Induldge with OSIM uPhoria Warm Leg Massager; The world’s 1st Tui-Na Leg Massager

The boys in our family loves Massages! Especially Foot Massages!
This video that was taken way back in 2007
shows evidence of the boys enjoying the touch of love!

So you can imagine the oohs and the ahhs coming from the boys when the OSIM uPhoria Warm Leg Massager arrived at our doorstep!

There are 8 Lifestyle massage programmes to choose from at the convenience of a button.

The innovative Calf-Gliding massage system delivers firm strokes to the calf similar to those of to a Tui-Na masseur and provides stimulation on key meridian points along the legs.

The glide and knead function helped loosen tight muscles while vibration stimulates blood circulation.

The best part of the OSIM uPhoria Warn Leg Massager is definitely the heat therapy! The heat not only melt away tensions, it also soothes and tenderizes stiff muscles to alleviate lactic acid build-up.

This is seriously the most comprehensive and advanced leg massager for your calves, ankles and feet.

I am amazed at it’s effectiveness! After a 15 minutes cycle of massage, muscle aches from the holiday shopping eased. And I totally feel like I could go for a full marathon straight after it!

Just when you think
I am done raving about my “personal masseur”.
But wait, there is more!

I love the removable and machine washable cover for hygiene and easy maintenance too.

To simply sum up this experience in just 8 words,
We LOVE the OSIM uPhoria Warm Leg Massager!

I can feel your muscles all aching after reading this post.
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