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Like how they promise you it would be easy, seamless and free. I believed and kept on borrowing. My bills ranked up. In the past 10 year of blogging, I just kept borrowing. I should have seen this coming but, you were so convincing. I even introduce my friends to your services.

Now I regret deeply.

Without any warning, you started splashing “red paint” aka ransom demand all over my blog. “Please update your account to enable 3rd party hosting For important info, please go to:” Photobucket, 你 Jin Buay Steady Lor!
Photobucket P500

In a moment of panic, I wanted to pay off this ransom. Frantically went onto Photobucket to find that the only package that allows 3rd party hosting will set me back $399.99 annually or $33.33/month WHEN IT WAS FREAKING FREE TO BEGIN WITH!

Photobucket P500, read in between the lines!
Photobucket p500

Yes the archives of this blog is going to look like shit because of Photobucket P500 ransom demand. But I don’t freaking give a damn! #BoycottPhotobuck

Photobucket, You’re definitely not twisting my arm for that money! NO WAY!
Ah Long Singapore

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