Even Mothers have Ambitions…..

I’ve got strong maternal instincts since young.
So I’ve always wanted to be a mother when I was growing up….
I’ve even got photos to proof for it!

When I realized that being a mother does not constitute as a real ambition in primary school, I wanted to be a doctor.

And since I wasn’t the brightest student in school, I’ve lowered my expectation for the essay writing of my ambition to being a nurse.

When I went on to secondary school I was very inspired by one of my teachers and wanted to be one too! I did write an essay about this particular teacher and won the teenage magazine teacher of the year competition. Unfortunately, society is not that forgiving…. when another teacher came to know about my dreams of wanting to become a teacher, He snorted and said, “you are in NORMAL TECHNICAL STREAM!!! How to be a teacher?!?!?” Many thanks to this teacher, I’ve risen from Normal Technical to Normal Academic and finally to Express stream!

But however, I thought about being a hair dresser if I did end up in ITE.

During my upper secondary school years, I took up fashion and fabric. I love the subject so much that I openly declare that I wanted to be a fashion designer.

While harboring thoughts about being a fashion designer, I also wanted to join the Singapore Navy as a sailor and sail the 7 seas. However, a career exhibition crushed my dreams. The officer plainly told me I was too small size to be onboard!! Arrgh!!!

And finally, a flight attendant. I used to watch Singapore Airlines commercial with such lustful eyes. Hoping that, perhaps one fine day, I could be one of those pretty girls representing Singapore, sashaying the sarong kebaya down the aisle!

But in Reality…..
-I became a Deejay. Mainly spinning retro music for clubs. Yes, I know it’s pretty unbelievable! That was one of the best job ever. Coz I was never late for work!!! You see, I am never a morning person!

-I’ve worked shortly in a football magazine as marketing agent selling advertisement space. This company has since gone bust and they still owe me MONEY!

-I was headhunted to work in a nightspot (Nox/Samsara) as event managers.
-Then further, head hunted to House of Ong as marcom manager.

-Finally decide that I had enough with nighlife and ended up in KFC (Yes! That place that sells you your finger lickin’ good chicken!) as trainee manager and finally promoted to 2nd assistant manager.

-At the end of the day, I did fulfill one of my life long ambition of being a flight attendant with Singapore Airlines!

And for the best part….
I became a mother to 3 wonderful kids.
And who was that idiot that says being a mother does not constitute as a career!!!
I became a FULL TIME MOTHER, working 24/7!

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    • singaporemomblogs says:

      Coz they worry man overboard i guess. So small size…. any storm could have just threw me out of the ship!

    • singaporemomblogs says:

      Mabel: Never to late. Go for it!!! My entry to SQ was a fluke. Never expected myself to make it…. I went because I told one of my friend my silly ambition and she said GO FOR IT! Then I went for interview the very next day!! And MADE IT!

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