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Food Review: AOne Claypot House Review

Call me a frog in a claypot well,
I’ve never heard about AOne Claypot House even though they have been in business since 2008.
AOne Claypot House review

From its humble beginnings of a lone store at the food court, AOne Claypot House has simmered it’s claypot porridge culture into 30 other locations before venturing out with its first full scale casual dining restaurant at Bukit Panjang Plaza in 2012.

The concept was so well received that 9 other restaurants were opened in just 2 short years with further 20 outlets in the pipelines island wide.

Homemade barley. We’re suckers for anything homemade.
So this homemade barley deserves thumbs up for its well balanced taste.
AOne Claypot house homemade barley

Dried Scallop Porridge with Minced Meat & Assorted Eggs
Reminds me very much of my late grandmother who makes incredible porridge. Simple ingredients of mince meat with century egg, salted egg and egg is made premium with dried scallop. The porridge’s heat and flavors is well maintained in the claypot.
Dried Scallop Porridge with Minced Meat & Assorted Eggs

Assorted Vegetables in Sambal Sauce

This is neither new nor is it rocket science. We can find such dish in many other restaurants, but Kitson thinks that this dish was indeed outstanding due to its simplicity, balance in flavor & the homemade sambal being oh-so-fragrant.
Assorted Vegetables in Sambal Sauce

Pork Floss “Chai Po” Omelette
Fried omelette with preserved turnip topped with pork floss.
As simple as this may seem, it won hearts of our kids. Familiar comfort food.
AOne Claypot House Pork Floss Chai po Omelette

Deep fried brinjal with salted eggs yolk
One man’s meat is another man’s poison. I personally liked this one, but Kitson felt otherwise. These crispy morsel are beautifully coated with salted egg yolk. The crisp crunch is music to my ears, and the soft brinjal fillings within is just delicious!
AOne Claypot House Deep fried brinjal with salted eggs

Assorted Fruit and Flower tea
This caffeine free and sugarless tea is a great choice for after meal berverage.
AOne Claypot House Assorted Fruit and Flower tea

Dessert would be a marvellous way to end our meal in a sweet note. But unfortunately, there are none on the menu at this current moment.

Root Beer Float
The flat root beer float made provision for the shortfall of dessert. Kitson and James sharing a father-son lovey dovey moment.
AOne Claypot House Rootbeer float

The restaurant’s ambiance is warm, spacious and inviting. Service staffs are polite. But, I personally felt that additional training is needed for staffs to be more responsive and proactive to customer’s feedback. Definitely value for money!

You can catch latest updates of AOne Claypot House on their website or facebook page.

Or visit them at of the 9 convenient locations:
Junction 8 #01-49
Tampines 1 #05-04
Chinatown Point #B1-47
Jurong Point (JP1) #03-09
Nex Shopping Centre #B1-73
Kallang Wave Mall #01-33/34
The Seletar Mall #02-14/15/16
Causeway Point #03-31
Suntec City Mall #B1-135

$120 worth of AOne Claypot House Vouchers.

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Full disclosure: We’ve been invited to AOne Claypot House for media tasting for the sole purpose of this review. All views, taste buds and opinions are own own. No Monetary compensation has been received.

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Sorry for the long hiatus.
I’ve recently moved onto the next phrase of my life.
It wasn’t an easy decision…
But, it was one that Kitson and myself made collectively.

I am thankful for the opportunities given by many people around me.
I’ve fianlly returned to full time employment after 10 years as a Stay At Home Mom.

I’ve always held high admiration for mothers who juggle between work and home.
Now that I’ve done it for 4 weeks,
I must say my admiration has gone to a whole new level of idolization!

Sorting out childcare for James was top on our list. The childcare crunch in Punggol has not improved since our appearance on Common Cents. We are still on that ridiculous waitlist! Thankfully, we were able to find one near my work area that fits into our budget.
ichiban montessori purvis street

James aced through his first day at school. But, the subsequent days became harder when he knew that I had to head off to work and won’t be in school with him. James cries, “Mummy, mummy no school! Me home!” while sticking to me like a piece of Velcro. It was heart wrenching having to peel him away. But like a broken record, I went on reassuring him that I’ll be back for him first thing after work. Now he copes better. Just the other day he tells me, “I like school!”.

Our only struggle right now is the peak hour train rides.

We can’t live without the stroller.
Sleepyhead James won’t wake up in the morning, and would fall asleep on our way back home…
SAHM returing to Work

People gives you the “EYE” when you try to board the crowded train with a stroller.

We tried going without the stroller, with James in the sling. It seems like a good idea till I tripped. Scraped my knees while James bumped the back of his head. Besides, James was getting way too heavy for the sling, I ended that day with an aching back and shoulder.
SAHM goes back to workSAHM goes back to work

We’ve also tried different modes of transport without the stroller. The slow bus ride was relaxing, and James was well entertained by just looking out of the window.
James taking the bus

Seems like a workable idea until…..
terrible 2s James crying all the way back home

After school. One minute he was happily walking, the next minute he was kicking up a big fuss and before I knew it, he crashed out! I had to carry him all the way back home. Let’s just say my biceps were a lot firmer after that day.

Peak hour train rides are extremely stressful! I catch myself cursing under my breath and aloud every now and then! #slowclap 6.9 million by 2030, I think by then I’ll have to board the train with someone’s armpits in my face!

#end of rant mode#

We’ve been blessed with 2 very independent older kids, who protested to the idea of employing a helper. We approached the school’s after care service for help. But, there was only placement for Hiroshi. Hiroshi’s therapist felt that he would greatly benefit from “structured” learning, and the school’s after care service is perfect especially when there is no adult supervision at home. We went ahead and placed Hiroshi in the school’s after care.
Hiroshi in Proteach Horizon Primary School

Sophia is discipline and fiercely independent. She manages everything all by herself for a couple of weeks before help arrives. Yes! We employed a helper despite violent objections from the kids.
Maid from Perfect Homes punggol plaza

We’ve all heard stories about helpers… Some good, some bad, and some extremes…

I am positive, and strongly believes in what comes around, goes around. As long as you treat one right and as part of your family, they will most likely reciprocate. And so far, it has been working. Our kids adore the helper, and our helper Ria feels happy.

Life is an adventure that we’ve never given much thoughts or plan for. I’m sure God has a plan and I’m just going to go with the flow.

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