simple tips to Perfectly Steamed Fish


Perfectly steamed soy sauce fish with lee kum kee seafood soy sauceFish (I’ve used threadfin fish.)
Ginger (sliced, Sliced and finely shredded)
Garlic (minced)
Spring Onion
Sesame Oil
Salt and pepper to taste
Lee Kum Kee Seafood Soy Sauce

1. Rub a bit of salt on fish.
2. Lay some spring onion on a plate, place fish on top, then lay sliced ginger on top. (Placing spring onion under the fish allows fish to cook evenly and helps shorten the cooking time too.)
Simple tips to perfectly steamed fish
3. Wait for steamer to come to boil before putting fish in.
4. Steam for 5 minutes. (Short cooking time because I was steaming a fish fillet)
5. Turn off heat. Let fish cook in residual heat for another 2-5 minutes.
6. Heat sesame oil in a wok. Fry shredded ginger and minced garlic till fragrant. Remove.
7. Pour in Lee Kum Kee Seafood Soy Sauce and heat it up with residual heat from wok.
8. Remove fish from steamer. Discard “sauce” from fish.
9. Remove spring onion and ginger from fish.
10. Pour Lee Kum Kee Seafood soy sauce over fish. Top with fragrant ginger & mince garlic in sesame oil. Garnish with spring onions.

Lee Kum Kee Seafood Soy Sauce is easily available in supermarkets.

Alternatively, you can make your own sauce for the steam fish too. Simply heat up 2 tbsp dark soy sauce, 1/2 tsp sugar, 3 tbsp water and pepper in a pot. Make sure the sugar is well dissolve and your homemade sauce is ready to be used.

Top 5 tips for cooking perfectly steam fish.
Simple tips to perfectly steam fish
1. This one is a no brainer. Use really fresh fish.
2. Cut slant slits on fish body if it is too big. This helps cut on cooking time.
3. Always wait for water in the steamer to boil before putting fish in to steam.
4. Add sufficient water for steaming right from the start.
5. Time control is important when steaming fish. It takes about 12 minutes to cook a 450g fish. Learn to adjust your timing accordingly.

Simple isn’t it?

Now impress your guest further by complimenting your perfectly steamed fish with Fried Rice and Nourishing Apple with White Fungus Soup.

Bon Appetit!

Primary 2A Higher Chinese Flash Cards Lesson 3

I made these flash cards for Sophia so that they can be constantly revised.
Flash card for Primary 2A Higher Chinese Lesson 3
(过新年,新年到,年的传说 & 贺年卡)

Blue words are 识读字.
Red words are 识写字.
Primary 2A Higher Chinese Flash Cards Lesson 3
Primary 2A Higher Chinese Flash Cards Lesson 3

Sharing it here, hoping that other parents will find it useful as well.
Download Flash Cards: Primary 2A Higher Chinese Lesson 3
(过新年,新年到,年的传说 & 贺年卡)

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Primary 4A Higher Chinese Flash Cards Lesson 3

I made these flash cards for Hiroshi so that they can be constantly revised.
Flash card for Primary 4A Higher Chinese Lesson 3 (永远不满, 画杨桃 & 这个“点”写的最好)

Blue words are 识读字.
Red words are 识写字.
Primary 4A Higher CHinese Flash Cards Lesson 3
Primary 4A Higher Chinese Flash Cards Lesson 3

Sharing it here, hoping that other parents will find it useful as well.
Download Flash Cards: Primary 4 Higher Chinese Lesson 3
(永远不满, 画杨桃 & 这个“点”写的最好)

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Earle Swensen’s Gelato Bonanza

-Media Invitation-

I’ve got simple kids who gets easily excitable…
They were already grinning from ear to ear at the sound of ice cream.
And fixing their own banana split got them over the moon and staying there.

Hiroshi and Sophia had so much fun fixing their own banana split.
While James couldn’t care less… He just wanted to EAT it!
Earle Swensen's Vivo City Banana Split Gelato

As we indulge in our banana split, we can’t help but notice that the ice cream were creamier and the flavors were more intense than before. Ahh, a closer look into the press kit reveals that Earle Swensen’s is offering a whole new gelato menu starting from January 2015. This simply means that all your ice cream from Earle Swensen’s gets an upgrade into atas Gelato!

With this much flavors to choose from, there are bound to be something for everyone!
Swensen's Earle Gelato selections

I was suppose to be having Joy in a Jar. A beautiful concoctions of delectable chocolate brownie loaded with bananas, fresh strawberries layered with vanilla and thin mint ice cream. But, it got hijacked by Sophia who emptied the entire jar before returning it to me!! *sob sob*
Earle Swensen's Vivo City Joy in a Jar gelato

Hiroshi had Molten Chocolate Lava Cake served with Cheese Cookie Gelato. Gooey Lava were oozing out of the Molten Lava Cake as we dug our spoons into it. Hiroshi wasn’t crazy about the Molten Chocolate Lava Cake, but he polished up the cheese cookie gelato instantaneously.
Earle Swensen's Vivi City

With everybody else’s sweet tooth well satisfied and kids bouncing off the walls, I finally get to eat my dessert in peace. I had a hard time deciding with Earle Swensen’s extensive Gelato dessert menu. After much deliberation, I finally settled with Celebrity Brownies served with Durian Gelato. Warm fudgy Brownies against the full flavored silky smooth durain gelato was extremely pleasurable for the taste buds. It does feels like I’ve died and gone to dessert heaven!
Singapore Blogger Irene Soh Earle Swensen's Gelato

There is always room for dessert, especially when it is gelato. Earle Swensen’s NEW Gelato Menu will be available from 1st January 2015 in restaurants islandwide.

Full Disclosure: We were invited to Earle Swensen’s for food tasting by Touch PR. Views and Opinions are my own. *burp*

15 Things I will Do Differently in 2015

When Rachel from catchfortywinks.com started this 15 in 2015 blog train, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to rethink the way I live. And list out 15 things that I will be doing differently in 2015.

15 things I will be doing differently in 2015 that I want to be accountable for:

1. Learn something NEW
Learning something new Singapore blogger Irene Soh

2. Drink more water and less Soda
This is coming from a person who has a well stocked soda mini bar at the comfort of her own room. It is going to be hard. But the thoughts of being diabetic scares the shit out of me… So this is it! Good bye soda, hello H2O.

3. Less fast food.
I confess. I’m a junkie. I really need to get these junk out of my system for a healthier lifestyle!

4. More home cooked meals
A step further to healthy living, more home cooked meals for the family.
Check out my Perfect Fried Rice and Baked Cheesy Seafood Mariana Recipe.
Singapore Blogger Irene Soh

5. Walk closer to God
I need to make more effort to walk closer to God. Period.

6. Workout at least 15 mins a day
Childbirth and breastfeeding does funny things to your body. I aim to tone up places that are flabby. (YES! In my skinny petite frame there is still FATS. Stop rolling your eyeballs at me!)

7. Connect with families and old friends
Don’t worry…I am not selling property, insurance or mlm. Life is too short to live with regrets. So I am making an effort to meet up with people who matters in my life.

8. Meet new people
As Conrad once said, “your network equals your net worth”. So in 2015, I will take the initiative to talk to more people rather than sticking to a comfortable clique during social gathering.

Relationship with Spouse
9. Message Kitson at least ONCE a day.
Kitson flies frequently and I do not have the clingy wife syndrome. We have so much trust in our relationship that we can go without communication for days when he is not in town. After 12 years of marriage, I think I am taking my husband for granted. Time to make things right.
check out how we survived our first 10 years of marriage without killing one another.
Singapore blogger Irene Soh

10. Take time to be SEXY
As mothers, we are often so overwhelmed with our kids that we forgot to put our husbands first. Reminder for me to stay yummy mummy and not frumpy. In 2015, I’ll be taking initiatives. And NO, we’re not planning for a Jubilee baby!

Relationship with Kids
11. Scream less
It’s in my DNA. I’m a screamer. I’m not sure how I’ll be able to scream less. So if you have any tips and suggestions, please let me know. I need it badly!!

12. Believe and Encourage more
This is something I don’t do enough. “加油, we can do it”!

13. Spend more quality time.
It’s extremely strange for a SAHM to be saying this. But with the kid’s hectic schedule of school, CCA and tuition classes, sometimes it feels like we do not have time to breathe at all…

14. Be more focus in blogging directions.
Thank you for staying and reading till point 14. It’s the love of writing that kept this blog alive for the past 10 years. Moving on, we’ll need to set clear sustainable blogging goals and stick to them. Food, Travel & Beauty post will be the few categories that we’ll be focusing on…

15. Doing lesser blogger engagements.
We’ve been blessed with opportunities to work with many top notch brands in the past 10 years. But in order to fulfill the rest of the 14 changes we want to make in 2015 we need to cut down on blogger engagements.

Looks like we’re all set for a year of positive changes.

Read 33 different perspectives from 33 Singapore Mom Bloggers in the next 4 weeks,
and be inspired to make positive changes in your own lives too.

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Next on the ’15 Things I will Do Differently in 2015′ Blog Train will be Jennifer of DinoMama.

Jennifer Dinomama 15 things that I'll do differently in 2015Jennifer or DinoMama as she is fondly known as to some, is a full time working mum who believes home cooked meals are the best and tries to cook healthy meals for her family as often as possible. When she has done coaching DinoBoy with his school work or not playing & bonding with him, she will be sitting at a comfy corner in the house busy working on something on her crochet hook. One day she hopes she will be able to be a full time stay at home mum where she can fuss over her family 24/7.

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