Inspiring People 2014; Lim Lee Lee

Inspiring People 2014 Lim Lee LeeLee Lee was born with an eye condition known as retinopathy of prematurity.

Despite losing her vision since infancy, Lee Lee lives an independent lifestyle alongside with her beautiful guide dog, Nice.

Through sheer determination, Lee Lee is the first visually challenged student that has graduated from Open University UK through SIM with a Bachelor Degree of Arts in English Language & Literature after 7 long years.

Lee Lee currently works as a Business Development Manager for Whiz Heartz Edu Centre, a Trainer, Dialogue in the Dark, Singapore. She also gives motivational talks to companies and schools during her leisure time.

1) Which person had the biggest influence in your life so far?
In fact I wouldn’t say it is a person, but a poem entitled Don’t Quit.
Lim Lee Lee Don't Quit Poem

2) What is the best piece of advice you have been given and by whom?
My late grandmother. Before she passed on, she told me to do my best to excel in my studies because anything physical can be robbed, stolen or taken away from me but knowledge is mine to keep forever.

3) Name 3 factors that have contributed to your success today?
Persistence, Resilience & Tenacity.

4) If you could be a Superhero, who would you be and why?
Never thought who would I be if were a super hero. Hmm… Superheros are ordinary people who conquer limitations. I want to be my own super hero.

5) There are 6000 visually impaired people in Singapore, but ONLY 6 has Guide dogs.
Do you think the use guide dogs would improve the lives of the visually impaired?
(Lee Lee is the first Singaporean to receive a Japanese Guide Dog; Nice.)
The use of guide dogs as mobility aids enhances independence, speed, efficiency and safety for a visually impaired person. Of course, I would advocate for such eventualities but reality does not work this way. Cheng Hock, the owner of Singapore’s first guide dog; Kendra has done a lot to raise awareness for this subject matter. But despite the great effort from Cheng Hock, we still need more awareness campaigns on guide dogs for the visually impaired and general public.

6) Being visually impaired, what is the biggest difficulties for you in Singapore?
Sadly, support services are not adequate. Support services and funding may be present, but the final execution remains poor.

7) Do you have any suggestions to make this better?
I personally feel we should let people who are able to empathize with those who requires support services to fill such job positions in order for them fully understand ones’ needs and to do the job better.

8) What are your plans in the near future?
I am working on several projects at the moment. One of which involves social good activities for the visually impaired community. I hope to gain everybody’s support when I unveil this project on 5th October 2014. At the meantime, do follow us on Facebook for updates and more information.

That’s me hugging Nice; the Japanese Guide Dog when she was “off-duty”
Singapore Mom Blogger Irene Soh with Nice the Japanese Guide Dog

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Inspiring people 2014

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