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The PRACTICAL Proposal

I jumped on the bandwagon with 14 other parent bloggers to openly declare our proposal stories. I’ve read 11 proposal strories by far, and I think they are all very romantic and well planned out.

I’m risking my life to cover this story, coz I know Kitson is going to kill me! Here’s mine…

Kitson and myself met through work, and to be rightfully precise, 35,000ft above sea level.

We spent more time being apart than together. But like any newly minted love birds, we took many opportunities to swap out our flights so that we can be together. Kitson is 13 years my senior, and we dated for a year.

I remembered being extremely upfront, telling Kitson if I’m not his kind of wife material, he should seriously move on to another due to his age. I waited, but NOTHING. I guess we were both happy at where our relationship was at that point of time.

Life goes on and we are happy doing what we have been doing, traveling together and enjoying one another. There was no reason to reinvent the wheels.

But everything changed on that ONE fateful day:

Kitson was scheduled for Hong Kong night stop where the flight touch down late and the crew would stay at the layover city for a night. I was off that day and decided to send him off work on his bike and even planned to meet a friend thereafter.

Kitson suggested that I should take the bike, so that it would be more convenient for me to travel around and meet my friend. I agreed, but I barely made it to my final destination and got into an accident at Old Tampines Road! I instinctively called Kitson to tell him that I was involved in an accident, but I wasn’t badly hurt. Just some bruises and scratches.

He sounded extremely worried over the phone and suggested taking emergency MC so that he could get to me right away. I refuse to let him do that with risks of jeopardising his career. He then sent his cousin over to the accident location to get me, and left for Hong Kong.

Kitson SMSed me once he touched down in HongKong, and we stayed constantly in touch with him asking me every other minute if I’m feeling alright. He was such a worry-wart despite me repetitively telling him that I was doing fine!

Without a shadow of doubt, I was the first person he met when he touched down in Singapore. It was like any other day, and we were seated on the bed in my room. Out of the blues, he told me that he was very worried when I told him that I got into an accident, and for the couple of hours we spent apart, he cannot stop thinking about me and how he couldn’t live his life away from mine. Then that all important question came, “shall we get married?” he asked.

I stunted like vegetable then realised, “eh, no ring no flowers, and no bended knees woh!” Then Kitson replied, you agree we go buy now!

So that was how it happened. Do I feel shortchanged from a whirlwind proposal? Nah, not at all. If you know Kitson in person, you would have already known that he is not the touchy-feely sort of man, so to have him tell me his feelings then ask for my hand. I personally think that is the most sincere and practical proposal ever!

12 years, 6 months, 1 week, 3 days and 3 kids later. We’re still going strong.
AhSoh & AhPek Singapore practical proposal

For the next proposal story, we’re going back to the other owl of Owls Well Blogs – the one that cooks, sews, gardens and cultivates a plethora of strange and wonderful hobbies. A Becky Lee’s proposal story is fairly recent, as she’s only recently married, moved and is starting up a new life as a new bride. It’s romantic, but chock full of covert planning and secret-agent conversations!
Singapore parent blogger proposal story

Pak tor bring “lightbulb” coz MEATliquor SIN offers value-for-money $12 kiddy meals!

With Kitson’s hectic flying schedule, date nights are really rare and hard to come by. Uber thrilled to swing by MEATliquor SIN recently for a well deserving night out, but we decided to lug the entire kampung along since the kiddy meals are so darn affordable! #ByeByeDateNight
MeatLiquor Singapore

The burger chain founded by two friends with humble beginnings from a South London “MEATwagon” promises delicious sloppy burgers and good laughs. The interior at MEATliquor SIN is very much based off the original concept in the UK. Hip, edgy and strangely whimsical.

What’s a date night without drinks? Kitson ordered Plumdog Millionaire (L) and felt like a million bucks throughout the night while I had the Duxton Fizz (R). With the extensive alcoholic drink menu, we could tell that MEATliquor SIN is dead serious about it’s spirits.
MEATliquor SIN Drinks

I had the Dead Hippie burger. 2 mustard-fried beef patties drizzled generously with dead hippie sauce. You ask what’s in the dead hippie sauce? Don’t know, don’t care. Delicious 就 can liao!
MEATliquor SIN Dead Hippie

Totally lovin’ quirky names of burgers at MEATliquor SIN. Kitson had the HDB Chicken Burger which was a brilliant construction of fried chicken fillet layered with cheese and hashbrown. But unfortunately, Kitson felt that most of the burgers were a tad to heavy for his delicate palate.
MEATliquor SIN HDB Chicken Burger

$12 kid’s combos to satisfy little tummies with a choice of mains, sides of fries or veggie sticks and a drink too. Personally thought it was a great deal. Value for money. Worth every penny!
MEATliquor SIN Kid's Meal Menu

Always thankful for restaurants who offers activities to keep little hands busy!
MEATliquor SIN Kid's Meal Menu

When it comes to designing a kid’s menu, hotdogs are really a no-brainer. Smoky flavors in the beef frank is truly addictive. I had a mouthful and kept going back for more.
MEATliquorSIN Kid's Meal Hot Dog

Generously thick prime-beef patties in the cheeseburger! No more second guessing! #SayNoToPinkSlime This is one happy meal I’ll rather feed my kids with!
MEATliquor SIN Kid's Meal Cheese Burger

No kid would ever resist or say no to deep fried chicken patties. Hiroshi chow-ed down this chicken burger like a champ. And YES, he did finish his veggie sticks too!
MEATliquor SIN Kid's Meal Chicken Burger

Top up $3 to end your kid’s meal with a happy note with ice cream.
MEATliquor SIN Kid's Meal Ice Cream

MEATliquor SIN is perfect for after office drinks, date nights and value for money kid’s meal.

MEATLiquor Singapore
99 Duxton Road Singapore 089543
Tel: +65 6221 5343
MeatLiquor Singapore

Opening Hours: Opens Daily | Lunch (11.30am – 2.30pm) and Dinner (5pm onwards)
MEATliquor is now taking reservations on Chope.

For latest news and promotions visit:
www.meatliquor.com.sg | MEATliquor Facebook | MEATliquor Instagram

Full Disclosure: We were invited to MEATliquor SIN by W Communications for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation has been received. Views and opinion reflected on this blog post are my own and are no way influenced by anybody else.

Cheating on my love with Canon G5X

There is no denying that I’m a die hard fan for Olympus micro 4/3 cameras. (And sadly, I am NOT SPONSORED by Olympus.) I love my current camera setup (Olympus EM10 with 12-40mm f2.8 Olympus pro lens) to bits, but yet the biggest downside is in its size. I won’t be able to fit it into a dainty little handbag for a girl’s night out or for a classy wedding dinner. In moments like this, my heart flutters in hope of finding a compact that is small in size but equally as powerful.

Last Christmas, the Canon G5X caught my eye.

Due to the hectic holiday season, I haven’t given it much thoughts. But, I was recently given a one-on-one intimate date with the Canon G5X and I’m thinking that might be a game changer.

Photos reflected below are all shot on aperture mode and no photo editing has been done.

Dakota Crescent Playground
There isn’t much left of these old school playground. I’m familiar with the dragon at Toa Payoh and Pelicans at Dover. Those were my childhood as a kid. But unfortunately, I’ve never brought my kids to any of these playgrounds. Initially, they were extremely apprehensive about getting into a playground filled with sand, but once they are at it, there’s no stopping. 😂
Dakota Cresent Playground

Asia’s Next Top Model. Boleh qualify lah hor!
Camera was extremly portable and I could easily just whip it outta my handbag for this shot.
Canon G5X Portraits

From one playground to the other. Tiong Bahru Park Adventure Playground features a whimsical train setup. James went from I’m not touching the sand to refusing to go home at the end of the day. The sun was already blazing when we were at this playground, but the high definition electronic view finder on the Canon G5X made it easy for me to compose these shots!
Tiong Bahru Park Canon GX5

After an exhausting morning at the playgrounds, we explored street art at Tiong Bahru estate. The jobless AhSoh now sells kueh kueh at Tiong Baru. 多多 support ahh! For a full run down on where these lovely murals are located, check out Life’s Tiny Miracles extensive post!
Tiong Bahru Murals

Tummies were rumbling after a whole morning of photo walk. Lunch is served at PoTeaTo Bistro Café located at 78, Yong Siak Street. Lovin’ the cosy interior! Lighting condition in the restaurant wasn’t optimum for photo taking, but the Canon’s bright f1.8 lens made this shot possible.

*This image is NOT taken with Canon G5X*
Printing some pictures on the latest Canon CP1200 photo printer while I chow down lunch. Images were printed via WIFI connection through my phone. Easy Peasy! What more? The Canon CP1200 can now print 54 prints on a single battery charge – that’s about 1.5 times as many as the previous model. I foresee many fun photo printing opportunities on the go!
Selphy CP1200 Photo printer

I find it hard to bid good bye to the Canon G5X. Perhaps, I should really consider a power compact for the sanity of my shoulders! Let’s see how long my will power would be able to resit before I make a purchase. 😆

Full Disclosure: We were invited to hang out with Canon with a loan set of Canon G5X for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation has been received. Views and opinion reflected on this blog post are my own and are no way influenced by anybody else.

Singapore Women’s Weekly – Domestic Diva Masterclass 2016

Out of the many female magazines available in Singapore, I’ve really enjoyed Singapore Women’s Weekly. Personally think that is a very down to earth kind of women magazine with bits of everything. Lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and my favorite thing of them all… recipes!!

2 weekends ago, I attended Domestic Diva Masterclass 2016 organised by Singapore Women’s Weekly. I wasn’t sure what to expect from it initially. But I did harbor hopes that it will turn this AhSoh into a Domestic Diva.

If I my kitchen look like the ones at Culinary On, I’ll definitely cook in my sexiest little black dress coupled with 3.5 inches Christian Louboutin heels. Throw in that glass of wine too for the atas tai tai factor too. #dreamkitchen #keepdreaming
Singapore women's weekly Domestic Diva Masterclass 2016 Culinary On

The products that were used were winners of Singapore Women’s Weekly Domestic Diva Award.

Tomato based Spaghetti (San Remo) with Shrimp and topped with Ruccola. I vote this as my favorite dish of the day! There’s a special step that gives this pasta dish the extra edge. Read on…
Singapore Women's Weekly Domestic Diva Masterclass 2016

Apart from learning to cook new dishes, we did picked up several kitchen hacks such as peeling prawns like PRO from Chef Daniel! In just 3 steps and only 3 seconds… Voilà! Mad impressive!

Intense flambé action. I used to think this process is more for showmanship and does nothing to the taste of a dish, but I was so wrong! This extra step infused the pasta dish with additional aroma and flavor. I finished my bowl of pasta and asked for more. Oh-so-yummy!


Some intense flambé action by Chef Daniel to bring out the flavour of the pasta sauce! – Content Writer Elizabeth Liew #sww #swwdomesticdiva

A video posted by The Singapore Women’s Weekly (@thesingaporewomensweekly) on

Next up was Nasi Lemak. Did you know that nasi lemak was recognised as one of 10 most healthy international breakfasts by Time Magazine? 😆 More reason to enjoy this local dish with lesser guilt! Royal Umbrella fragrant rice was used in this dish. Through the texture of the rice was on point, I was hoping for the rice to be more lemak. And those wings were done in my favorite kitchen tool of all time; The Philips Airfryer! Frying without the mess. Totally lovin’ it!
Singapore Women's Weekly Domestic Diva Masterclass 2016

A meal is never complete without dessert. We made kaya baked cheesecake with Kayamila Kaya and Post cereal fruity pebbles as base. Even though the cake was slightly too sweet for my liking, I did enjoy a tinge of local flavor in the good old cheesecake. Such a pretty cake right!
Singapore Women's Weekly Domestic Diva Masterclass 2016
They weren’t even kidding when they say bring a trolley bag for your goodie bag redemption! I’ve never seen a goodie bag brimming with so much useful products worth over $150!!
Singapore Women's Weekly Domestic Diva Masterclass 2016

Enriching session with Barbara Koh; editor-in-chief for Singapore Women’s Weekly. Alongside with the chefs from Culinary On, thank you for turning AhSoh into THE Domestic Diva. Now I’m all ready to take on the kitchen with my killer heels! 😘 #BringItOn
Singapore Women's Weekly Domestic Diva Masterclass 2016

Wanna join the next Domestic Diva Masterclass and be a diva like me? Be sure to follow Singapore Women’s Weekly on their Website, Facebook & Instagram to get first hand information on fun events like this one.

Full Disclosure: We were invited to Domestic Diva Masterclass by Singapore Women’s Weekly. No monetary compensation has been received. Views and opinion reflected on this blog post are my own and are no way influenced by anybody else.