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Simply Impress Anyone; Cheesy Baked Seafood Marinara

Noob in the kitchen?
No problemo!

With this simple Cheesy Baked Seafood Marinara recipe, you can easily impress anyone and fool them into believing that you’re an incredibly talented domestic goddess.
Cheesy Baked Seafood Marinara

Macaroni, Prawns, Squid, Mussels, tomato based pasta sauce, frozen mixed vegetable, minced garlic, olive oil, Grated mozzarella cheese, MasterFoods Italian herbs, salt & pepper to taste.
Easy Cheesy Baked Seafood Marinara

1. Boil water in pot, add olive oil, salt and a dash of MasterFoods Italian herbs. When water comes to a rolling boil, put in macaroni and cook as directed. Drain macaroni when done.

2. Heat olive oil in frying pan.
3. Add in mince garlic and dash of MasterFoods Italian herbs. Saute garlic till fragrant.
4. Add Squid, then prawns, then macaroni and finally frozen vegetables.
5. Add in tomato based pasta sauce.
6. Add salt & pepper to taste
Cheesy Baked Seafood Marinara

7. Dish up then plate macaroni into individual casserole.
Cheesy Baked Seafood Marinara

8. Top up casserole generously with mozzarella cheese and “stick” in mussels.
9. Broil in the oven at 220 degrees for 3-5mins. (Watch closely!)
10. Garnish with a dash of MasterFoods Italian herbs. Serve immediately.

Now sit back and watch your guest dive into that pipping hot cheesy baked seafood marinara, with stringy cheese stretching from casserole to lips…
Cheesy Baked Seafood Marinara

Then hear them go MmmmMmmmmMmmMmmmmm…
Congratulation! You’ve just done it.
Impress your guest with minimal effort. *pop confetti*

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Primary 2A Higher Chinese Flash Cards Lesson 2

I made these flash cards for Sophia so that they can be constantly revised.
Flash card for Primary 2A higher Chinese Lesson 2
(种鱼, 她们看见了什么, 聪明的公鸡 & 兔妈妈请客)

Blue words are 识读字.
Red words are 识写字.
Primary 2A Higher Chinese Flash Cards Lesson 2
Primary 2A Higer Chinese Flash Cards Lesson 2

Sharing it here, hoping that other parents will find it useful as well.
Download Flash Cards: Primary 2 Higher Chinese Lesson 2.

Primary 4A Higher Chinese Flash Cards Lesson 2

I made these flash cards for Hiroshi so that they can be constantly revised.
Flash card for Primary 4A higher Chinese Lesson 2 (认识新加坡, 牛车水 & 胡姬花)

Blue words are 识读字.
Red words are 识写字.
Primary 4A Higher Chinese Flash Cards Lesson 2
Primary 4A Higher Chinese Flash Cards Lesson 2

Sharing it here, hoping that other parents will find it useful as well.
Download Flash Cards: Primary 4 Higher Chinese Lesson 2(认识新加坡, 牛车水 & 胡姬花).

GuMaJia (姑妈家) 5th Anniversary

-Media Invitation-

We were delighted to once again receive food tasting invitation to GuMaJia in celebration of their 5th Anniversary. Our previous tasting session had been so enjoyable that we’ve returned over many occasion due to request from our kids.

In a recent report on straits time, it has come to light at how expensive owning a cafe in Singapore can be. With increasing higher operational cost and competition, small business owners are finding it harder to be profitable.

For an eatery situated at Tai Tong Crescent, celebrating it’s 5th anniversary speaks in volume for surviving this long in a restaurant eat restaurant world. Congratulation and Happy 5th Anniversary celebrations to GuMaJia!

Several new dishes has been introduced in celebration of it’s 5th Anniversary.
Read on and see which one we liked best.

Signature Traditional Bean Curd Soup $28.00
Simplicity of soup made out of humble ingredients. Salted fish head, Chinese Ham, Pork Ribs, Peanuts and fresh Bean Curd were lovingly boiled for 6 hours to produce this flavorful clear broth. Leaves a tinge of sweet aftertaste on the palate. Our kids tucked in half a bowl of rice with this soup. What can I say? I’ve got true blue Cantonese kids who love their soups.
GuMaJia Signature Traditional Bean Curd Soup

Ubin Lala Bee Hoon $18.00
This dish is a reminiscence of GuMa’s childhood at Pulau Ubin. Where life is simple and food is often enjoyed as a family. Tasty rice vermicelli with fresh Lala. Lovin it!
GuMaJia Ubin Lala Bee Hoon

XO Prawn Noodles $36.00
Egg Noodles with fresh prawns cooked in special homemade superior XO sauce. It wasn’t specified on the menu that this dish is slightly spicy. Extremely flavorful to the point that the taste of XO sauce is overpowering. Love the QQ texture of the prawns though. Not a big fan of egg noodles anyway, so I might just be bias on this one.
GuMaJia XO Prawn Noodles

Satay Cuttlefish $18.00
I wanted to run up the alps and sing My Favorite Things like The Sound of Music. This dish is seriously cooked with a few of my favorite things! Cuttlefish with Kang Kong topped with Homemade Satay Sauce. An acquired taste is needed for this dish. Oh so sedap!
GuMaJia Satay Cuttlefish Kangkong

Homemade yam ring with Kyoto Pork $30.00
Gone in a flash! Perfect combination of creamy yam against tender Kyoto Pork. It is one of Hiroshi’s favorite dishes of the night that got him persistently bugging us to bring him back for more. Love it without a shadow of doubt! Die die MUST eat!
GuMaJia Homemade yam ring with kyoto pork ribs

Apart from GuMaJia’s 5th Anniversary new dishes, we also get to taste 2 Sumptuous Chinese New Year dishes. Which totally reminds me that we’re 34 more days away from Chinese New Year. *Looks at the mess at home* We are not at all ready! Arrgh…

Herbal Chicken
The generous Chinese herbs used in this soup makes it a winner! Love the pungent herbal taste with chicken meat that falls off it’s bone! Our vote were unanimous for this one. 好吃!
GuMaJia  Chinese New Year Dishes 2015 Herbal Chicken

Lotus Leaf Rice
We were pretty stuffed up by now. I was half expecting the lotus leaf rice to be jelak like those we have at wedding dinners, but this was surprisingly light. It turned out to be quite enjoyable with fragrant chinese mushrooms and lap cheong in between bites of every mouthful.
GuMaJia Chinese New Year 2015 Lotus Rice

Check out the full listing of GuMaJia Chinese New Year Menu on their website.

As usual, we received impeccable service at GuMaJia and felt right at home with chatty GuMa and the homely ambiance of the restaurant. I’ll say the food are well valued for money.

Congratulation to your 5th Anniversary and cheers to many more year to come.

Full Disclosure:
We were invited to GuMaJia for food tasting by AT Marketing Consultancy. Views and Opinions are my own. *burp*

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All you need to know about Childcare Centers in Singapore

In this video, James said “Mama school me”.

It might not be a significant statement for other parents out there. But for us, our hearts were aching in pain when we were not able to fulfill basic needs like an education for James who badly needs it. We have a huge problem. A shortage of childcare centers in Punggol. The one under our block has a waiting list of 430 kids. (Shocked? Yeah, tell me about it!)

We were thankful that a financial literacy program (Common Cents) from channel 5 has taken the time to understand our predicament. We were brought on a journey with expert opinions to better understand our situation and Singapore’s Childcare Educational System. It has been an enriching experience. And I hope that this blog post will be useful for you too.
Common Cents Channel 5 Childcare Irene Soh

1. Do EARLY Research
Do research on your preferred childcare centers. Personally check out schools and make sure that you’ll be comfortable with the teachers, school curriculum & environment.

All childcare centers curriculum are guided by MOE to make sure that kids will eventually be prepared for Primary One. In short, it doesn’t mean more expensive means better. Find one that you and your child are comfortable with. And most importantly one that fits your budget!

Still cannot decide which school is best for your child? Find one that has been awarded SPARK (Singapore Pre-school Accreditation Framework) Accreditation. Childcare centers with such accreditation are audited to ensure the quality of childcare programs.

2. Register EARLY
There is only ONE thing to learn from my personal experiences. Be KIASU!

3. Still cannot secure a place in any childcare center?
Haunt ECDA website for upcoming Childcare Centers. And place your interest on as soon as you know who the childcare operator is. Be kiasu. Be very very Kiasu!

Since Common Cents is a talk show about Money, we spoke about subsidies too.

All working mothers are entitled $300 worth of subsidy. In addition, families with monthly household incomes of $7,500 and below are now eligible for an Additional Subsidy, with lower income families receiving more. Larger families with many dependents can also choose to have their Additional Subsidy computed on a per capita income (PCI) basis.

Want to know if you qualify for additional subsidies?
Click Childcare Subsidy Calculator on ECDA’s website. You’ll be directed to download an Excel Sheet. Key in the necessary figures and you’ll get your estimated total subsidies.
Childcare Calculator Singapore

Watch Common Cents on 15 Jan 2015, Thursday, 9.30pm on Channel 5 for full episode.

We are still faithfully refreshing EDCDA’s website with a glimpse of hope to CHOPE vacancies in new childcare center around Punggol area. If you have a solution for our predicament, we’ll love to hear it. Above all, Good Luck to all parents stay in Punggol, SengKang and Sembawang area.

Missed the episode on Common Cents?
Catch it here on XIN MSN catch up tv.

Heartfelt thanks to producer YinPeng, host Steven Chia, Production Crew and all 3 experts for such an insightful experience.