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Pak tor bring “lightbulb” coz MEATliquor SIN offers value-for-money $12 kiddy meals!

With Kitson’s hectic flying schedule, date nights are really rare and hard to come by. Uber thrilled to swing by MEATliquor SIN recently for a well deserving night out, but we decided to lug the entire kampung along since the kiddy meals are so darn affordable! #ByeByeDateNight
MeatLiquor Singapore

The burger chain founded by two friends with humble beginnings from a South London “MEATwagon” promises delicious sloppy burgers and good laughs. The interior at MEATliquor SIN is very much based off the original concept in the UK. Hip, edgy and strangely whimsical.

What’s a date night without drinks? Kitson ordered Plumdog Millionaire (L) and felt like a million bucks throughout the night while I had the Duxton Fizz (R). With the extensive alcoholic drink menu, we could tell that MEATliquor SIN is dead serious about it’s spirits.
MEATliquor SIN Drinks

I had the Dead Hippie burger. 2 mustard-fried beef patties drizzled generously with dead hippie sauce. You ask what’s in the dead hippie sauce? Don’t know, don’t care. Delicious 就 can liao!
MEATliquor SIN Dead Hippie

Totally lovin’ quirky names of burgers at MEATliquor SIN. Kitson had the HDB Chicken Burger which was a brilliant construction of fried chicken fillet layered with cheese and hashbrown. But unfortunately, Kitson felt that most of the burgers were a tad to heavy for his delicate palate.
MEATliquor SIN HDB Chicken Burger

$12 kid’s combos to satisfy little tummies with a choice of mains, sides of fries or veggie sticks and a drink too. Personally thought it was a great deal. Value for money. Worth every penny!
MEATliquor SIN Kid's Meal Menu

Always thankful for restaurants who offers activities to keep little hands busy!
MEATliquor SIN Kid's Meal Menu

When it comes to designing a kid’s menu, hotdogs are really a no-brainer. Smoky flavors in the beef frank is truly addictive. I had a mouthful and kept going back for more.
MEATliquorSIN Kid's Meal Hot Dog

Generously thick prime-beef patties in the cheeseburger! No more second guessing! #SayNoToPinkSlime This is one happy meal I’ll rather feed my kids with!
MEATliquor SIN Kid's Meal Cheese Burger

No kid would ever resist or say no to deep fried chicken patties. Hiroshi chow-ed down this chicken burger like a champ. And YES, he did finish his veggie sticks too!
MEATliquor SIN Kid's Meal Chicken Burger

Top up $3 to end your kid’s meal with a happy note with ice cream.
MEATliquor SIN Kid's Meal Ice Cream

MEATliquor SIN is perfect for after office drinks, date nights and value for money kid’s meal.

MEATLiquor Singapore
99 Duxton Road Singapore 089543
Tel: +65 6221 5343
MeatLiquor Singapore

Opening Hours: Opens Daily | Lunch (11.30am – 2.30pm) and Dinner (5pm onwards)
MEATliquor is now taking reservations on Chope.

For latest news and promotions visit:
www.meatliquor.com.sg | MEATliquor Facebook | MEATliquor Instagram

Full Disclosure: We were invited to MEATliquor SIN by W Communications for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation has been received. Views and opinion reflected on this blog post are my own and are no way influenced by anybody else.

Singapore Women’s Weekly – Domestic Diva Masterclass 2016

Out of the many female magazines available in Singapore, I’ve really enjoyed Singapore Women’s Weekly. Personally think that is a very down to earth kind of women magazine with bits of everything. Lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and my favorite thing of them all… recipes!!

2 weekends ago, I attended Domestic Diva Masterclass 2016 organised by Singapore Women’s Weekly. I wasn’t sure what to expect from it initially. But I did harbor hopes that it will turn this AhSoh into a Domestic Diva.

If I my kitchen look like the ones at Culinary On, I’ll definitely cook in my sexiest little black dress coupled with 3.5 inches Christian Louboutin heels. Throw in that glass of wine too for the atas tai tai factor too. #dreamkitchen #keepdreaming
Singapore women's weekly Domestic Diva Masterclass 2016 Culinary On

The products that were used were winners of Singapore Women’s Weekly Domestic Diva Award.

Tomato based Spaghetti (San Remo) with Shrimp and topped with Ruccola. I vote this as my favorite dish of the day! There’s a special step that gives this pasta dish the extra edge. Read on…
Singapore Women's Weekly Domestic Diva Masterclass 2016

Apart from learning to cook new dishes, we did picked up several kitchen hacks such as peeling prawns like PRO from Chef Daniel! In just 3 steps and only 3 seconds… Voilà! Mad impressive!

Intense flambé action. I used to think this process is more for showmanship and does nothing to the taste of a dish, but I was so wrong! This extra step infused the pasta dish with additional aroma and flavor. I finished my bowl of pasta and asked for more. Oh-so-yummy!


Some intense flambé action by Chef Daniel to bring out the flavour of the pasta sauce! – Content Writer Elizabeth Liew #sww #swwdomesticdiva

A video posted by The Singapore Women’s Weekly (@thesingaporewomensweekly) on

Next up was Nasi Lemak. Did you know that nasi lemak was recognised as one of 10 most healthy international breakfasts by Time Magazine? 😆 More reason to enjoy this local dish with lesser guilt! Royal Umbrella fragrant rice was used in this dish. Through the texture of the rice was on point, I was hoping for the rice to be more lemak. And those wings were done in my favorite kitchen tool of all time; The Philips Airfryer! Frying without the mess. Totally lovin’ it!
Singapore Women's Weekly Domestic Diva Masterclass 2016

A meal is never complete without dessert. We made kaya baked cheesecake with Kayamila Kaya and Post cereal fruity pebbles as base. Even though the cake was slightly too sweet for my liking, I did enjoy a tinge of local flavor in the good old cheesecake. Such a pretty cake right!
Singapore Women's Weekly Domestic Diva Masterclass 2016
They weren’t even kidding when they say bring a trolley bag for your goodie bag redemption! I’ve never seen a goodie bag brimming with so much useful products worth over $150!!
Singapore Women's Weekly Domestic Diva Masterclass 2016

Enriching session with Barbara Koh; editor-in-chief for Singapore Women’s Weekly. Alongside with the chefs from Culinary On, thank you for turning AhSoh into THE Domestic Diva. Now I’m all ready to take on the kitchen with my killer heels! 😘 #BringItOn
Singapore Women's Weekly Domestic Diva Masterclass 2016

Wanna join the next Domestic Diva Masterclass and be a diva like me? Be sure to follow Singapore Women’s Weekly on their Website, Facebook & Instagram to get first hand information on fun events like this one.

Full Disclosure: We were invited to Domestic Diva Masterclass by Singapore Women’s Weekly. No monetary compensation has been received. Views and opinion reflected on this blog post are my own and are no way influenced by anybody else.

Humble Meal VS Atas Meal at Kai Garden

A myriad of dining options awaits us at the newly renovated Marina Square, but for today, we’re checking out Kai Garden, a restaurant that specialises in fine Cantonese cuisine. Owner and Executive Chef Fung Chi Keung heads the kitchen at Kai Garden. An award-winning chef whose inimitable style and sumptuous dishes have placed him among the elite of much sought-after chefs in Singapore.

The first thing we noticed at the entrance of Kai Garden was the uber grand function room that accommodates up to 60 seats. Perfect for Ah Mah and Ah Gong “BIG” birthday bash! Chef Fung and his team can even create a menu according to your unique specifications. So steady hor! Ah Mah and Ah Gong sure happy one loh!
Kai Garden Function Room

Apart from the spacious main dining hall which overlooks the beautiful skyline of Marina Bay, there are also 4 other private rooms for smaller parties of 4 to 16 people.
Kai Garden at Marina Square

We embark on the journey of a humble family meal (家常便饭) at Kai Garden as Chef Fung unviels the brand new Family Favourites menu that harks back to his past. A reminder of comfort home-cooked meals that he relished while growing up in Hong Kong.

First up, inconspicuous braised home-made dace with black bean sauce that brought back many nostalgic memories. Canned dace with black beans used to be my favorite. But we stopped eating canned dace quite a few years back due to a food scare. As compared to canned dace, the ones from Kai Garden are distinctively meatier and has a better texture. It was also significantly less salty. Served over a bed of pickled mango, this is seriously the ultimate appetizer! ($11.80)
Kai Garden dace fish Cantonese food

I raised my brows while reading the menu. An unusual union of chicken and flower crab. Chef Fung deliberately used kampung chicken in this dish so that its FIRM texture and slight gamey flavors would be a nice contrast to the sweet tasting flower crab. We were all given plastic gloves so that we could devour our flower crab with finesse. Nice touch, feeling damn atas! $48.00(Half), $88(Whole)
Kai Garden Braised Chicken with Flower crab

Tiger prawns were sautéed together with fish maw and abalone sauce, a savory dish brimming with rich flavors of the sea. The sauce was so good that Hiroshi loudly proclaimed that he was going to finish his rice with just the sauce alone! ($35.00)
Kai Garden Sauteed Prawns with dried fish maw

I’m feeling meh about this one. Perhaps, just personal preference since the BlogFather says this one melts in the mouth like a savory cream. I was hoping for something more savory like dried shrimps on top of those baked eggplant rather than Chef Fung’s tangy sweet and sour sauce which was topped with fluffy pork floss. ($18.00)
Kai Garden Baked Whole Eggplant with Special Sauce

Thick slices of filleted garoupa, stir-fried with tofu and bamboo shoots, served in a stone pot to lock in the harmony of full flavours. Loving all the different texture all in one dish! ($38.00)
Kai Garden Wok fried garoupa fillet with spring onion served in stone pot

Tender pork ribs were marinated and prepared with Chef Fung’s secret seasoning. It is then pre-fried to achieve that perfect crisp and finished in a caramelised glaze of honey pepper sauce topped with almond flakes for that added crunch factor. Ho Ho Sek! ($22.00)
Kai Garden Grilled Pork Ribs in Special Honey Pepper sauce

We heard that the dessert chef sit air-ro-plane come from Thailand one leh. Clearly explains all the Thai influences in the dessert menu. The mango and coconut milk sticky rice is as authentic as you can get without flying all the way to Thailand. $10.80
Kai Garden Mango and coconut milk sticky rice

Sweet temptation is great for people who are indecisive or watching their diet. A sampler portion of 3 different tantalizing desserts and a wee bit of fruits. 1. Chilled mango puree with sago and pomelo. 2. Chilled coconut puree 3. Chilled aloe vera with lemongrass jelly in lime lemonade and sour plum. Love the last one many many, coz sour sour. Super refreshing! $15.00
Kai Garden Sweet Temptation

The humble meal was great but all my dinning companions were craving to explore the full potential of Chef Fung. We all went back to Kai Garden within the same week of the invited tasting. But this time round, we paid out of our own pockets for this ATAS meal!

Judging from the looks of this dish, I was expecting sweet tasting cherries. But my taste buds were greeted with delicate buttery chilled foie gras instead. Instagram worthy! ($24.00)
Kai Garden Cherry Foie Gras

Apart from presenting a perfectly roasted Peking duck, we were also introduced to 5 different accompanying sauces. Traditional, Black Pepper, Sesame, Seafood, and a Special Mixed sauce specially prepared by Chef Fung. I enjoyed the aromatic black pepper sauce as well as the seafood one which has bits of crab meat incorporated into it.
Kai Garden Peking Duck

This dish was also served with a choice of 5 different skins; Original, Pumpkin, Spinach, Bamboo Charcoal, and Beetroot skin. Aesthetically pleasing, but it does nothing to alter the flavors of this Peking duck dish. 5 unique wraps accompanied by 5 flavorful dipping sauces. Was Chef Fung gunning for a perfect 10 (食全食美) in this signature dish? Confirm + Guarantee nailed it loh! The crunchy rice cracker gave this dish added texture and the sauce complimented the crispy Peking duck skin exquisitely. Uniquely Kai Garden (Half: $48.00)
Kai Garden Peking Duck

Being Cantonese means my late grandma would never allow anyone off the dining table until we polish up our soup served at each meal. The true test to a good Cantonese restaurant is through it’s soup! We wanted something that would make a dramatic entrance and wow our senses. Lo and behold, WHAT THE FISH is that!
Kai Garden Garoupa in Lobster Soup

Generous thick slices of Garoupa poached in lobster stock! (Damn ATAS right?!?) It’s priced at $20 per 100grams. Think this should be a seasonal priced item on the menu. Before you get a rude shock when you see your receipt, this “WOW FACTOR” cost us a whopping $160!

The freshness of garoupa shines through in this soup! Flesh of the garoupa is QQ one leh! When served together with flavorful rich lobster soup, it’s a match made in culinary heaven!
Kai Garden Garoupa in Lobster Soup

This is one siew mai that makes the cut and exceeds my expectation! Thin skin, thick filling. First steamed to perfection then pan-fried with a Japanese inspired glaze and finally topped with fresh roe. If there is only one thing that you die die must order from Kai Garden, THIS IS IT! ($8.80)

Having tasted both ends, from a humble to a atas meal at Kai Garden, I hereby declare that Chef Fung is culinary talented! Like damn bloody godly talented can?!? Each dish (No matter humble or atas) is presented with the chef’s renowned style and interpretations of heritage Cantonese classics. Interesting twist to old classic. Love it!

My final parting words?

Kai Garden

Kai Garden at Marina Square

Website | Facebook
Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, #03-128A/128B, Marina Square, Singapore 039594
For reservations: +65 6250 4826

Disclaimer: We were invited to experience Chef Fung’s humble selection of Family Favorite meal through an invited media tasting session at Kai Garden for the purpose of this review. However, the atas meal we had at Kai Garden were paid for through our own pockets. #AhSoh血汗钱 #AhSoh买菜钱 All photos and opinions are ours. No monetary compensation was received.

Bangkok Gastronomical Adventure

We’ve seen many Instagram worthy pictures, as well as read many positive reviews of Karmakamet. So this place is a die die must go on Cherie‘s list of our Bangkok gastronomical adventure. We wasted no time and headed straight to Karmakamet after check in.

30/1 Soi Metheenivet, Klongton,
Klongtoey, Bangkok Thailand
Open daily 10.00-23.30 hrs

The place is literally like a secret garden. Damn zen loh!
Bangkok Karmakamet Review

Wasn’t sure if it was from the potpourri sacks hanging from the ceiling or the neatly lined up bottles on the rack… The restaurant smells super heavenly! Love the interior!
Karmakamet Bangkok Review

Sadly, the food did not live up to expectation.
It’s not bad, but yet, not good enough to leave an impression.
Karmakamet Bangkok Review

If you need a place to take pictures of your Bangkok haul #ootd, or Instagram worthy food pictures, this is it… But, if you’re looking for good food, I’ll suggest you try somewhere else.
karmakamet Bangkok food review

My very first experience holidaying with a girl friend. And I had to learn this the hard way… Cherie is a bloody marathoner! Extremely efficient shopping marathoner to be precise.

Chatuchak Market is a shopping haven for girls out there. Only problem was, I’m not your typical girl who likes clothes, shoes or bags. I much prefer tech products. The 60 minutes foot rub we walked past looks really tempting. But, Cherie was going to ditch me if I don’t keep up…

Despite my feet protesting, Cherie insisted that we should get coconut ice cream before we head back. I swear there was a dozen that lined the streets of Chatuchak Market! But, she demanded we have THAT ONE outside toilet 3.

I remembered muttering under my breath… “this better be good!”. After heading in the wrong direction and walking back to the right one, we finally gotten our coconut ice cream fix. Refreshing coconut sorbet with assorted toppings is so bloody worth it. It’s even served in the coconut husk! Got FREE coconut juice somemore leh!!

Street food at Sogo World Trade Center

I’m not a huge fan of pineapples, I avoid them as much as I could. But when we saw those “baby” pineapple, Cherie insisted that I have to try them. And boy was she right on this one. These little gems packed a punch. So sweet and yet it doesn’t irritate my tongue! Lovin’ it!

According to Cherie, these BBQ cockles are overpriced but, I couldn’t care less really. Big, succulent cockles dipped in Thai Chilli sauce. It’s damn heavenly loh!
Bangkok gastronomical adventure

Cherie arranged a blind date for us to meet up with stranger in Bangkok. Just before you think that we are both very 随便, we’re not hor! Stranger in Bangkok is a Singapore-born Malaysian parent blogger who is currently working and residing in Bangkok.

Our generous host invited us to Ping’s Thai Teochew Seafood Restaurant. We had so much food that we couldn’t even move right at the end of our lunch date. I’m going to just highlight couple that resonated well with our taste buds. Texture and taste of the Braised Fish Maw & Crabmeat in Broth is perfect to the T. Never knew I could take my fish maw soup with mustard vinegar or Thai style chilli sauce apart from my usual vinegar.

Or nee (yam paste) is one of my ultimate favorite for Chinese dessert. It’s that one dish that keeps me staying back for wedding dinners that ends super duper late. This one served at Ping’s Thai Teochew Seafood Restaurant is a delicate balance between yam and pumpkin paste. The ginkgo nuts adds texture against this uber sinful dessert. The other dessert that won both our hearts was the Chilled Coconut Jelly. It was so refreshingly good, I had 2! #glutton

Ping’s Thai Teochew Seafood Restaurant
Address: 2nd floor, Pathumwan Princess Hotel,
444, Phayathai Rd., Pathum Wan, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand
Tel: (02) 661 7860
Ping's Shark Fin restaurant Bangkok review

I had so much fun hitting so many milestones all at once. First time traveling with a girl friend as well as being on a budget airline. Even though it wasn’t my first time in Bangkok, but it was my first time truly exploring the land of smiles.

I could definitely see myself doing this again in the near future. And as for Cherie, we’re still in talking terms after the Bangkok trip. Cherie says that’s because I still owe her money.

I intend to keep it that way! 😆

What about you?
What have your experiences been like holidaying with a girl friend?

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Handling complains on Social Media; Crab in da Bag

If you haven’t already heard about the Crab in da Bag social media boo boo, then you must be living under a huge rock. The recent saga of the 2 star review from a customer on Crab in da Bag Facebook page and response from the establishment caused a social media uproar.

Amidst the controversy, Cherie and myself stumble upon the outlet after our Diaso haul. Wasn’t sure if it was the timing, or the power of social media. The restaurant was empty during our visit.

Crab in da Bag review

I kept loosing my virginity to Cherie! For the first time, I threw table manners out of the windows and ate with hands. #primitive Ahoy! Feeling like Captain Hook already…

To celebrate the end of Cherie’s Absolute Slimming journey and the re-emerging hashtag of #gluttoncherieladie, we went overboard and ordered quite a fair bit. Live Venus Clams + Corn in Louisiana Garlic Herb and Boston Bay Mussels in Ultimate Curry
Crab in da Bag review

Between the 2 seasoning, I much prefer Louisiana Garlic Butter. Though a popular choice among diners as advice by the staff the Ultimate Curry seasoning was a tad salty in my personal opinion.

Keeping the 2 star Facebook review in mind, We kept scores when it came to our clams and mussels! Our findings reveals that we’ve been extremely lucky. Only one of them no meat leh!
Crab in da Bag Review

We rubbed our bellies with glee and moved onto the Tiger Prawns in Salty Splash seasoning. (Salted Eggs complimented with Louisiana’s Herbs & Spices)
Crab in da Bag review

Not impressed, but it wasn’t bad either. I am actually sitting on the fence on this one. I wished the prawns were crispier like those found in my neighborhood zhi char stores so that I could devour the shell, the meat and the sauce all in 1 go!

And finally, Live Sri Lankan Crab in Caboodle Mix seasoning. (secret combination of local and Louisiana herbs & Spices, cooked in Garlic & Unsalted Butter)

Since the crab is on the small-ish side tonight, we were informed that it would be priced at $45 instead of $55. Despite the size, the crab was really fresh!

We were given a small sample of spice rice and a wee bit of lemon to go with our Caboodle mix sauce. Loved the smell of the spice rice. Tasted great too!
Crab in da bag review

Between Cherie and myself, we spent a total of $151.85 on what you see on this blog post. We’re not complaining coz we checked out the menu and the prices before ordering. Wouldn’t you do the same too? If you think the price ain’t reasonable for you, simply walk out of the restaurant.

There were hits and misses in our dining experience at Crab in da Bag. The aunty in me was looking out for service lapse so that we could pound onto the 10% discount the 2 star Facebook reviewer was talking about.

But one thing remains constant from last night’s dinner, service was IMPECCABLE!

I might return, but till then, this post will be a gentle reminder that I should order all my seafood in Louisiana Garlic Butter seasoning. 😆

My personal experience from Crab in da Bag somehow differs from what I’m reading from social media. Being a Public Relations practitioner for the past 3 years, specializing in lifestyle and F&B accounts, and the Kayo-ness in me, I’m offering 5 tips to handling complains on social media.

1) Always deal with negative comments quickly and professionally.
Reply within the first 60 minutes.

2) Take the complain offline
Last thing you want is a angry customer lashing out on you publicly on social media.

3) Be Positive and Objective
Seek first to understand, take accountability, think about what else that could be done to make this right? Draft a reply, go cool off, get someone else to read your reply before you hit “send”.

4) No Low Blow or Personal Attacks
Live and let live, Love and love again.

5) Take The Higher Road
Understand that you cannot please everyone. For unreasonable customers, just agree to disagree.

What’s your take on this?
Do you think that the customer is ALWAYS right?

Crab in da Bag
8 Stadium Walk, #02-05 Water Sports Centre, 397699

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