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Kayaking in MacRitchie Reservoir

Well… You didn’t misread.
I actually went kayaking in Singapore’s oldest reservoir; the Macritchie Reservoir.
And still survive to tell the tale…
(Jean asked on instagram if there was any crocodile. No crocodile lah…) 😉

I was equally surprised to know that we could actually kayak in our reservoirs!

Joined an Instagram group (@instasg) meet-up for #photopaddle organised by PUB Singapore.

Then hor I yaya-papaya… Opted for a single kayak, since I had the experience of kayaking during secondary school as a camp instructor. *counting on my fingers and toes* That was actually 19 years ago! Well… That’s a pretty good indication of my age, isn’t it? 😆

We were all issued with waterproof casing for our mobile phones so that we can take pictures of our kayaking experience. An essential tool for Instagram addicts like myself!

We were out kayaking for about 2 hours. Lapping the gentle waves and watching sunset on a kayak. The experience has been nothing but amazing.

Oh… Cherie was there too!

Interested in kayaking at MacRitchie reservoir? It’s actually quite affordable at $15 per hour.
Clink for more information about kayaking at MacRitchie Reservoir.

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