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Stay Fresh & Smell good even after 60 minutes of Active Play

When I came across this video, I love how brutally honest it is!

Given the choice between active and idle toys?
Which one do you think your kids would have chosen?

I could safely bet my dollar that my kids would have also chosen the idle toy instead.

Yes, the truth is kids these days do not get enough active play.
And we are guilty as charged.

I try to let my kids run WILD at the playground for an hour everyday.
J&J Active Fresh 60 Minutes Active Play

Even though my kids are blessed with skinny genes, I believed that keeping active help curb childhood obesity. Our kids develop stronger bones, toned muscles as well as improved balance and eye-hand coordination skills through active play.

In addition, the chances of our kids wearing glasses are significantly higher since kitson and myself suffers from Myopia. And as far as we can, we try to prevent that from happening. Outdoor play helps lower the risks of Myopia.

Most importantly, active play helps expand boundless energy
from our kids so that they can sleep better at night.
(And when they sleep better, we do too!)
J&J Active fresh 60 Minutes Active Play

With active children and active play,
comes the uncomfortable feel of stickiness from perspiration.

But the innovative technology from Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh products
help keep kids fresh and smelling irresistible all day long.
Johnson's Baby Active Fresh

Thou mothers are generally bias,
but I wasn’t even kidding when I said my boys smell like flowers!

Active Fresh technology has long-lasting fragrance that is activated/released when it comes in contact with sweat.

Powder on with Johnson’s Active Fresh Power after shower as it helps absorb sweat, extending freshness and keeping kids smelling irresistible all day long.

Even though I love my sweaty kids no matter how they smell like…
But for the Uncle, Auntie, Gor Gor, Jie Jie, Di Di, Mei Mei
sharing the same elevator with my stinky heads,
it’s our social responsibility to smell our nicest with Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh.

Johnson’s Baby is advocating 60 minutes of active play a day because it helps build a sharper mind through increased concentration and improved problem solving skills, which aids in better academic performance.

Have you played outside today?

Full Disclosure: We have been compensated by Rise & Shine and given Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Powder and Shower Gel for the purpose of this review. All views, opinion and smelly kids are my own.

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5 Essential tips to choosing the Ultimate Diaper Pants | Drypers Drypantz

When James turned 6 months old he was a flipping Olympian. The kid would flip at every given opportunity, and especially during diapering. As a 3rd time parent I thought my diaper changing skills were comparable to the speed of pit stop tyre changers in a Formula 1 race. But James seems to think otherwise, flipping and crawling away before I could even properly tape him down.

James 295,480 vs Mommy 0
James diapering challenge

🙁 I am not taking another day of humiliating defeat.
Time to move onto diaper pants where I, the slow poke
would no longer have to fumble with tapes on diapers.

Being the youngest among 3 kids, James is cheeky.
He learns fast and often mimics his older siblings.
Wearing diaper pants gives him the freedom
of removing his diaper for pee pee drills on the potty all by himself.
Self-Lead Potty Training = Lazy Parents 🙂
Did you know that Drypers Drypantz fits little babies from as early as 7kg?
Drypers Drypantz
The soft cover on Drypers Drypantz is a huge bonus for the well being of James’s sensitive skin due to eczema. Breathable Comfort Fit™ waistband also ensures that James enjoy maximum comfort by reduce chances of rashes, redness and pressure marks along the waistline. A comfortable baby is a happy baby.
Drypers Drypantz airy softie

In addition, the newly improved Dryper Drypantz which contains 4 Natural Plant Extracts; Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Olive Extracts and Vitamin E, also helps to keep James’s skin healthy and comfortable throughout the day. Now that the well being of James’s sensitive skin is well taken care of, I can breath easy.

Sharing 5 essential tips to choosing the Ultimate Diaper Pants.

Step 1:
Choose one that best correspond to your baby’s weight.
How to choose a diaper pants that fits

Step 2:
How to effectively wear a diaper pant?
-Put your hands through the bottom of the diaper pants and gently ease your baby’s legs into the openings.
How to wear Dryper Drypantz
-Ensure that the waistline of the Diaper Pants is above baby’s navel
Correct way of wearing drypers Drypantz, over the Navel
-Check the fit around the thighs and ensure gathers are not folded inwards.
how to wear drypers drypantz. Gathers outwards
-If you have a little boy, make sure that his “pee pee” is pointing downwards.

Step 3:
Ensure a proper fit.
A properly fitted diaper pants will ensure utmost freedom of movement for baby.

Tell tale signs of a ill fitting diaper pants:
– Redness around the waist and thighs
– Rashes
– Pressure marks
– Gaps around thighs and waist
– Drooping diaper which sags and needs to be pulled up constantly.
Correct fitting for Drypers Drypantz

Step 4:
Diaper pants should be clearly labeled Front and Back
Nothing is more frustrating than
staring at a diaper pants without knowing which way to wear it.
Drypers Drypants clearly Labeled Front and Back

Step 5:
Stay calm and
Breath Easy with Drypers Drypantz today.
Breath easy with drypers today!

Log on to www.facebook.com.sg/DrypersSingapore to request for FREE samples.

Promotional Offering (July 2014)
Specially for the month of July, Drypers Drypantz can be purchased for a special trial of $10.95 per pack at participating supermarkets and hypermarkets. This works out to be only 29-35 cents per piece (depending on pack count). Sizes available: M44, L36, XL32, XXL28

Facebook Contest
Play the Drypers “Breathe Easy Breeze” game. Top scorers from every week stand a chance to walk away with fantastic prizes! Prizes include $100 cash vouchers and tickets (worth $88 each) to Lunchbox Theatrical Production’s “Bubble Magic” show, happening in early September 2014.

Full Disclosure: This is a sponsored review. We received products for the purpose of this review. Views and Opinion are our own.

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Living in the World of Excessive Labeling: ADHD

When Hiroshi suffered from a hairline fracture this February, I was allowed to pick him up from the school’s general office. And for the days that I arrived earlier than dismissal time, I’ll read whatever that was left on the magazine racks to pass time.

One of those fateful days, I’ve picked up a nicely illustrated book entitled “I Not Naughty!” by Lim Swee Huat. It turns out that “I Not Naughty” is a comprehensive handbook about ADHD/ADD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder/Attention Deficit Disorders). The book was simple and straight forward. The more I read, the more I thought that symptoms the author was illustrating sounded very much like Hiroshi.

Just to play it safe and to be absolutely sure, I emailed the school’s counselor to voice my concern. She promptly replied and set up an appointment for me to meet a child physiologist and an Occupational Therapist from Reach.

The first appointment with the specialists was long and tedious. We went though a series of extensive questionnaires. Some were really challenging as we ransack our failing memory banks for the required information. It suddenly dawn onto me how quickly my kids are growing. As we were wreaking our poor brains out, the Occupational Therapist gave Hiroshi a quick initial assessment.

A couple of weeks later, we received feedback from the Occupational Therapist suggesting a FULL Assessment to be done on Hiroshi. During the Full Assessment, Hiroshi was required to perform a series of tasks. And there were also observation to his behavior over a number of occasions in classroom activities.

We were recently presented with the final findings, the occupational therapist confirmed Hiroshi’s condition as ADHD. Specifically, Hyperactive-Impulsive Type.

If a child displays at least six of these symptoms,
do get them accessed for ADHD (Hyperactive-Impulsive Type):
(Better safe than sorry. Early intervention always works best.)

-Does not seem to listen when spoken to
-Talking nonstop
-Having trouble doing quiet tasks, such as reading
-Touching and getting into everything
-Running from place to place
-Banging into people or objects
-Acting like he’s “driven by a motor”
-Constantly jumping or climbing — on furniture and other inappropriate places
-Being impatient
-Blurting out comments at inappropriate times
-Interrupting conversations or speaking out of turn
-Having trouble waiting for a turn or standing in line

Part of me wants to wallop in self pity and go into my drama-mama “why me” moments, but yet another part of me was full of anger and extremely upset with myself! How could I have misjudged my son for the past 9 years!

I am feeling awfully sorry about all the screaming and smacking over a condition that even he himself has no control over of. It’s definitely a moment that felt like I’ve failed as a nurturing mom.

Now all I want to know is what can be done to help Hiroshi.

The easiest way out of this situation is medication. But, the specialist’s suggestion was to put that option on hold until we’ve exhausted intervention programs. Hiroshi will be put onto a 8 weeks program. In this program, he will be taught skills to help control his hyperactivity and impulsiveness. We will also be working closely together with his school teachers to implement strategies from the program.

Time to make right what has been wrong.
My Son; Hiroshi is Not Naughty!
Even Mommy herself has wronged you for a terrible 9 years.
I am sorry. I will do better to understand you and help you.
Together, I am sure we will be able to weather through this period.

If you are a parent of an ADHD child, I’ll like to hear your strategies of coping.
If you have natural cures and remedies, I’ll love to hear them too.

But above all,
please just pray for us.
We need God’s wisdom badly!

I’ve got the Most AWESOME looking Kids on Planet Earth!

“It’s a funny thing about mothers and fathers.
Even when their own child is
the most disgusting little blister you could ever imagine,
they still think that he or she is wonderful.”
—Roald Dahl

Can you spot Hiroshi?
Horizon Primary School P3 Reflector Class Photo 2014
Horizon Primary School P3 Reflector Class Photo 2014

3rd row, 4th from the right!
Looks like I am having a John Travolta with the Saturday Night Fever Dance Pose!
Horizon Primary School P3 Reflector Class Photo 2014

Can you spot Sophia?
Horizon Primary School P2 Discoverer Class Photo 2014
Horizon Primary School P1 Discoverer Class Photo 2014

1st row, 4th from the right!
That smile will definitely brighten up any dull days!
Horizon Primary School P1 Discoverer Class Photo 2014

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James’s Eczema Update | TCM Eczema Treatment

Sorry for the lack of updates on this blog recently.

James’s eczema condition which sudden took a sudden plunge to the land of ultimate took a toll on me. For something that has started off with only a tiny patch at the back of his left elbows quickly spread to the sole of his feet, back of his knees, hands, palms and face. It was scary how quickly I ran through a small tube of steroid cream and Phyiogel cream in a blink of an eye. Condition seems to improve for a couple of days before it hits big time all over again.

We suddenly find ourselves battling with extremely dry skin patches over his belly button, neck, armpits, ears and scalp too! As a mom, I’m pretty hardy. But, it’s really heart wrenching to see James scratching himself to the point where the skin would weep and bleed. Even taking anti-histamine medication doesn’t stop the itch!
Kids with Eczema

Kitson felt that we should concentrate on finding the underlying trigger of eczema rather than going on a witch-hunt for the “miracle” cream.

We started putting James on a strict diet, with no dairy other than breast milk. We’ve also started James on his daily doze of Cod Liver Oil.

To rule out the possibility of dust mite allergy. We’ve clean out the room with a vacuum cleaner fitted with HEPA filter. Other than changing bedding twice in a week, we’ve also steam them and threw out pillows that are more than 6 months old. In addition to that, air purifier was put into the room running 24/7.

James is currently using California Baby Therapeutic Relief Eczema Shampoo & Bodywash. And since, James’s condition is now know was an eczema flare up, steroid creams are necessary evils at this current moment. Immediately apply steroid cream and moisturizer after showers. And generously re-apply moisturizer whenever needed.

I am finally seeing some light at the end of a long long tunnel. Even though the skin is still rough, patchy and itchy, the redness subsided and it significantly looks less “angry”. With fingers and toes crossed, I hope it stays this way (and better)!

In one of our desperate measures, we visited a Traditional Chinese Medical Physician at Shan Dong Traditional Chinese Medicine. I believe in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). But when it comes to kids, I get a little skeptical, since I’ve never heard of a Traditional Medical Physician that specializes in kids!

Well, it looks like I’ve been living under a rock all these while. This one not only specializes in Acupuncture, but does Chinese Pediatric Medical Care and Child Massage (tuina) too! I’ve got to sneak a photo of the setup in my next visit.

Check out the exotic medication!
Traditional Chinese Medication TCM Eczema Treatment

TCM Eczema Treatment; This concoction is apparently for “blood cleansing”.

Herbs were brewed over the stove for 30 minutes with a piece of lean meat.
With all honesty, it didn’t look nor smell appetizing.

But surprisingly, James had no problem with it. In actual fact, he took the medication in big gulps, smacking his lips and asking for more!
Traditional Chinese Medication  TCM Eczema Treatment

Get Well and STAY WELL real soon!
Fingers Crossed that TCM eczema treatment works!