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About the Legendary AhSoh

Quoted from Cockford Singlish Dictionary

AhSoh [ahr /səʊ/]
1. Generic name used to address an older (though not necessarily old) lady. Sometimes used as a pejorative term for a sloppily-dressed woman.

Cockford must have gotten it all wrong!

Coz this AhSoh here used to travel the world sashaying in the world’s most iconic kebaya.


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Irene is better known as AhSoh simply because her maiden name is SOH. It’s really the Chinese way of endearment where they add AH infront of any name, like AhNiao🐯 & AhGao🐶.

Among the many things she is, AhSoh is trained as a professional nail and make up artist. The only “jobs” she takes on these days are trimming her children’s nails with utmost care.

She’s the mother to 3 kids.
Hiroshi (2005), Sophia (2007) & James (2012, and NO, it’s not an accident!).

AhSoh spent the first 10 years of motherhood staying at home as MOMzilla terrorising her kids. To spare her kids the agony, she’s now works full time in the public relations industry a professional bummer.

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She has been blogging since 2005 on BabyHiroshi which progressed into SingaporeMomBlogs and now finally embracing her new transition in life at AhSoh.sg.

As evidence to her Instagram account, AhSoh’s first love is in Food & Travel. On the contrary to the image of your typical auntie, she’s also very much into Consumer Technology as well as Photography. You won’t find hypocritical parenting and marriage advice here, coz AhSoh is real. She shoots her mind and she rants! If you want a good laugh, here’s really where you should be…

Take a glimpse on the daily local lifestyle of a Singaporean auntie on Facebook and Instagram. Wanna talk to AhSoh privately? Email me maybe? 😉 irene@ahsoh.sg.

Interact and watch her witty aunty live broadcast out of Loops Live. Download Loops Live on Goggle PlayStore OR Apple AppStore NOW! Follow me on AhSoh吃好料 or ID: 1449937

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“Change is the only constant in life. How well do you transit and respond to its challenges?”


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