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It’s been a long time since I’ve touched this page. The love of writing died along side when I got busy at work. Blog got cluttered up with obligations instead of things I truly love or cared for. I guess the toughest place to stand is a Public Relations Practitioner who is also a Blogger.

As the title suggest, yes, I’m hitting the RESET button.

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I’m saying good bye to the industry that gave me so much love, encouragement and friendship. Sudden departures are harder to accept, but I think the recent unfortunate incidents were a blessing in disguise. After all, everything happens for a reason right?

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I’ll be looking for rainbow, stars, magical unicorn and all things nice for the time being. If you have any idea where to find them, give me a tinker. Catch up if you haven’t in a long time…

Till the next adventure… Stay fabulous!

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Internet AhLong Photobucket P500

Like how they promise you it would be easy, seamless and free. I believed and kept on borrowing. My bills ranked up. In the past 10 year of blogging, I just kept borrowing. I should have seen this coming but, you were so convincing. I even introduce my friends to your services.

Now I regret deeply.

Without any warning, you started splashing “red paint” aka ransom demand all over my blog. “Please update your account to enable 3rd party hosting For important info, please go to: www.photobucket.com/P500” Photobucket, 你 Jin Buay Steady Lor!
Photobucket P500

In a moment of panic, I wanted to pay off this ransom. Frantically went onto Photobucket to find that the only package that allows 3rd party hosting will set me back $399.99 annually or $33.33/month WHEN IT WAS FREAKING FREE TO BEGIN WITH!

Photobucket P500, read in between the lines!
Photobucket p500

Yes the archives of this blog is going to look like shit because of Photobucket P500 ransom demand. But I don’t freaking give a damn! #BoycottPhotobuck

Photobucket, You’re definitely not twisting my arm for that money! NO WAY!
Ah Long Singapore

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2016 New Year Resolution

Under Chinese horoscope, people who are born under Snake, Tiger, Pig and Monkey zodiac signs are in conflict with 太岁爷 this year. Contrary to what other would think, 🎶I’ll rather be on the safe side, so I don’t get hurt.🎶 *mimics Kelly Clarkson* 宁可信其有,不可信其无.

I hate New Year’s resolution, but since this year I 犯太岁,this should be a timely reminder of how I should be living my 2016.
2016 New Year Resolution

This video kinda just confirmed that 2016 is going to be crappy! It’s telling me to keep a low profile while keeping up with my positive thinking and good interpersonal relationship. I am going to fulfill my role at work dutifully as recommended in this video. I’ll also be looking into free money from the government to upgrade myself with SkillsFuture. #NeverTooOld #JustDoIt

Started Absolute Slimming program at 56.9kg since Nov. last year. Ended the program after 8 session and lost slightly more than 3kg without exercising nor following a strict diet (believe me, I TRIED, too much of a foodie to be put on a strict diet!). I’ll tell you more about it soon.

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Since that kick started my engine of being conscious about the quality and quantity of food that I was putting through my mouth, I went 1 step further. I started moving…

I’m currently on Couch to 5k app. It’s a paid app at $4.22. But it works! I’ve clocked in an average of 3KM in 30 minutes, 3 times in a “week”. I am also thinking about doing BBG by Kayla Itsines.
Couch to 5K week 1

When it comes to food, the goal for 2016 is to cut down on sugar dramatically. Less carbohydrate and replace lunch with fruits. It sounds insane, but it’s actually do-able. My appetite kinda shrunk after the Absolute Slimming program. I don’t gorge myself like before. 😆

It’s always been a work in progress.
This will be my guiding verse for 2016;
“Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.” James 1:19-20

I pray for 2016 to be kinder to my soul.
What’s your New Year Resolution for 2016?

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5 gifts to keep your man SEXY this Christmas!

Now that we are done with getting practical gifts for your colleagues, let’s get down to serious business. Buying thoughtful gifts for the man in your life.

Here’s a list of 5 gift ideas to keep your man SEXY this Christmas.

1. Gym Membership ($99 onwards/month)
I know it’s a little late to work for Christmas, but hey, we’re actually looking at the BIGGER picture. *cough* Valentine’s Day! Personally love “multiple” gym passes where you pay a monthly membership and gain access to hundreds of gyms, fitness studios and activities. Get into a sexier body by movin’ and grovin’ together with your partner! Check out Kfit and GuavaPass.
5 gifts to keep your man sexy this christmas gym pass

2. Couple Spa $160 onwards
I seriously think this gift was more for me than him. 😛 My defense is, when I feel SEXY he’ll feel SEXY too right? *Big Fat Grin* And for the records, the wife is always RIGHT! 😀
5 things to help your men stay sexy this christmas (couple spa)

3. Underwear $39 onwards
If you leave guys to be in charge of their own underwears, you would most likely see them walking around in “HOLELY” ones. Fashion isn’t a top priority on their list, comfort is. Let’s help our men stay SEXY with this gift of bare necessity. For the fun of it, buy some kinky ones too and see if your man is up for it! 😀
5 gifts to help keep your man stay sexy this christmas

4. His favorite perfume OR A perfume that turns you on $50 onwards
When you smell good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you naturally project an image that’s irresistible. Now, that for me, is REAL SEXY! *wink wink*
5 gifts to keep your men sexy this christmas perfume

5. Philips Shaver $369 (+ 40% 0ff!)
I wouldn’t want to kiss a guy with stubby beard and mustache. *Prickly leh!* So I personally feel that there nothing else  SEXIER than a well groomed man. The Philips series 7000 wet and dry electric shaver is definitely a well thought gift for the man in your life. It effortlessly glides across the face, reducing irritation, while leaving the skin smooth. Providing maximum comfort for sensitive skin. Kitson has been lovin’ it ever since he got it!
philips Shaver series 7000 wet and dry electric shaver

And since AhSoh is an incredibly sharp bargain hunter, the good folks at Philips is offering our readers 40% off any S9000, S7000, and S5000 shavers.

Just follow the following instructions to enjoy this uber good deal!

1) Visit this unique link to Philips website.
2) Select shaver and click on “Learn More”
3) Click “Add to Basket” on product page
4) Enter promo code “PHILIPSSHAVE” (caps sensitive) to enjoy the promotion and check out!

P.s. Promo code is valid till 31 Jan 2016 so they are prefect for Valentine’s Day gifts too!

Full disclousure: The above products are my own recommendations, and I am NOT affiliated of any of the brands mention on this post. My husband did, however receive a Philips Shaver for Christmas from Philips and they offered our readers a discount code!

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Top 10 practical Christmas gifts for colleagues

Tis’ the season to be tao tia (头痛),
Fa Lala Lala Lalalala~~

It’s here again! The dreaded annual Christmas exchange in the office where we all headache over what to buy for our colleagues. So, are you the last minute shopper who haphazardly buy anything or the one who puts in an extra effort to buying the perfect Christmas gifts?

Dread no more… Here’s my list of top 10 practical gifts for colleagues.

1. Pen
Personal favorites includes Cross pen for guys and Swaroski Crystalline Lady Ballpoint Pen for ladies. Make it extra special with name engraving. Ranges from $35 onward.


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2. Quirky notebooks
I chew through all my notebooks at work. I’m pretty tech savvy for a middle aged women, but when it comes to note taking, paper and pen is still the way to go! They are quick and they’ll never run out of battery. I’m in love with all these quirky notebooks from Epigram! 30 different “identity” to choose from. There’s bound to be something for everyone!! $9.90


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3. Mug
I hear you moaning, Oh noOoOo… not another mug!! But for the coffee or tea lover, the Bodum travel french press is the perfect gift for the season! I got mine from BHG. I’m sure all major departmental stores should carry them. On a side note, I thought you’ll be interested to know that Omigo.com is having 25% off these awesome mugs. $35.80

4. Coffee Bean/ Starbucks card
For that atas colleague that walks in with a cup of gourmet coffee everyday.

5. Powerbank
Nomophobia is the fear of being out of mobile phone contact. With this thoughtful gift, your colleague should fear no more! Fell head over heel with these kitty cat powerbanks when I saw them at Challenger over the weekend. SoOooOooOoo damn CUTE! How can anyone not like them right?!? You can also get them from Qoo10 as well. $39 – $59.
nekohako Powerbank

6. SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive
In our data rich lives, more digital storage space is always welcome. Easily transfer data from phone to computer OR from computer to phone. Only applicable to OTG-enabled Android smartphones and tablets. Available from Challenger at $14 – $55. There are also some cheapo nana ones from Qoo10, but when it comes to digital data, always go for reputable brands!

7. A pair of IMAX movie tickets for the movie fanatics!
IMAX Gift Voucher from can be purchased at any Shaw Box Office (except Century). Gift voucher is valid for a maximum of 12 months from date of issue. $44 for a pair of IMAX movie tickets.
Top 10 practical Christmas gifts for colleagues

8. Earphones/Headphones
Sudio Sweden earphones were love at first sight for me! Perfect gift for daily train commutator who listens to music or watch drama on their phone. Damn chio right! Ranges from $77 to $150


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9. Sephora gift cards for the makeup junkies!
Sephora gift cards will be like shopping in heaven for the colleague who cannot live a day without makeup! Go on, play GOD and make their day! Ranges from $10 onward.


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10. The No-Brainer; Chocolate
Everybody loves chocolate, if you don’t, you can pass them over to me. It’s the season to indulge and stray slightly away from your regular Cadbury. Personally love Royce Nama Chocolate. The joy of letting this rich chocolate slowly melt away in your mouth is absolutely delightful! $15

That’s my list of top 10 practical gifts for colleagues.
Let me know what’s on your list…

Full disclosure: I am NOT affiliated of any of the brands mention on this post.

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