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The Music Run by AIA – Bonding with your Tweenager

tweenager [tween-ey-jer]

Kid who thinks he/she is too mature to do kiddy stuff but yet to young to rock it like a teenager. Roughly between the age of 10 – 12. Answers parent’s long winded questions with either one syllabus answers or aberration such as idk (I don’t know) or a mere shoulder shrug.

Description fits your child? Congrats. You’ve got yourselves a tweenager.

Hiroshi is at the age where kids try to outdo one another to be the coolest kid on the block. They talk about what’s trending, and music plays a huge part of their lives. Hiroshi constantly adds new songs into his Spotify playlist, and that’s how I stay up to date in terms of music choices.

😀 So when I heard about The Music Run, I thought Hiroshi would be eager to join me in this 5km run. #coolparentwannabe We signed up and he got excited about voting for the music he wants for The Music Run on Spotify!

Time check : 3.30pm | Venue: The Music Village
An infectious and energetic blend of music filling up the atmosphere at Sentosa with over 10,000 Music Runners for the highly anticipated Music Run, which saw tickets sold out one week earlier!
The Music Run Singapore by AIA stage activites

Checking out fringe activities at The Music Village…

Hiroshi is totally tickled by my goofy dance moves and the idea of silent disco. Music from the DJ is broadcast via a radio transmitter with the signal being picked up by wireless headphone receivers worn by music runners. No more noise curfews. We can party “quietly” all night long!
The Music Run Singapore by AIA 2016 Silent Disco

The giant inflatable slide is the place to be for kids (and adults too). Hiroshi kept going up and down till he was sweating buckets! The AIA Vitality Extreme Keyboard adds musical rhythm to every step we take. If we have this in our public spaces, I sumpa, I’ll take the stairs at all time!
The Music Run Singapore by AIA fringe activities

Hiroshi domineering the table football and making new friends along the way.
The Music Run Singapore by AIA 2016 table football

People was just chilling and playing giantic jenga while waiting for The Music Run to start.
The Music Run Singapore by AIA 2016 Giant Jenga

The emcees and popular local band The Sam Willows had the crowd all hyped up at center stage followed by Fitness First leading the warm-up exercises before the flag-off.

Time check: 5pm
The moment we’ve all been waiting for! FLAG OFF!

The 5km route was filled with five different 1km Music Zones (Rock, Pop, Old School, Hip Hop & Dance). It was also lined with over 120 concert quality speakers pumping 150,000 watts of music throughout The Music Run. With bits of “do you know?” fun facts along the way too!
The Music Run Singapore by AIA 2016 Flag off

In each Music Zone along the 5km route, music runners were also treated to special interactive activities such as the cool Harley Davidson bikers in the AIA Rock Zone.
The Music Run Singapore by AIA 2016 Rock Zone

Giant candy pops and huge beach balls at the Pop Zone. Hiroshi’s favorite music zone!
The Music Run Singapore bu AIA Pop Zone

Pop star doppelgangers and lookalikes in Old School Zone. By far my favorite music zone!
The Music Run Singapore by AIA 2016 Old School Zone

Giant Graffiti wall and uber cool looking cars at the AIA Hip Hop Zone.
The Music Run Singapore by AIA 2016 Hip Hop zone

Finally down to our last KM, which proves to be the hardest as experienced from Hello Kitty Run and My Little Pony Friendship Run. Held on, and decided that we aren’t cheating or quitting!

We totally missed those killer selfie and wefie moments in the W Dance Zone, since they were already packing up when we got there! #slowpokes
The Music Run Singapore by AIA 2016 Dance Zone

Hiroshi was just glad we made it back to the finishing line!
The Music Run Singagapore by AIA 2016 Finishing Line

Spectacular view greeted us. Celebrating the fact that we persevered and did not give up even though the going got tough! #LikeReal 😀 They were actually celebrating AIA’s 85th Birthday with a huge bash! DJ Sam Withers was already working up the crowd with awesome music…
The Music Run SIngapore by AIA 2016 Fireworks

We must have been the LAST to arrive at the finishing line, since they’ve already kept all the medals when we got back. But, a very kind lady took the trouble to look for them and got us those medals to reward us for our “never-give-up” attitude. Even if it meant coming in last.

Check out the highlights and you might want to sign up for The Music Run next year. 😆

Well, at least now I know Hiroshi loves music but hates running. Perhaps, I’ll do The Music Run with Kitson next year and party at the music village till there’s no tomorrow.

Full Disclosure: We were invited to The Music Run by Ninemer PR. No monetary compensation has been received. Views and opinion reflected on this blog post are my own and are no way influenced by anybody else.

Ultimate guide to i Light Marina Bay 2016

-Media Invite-

i Light Marina Bay, Asia’s leading sustainable light art festival, returns for its fourth edition to illuminate Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay. Themed ‘In Praise of Shadows’, the 2016 edition features 25 innovative and environmentally sustainable light art installations by creative talents from around the world. Through the use of intelligent lighting, the Marina Bay waterfront will be transformed into a kaleidoscopic display of light, colour, shadows and play for people of all ages to enjoy.

To promote an environmentally-responsible behaviour for a sustainable future, the participating artists have incorporated the use of recyclable materials and adopted energy-efficient lighting technologies in the creation of their stunning light art installations. Every aspect of the festival will adopt a more effective and efficient management of resources to meet this commitment to the environment.

Beyond its spectacular showcase of visual art and urban space, the festival also offers a dynamic line-up of events and programmes over four weekends. With eclectic performances, delectable outdoor dining options, engaging workshops and more, i Light Marina Bay 2016 presents a multi-sensory experience with something for all.

i Light Marina Bay map
i Light Marina Bay 2016 Map

Art Installation Location
i light Marina Bay 2016 art installation location

Die Die MUST see Art Installation

What a Loving & Beautiful World by teamLab (Japan)
Location: ArtScience Museum

First carved in tortoiseshell, ox and deer bone, and bronzeware, Chinese characters were said to each contain their own world. Projected on the facade of the ArtScience Museum, viewers can participate by ‘swiping’ the Chinese characters onto the facade of the building using a web application. The result is a colourful, multi-sensory experience that continuously evolves as images are released from these Chinese characters, while influencing and changing each other within its own immersive, computer-generated world.

Interact with this artwork at ilight.team-lab.com.

Lampshade by SnØhetta (Norway)
Location: The Promontory @ Marina Bay

i Light Marina Bay 2016 Lampshade

Lampshade is made of simple bamboo structures covered in photovoltaic cells to prevent sunlight from entering its interior in the day, while lighting up intensively at night with solar energy enough to power a thousand lamps. The installation challenges the perception of artificial light as an element that is dependent on its energy source, and invites visitors to discover links in harnessing sunlight and the eventual electric light.

Made to be both socially and environmentally friendly, the lamps used in this installation will be donated to off-grid communities after its display while the bamboo structure and its light fixtures will be recycled as construction scaffolding.

Light Origami by KAZ Shirane (Japan)
Location: OUE Bayfront (15)


A photo posted by Ben (@lkkben) on

Light Origami invites viewers to explore reality by entering a giant 3D kaleidoscope. The domed structure is bathed in light and constructed using over 320 origami shapes made from mirrored panels to show what light can look like when folded like paper. Changing spectrums of light are projected within the space, mirrored in the facets of the space while creating an entrancing kaleidoscope of light.

Angels of Freedom by Gaston Zahr and Merav Eithan (Germany & Israel)
Location: The Promontory @ Marina Bay (12)

I shot straight on with the beautiful skyline of Marina Bay Sands right behind me…
i Light Marina Bay Angels of Freedom

While Santo took this shot at a lower angle to include more of the beautiful skyline.


A photo posted by StSanto (@stsanto) on

Five sets of giant, colourful wings invite visitors to come close and interact with the symbolic angels. This installation seeks to remind visitors of their true selves and to always remain connected to loved ones and those who matter.

Most importantly, wear sensible shoes and have fun exploring all 25 brilliant art installation.

Make sure you strategically plan your route so that you could end up at the Häagen-Dazs pop-up Royal Tea Salon at The Promontory to end your night with a sweet note. Try the new Royal Milk Tea or Green Tea flavour, absolutely love the robust tea fragrant! I heard they have ALCOHOL served with ice cream too! Ultimate indulgence!!
<a href=Haagen-Dazs pop up store i Light Marina Bay 2016″>

For more updated information about i Light Marina Bay 2016, please visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/marinabaysg.
Download i Light Marina Bay 2016 Festival Guide Here.

Hello Kitty Run 2015

-Media Invite-

Being 2 out of the crowd of 11,000 is crazy.
But hey, all for the love of HellOoOoOOooOo Kitty, it was somewhat worth it!


A photo posted by Irene Soh (@ahsoh.sg) on

The second edition of Hello Kitty Run which featured the world’s most loved cats kicked off last Saturday (19 Dec ’15) at The Float. For the first time, the Christmas themed run was held at night where all the participants could revel in Singapore’s stunning city skyline.

We were all sweltering in the heat while waiting for the official flag off by Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel. Evey gentle breeze that was offered by mother nature was embraced with extreme gratitude! (All the bitching aside, thank God it wasn’t raining!!)

The mega cats appeared, waved, threw kisses in the air while flagging off the run.
Hello Kitty Run SG 2015

The run saw us through many breath-taking iconic landscapes of Singapore. The Fullerton Hotel, Marina Promenade, Marina Bay Shoppes, Marina Bay Sands, Marina Bay Reservoir, Signapore Art Science Museum, Gardens by the bay, and the Singapore Flyer are just a few to name.

There were also 3 notable checkpoints. 1) UV (Ultraviolet) Zone, 2) Singapore Show Choir Academy who sang out of tune jingles and 3) Starry Night.
Hello Kitty Run 2015

Arriving at the 3km mark was bitter sweet.
I lost count of the number of times Sophia asked “Are we there yet?”.

There were many opportunities to take the easier way out along the way. But we didn’t. We persevered and finished up 5km! We were greeted with bubbles and artificial snow when we arrived at the finishing line . Super duper magical!
Hello Kitty Run 2015

There was more than just the run!

The Christmas carnival happening at the float with star performances by Hello Kitty and Singapore Show Choir Academy rocked the world outta some of the Hello Kitty fans!
Hello Kitty Run 2015

Apart from just proudly displaying our limited-edition Hello Kitty finisher medal in the glass cabinet, I was happier to know that I’ve made some memories for Sophia to last her a lifetime.
Hello Kitty Run 2015

The crazy cat lovin’ tutu wearing mom who ran 5km with her…
We’ll definitely do it again if Sophia is interested!
Hello Kitty Run 2015

Full disclosure: We have been invited to Hello Kitty Run 2015 for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation has been received. All thoughts and opinion expressed on this blog post are our own.

Kayaking in MacRitchie Reservoir

Well… You didn’t misread.
I actually went kayaking in Singapore’s oldest reservoir; the Macritchie Reservoir.
And still survive to tell the tale…
(Jean asked on instagram if there was any crocodile. No crocodile lah…) 😉

I was equally surprised to know that we could actually kayak in our reservoirs!

Joined an Instagram group (@instasg) meet-up for #photopaddle organised by PUB Singapore.

Then hor I yaya-papaya… Opted for a single kayak, since I had the experience of kayaking during secondary school as a camp instructor. *counting on my fingers and toes* That was actually 19 years ago! Well… That’s a pretty good indication of my age, isn’t it? 😆

We were all issued with waterproof casing for our mobile phones so that we can take pictures of our kayaking experience. An essential tool for Instagram addicts like myself!

We were out kayaking for about 2 hours. Lapping the gentle waves and watching sunset on a kayak. The experience has been nothing but amazing.

Oh… Cherie was there too!

Interested in kayaking at MacRitchie reservoir? It’s actually quite affordable at $15 per hour.
Clink for more information about kayaking at MacRitchie Reservoir.

Love taking photos and sharing them on Instagram?

Follow this bunch of fun-loving people from @Instasg on instagram and participate in the next photowalk or events… See you in the next instameet! 🙂

It’s play no matter rain or shine! |Happy Willow at One KM

How could you ever resist the FUN with such cheerful setup at Happy Willow?!?
With all honesty, I am actually quite a big kid at heart…
Happy Willow at One KM

It was love at first at sight at the spacious brightly lighted Indoor Playground.
Specialized area for toddlers to play without the fear of being bulldozed by older kids!
Happy Willow One KM Mall

James totally enjoying age appropriate toys.
Indoor Playground Happy Willow One KM Toddlers Play area

The food and drinks counter is located right next to the toddlers’ play area.
Have a cuppa, order some food and Chillax…
(I swear the chairs are so comfortable I could vegetate there for hours!)
Indoor Playground Happy Willow One KM Food

The older kids hang out in a way cooler corner at Happy Willow; The Kids Den.
Indoor playground happy willow One KM mall

With obstacle courses, ball pits and slides, the older kids were having a blast too!
Indoor playground Happy Willow One KM mall

Happy Willow has 2 spacious party rooms available for private functions.
Indoor Playground Happy Willow Party Room

Fun at Happy Willow in 2 convenient spot:
Happy Willow Fusionpolis (One-North MRT Station)
1 Fusionopolis Way, Fusionopolis, Connexis Tower, #B1-06, Singapore 138632
Happy Willow One KM Mall (Paya Lebar MRT Station)
11 Tanjong Katong Road #02-01/02 One KM Singapore 437157

Opening Hours and Admission Fees:
Indoor Playground Happy Willow admission fees and hours

Special Promotion at Happy Willow till 31 Jan 2015:

Indoor playground Happy Willow One KM special promotion 31 Jan 2015
Looking at those happy smiles, the kids definitely loved Happy Willow.

Having paid for a more expensive and yet less impressive Indoor playground earlier this week, I would consider Happy Willow’s admission fees reasonable. The facility is clean and well maintained.

But, it’s a tad far from where we are. So hopefully they’ll open up a branch soon in Ulu Punggol.

Full Disclosure: We were invited to Happy Willow for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received. All views and options are our own.