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The Budget Virgin – Jetting off to Bangkok on Jetstar Asia

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Though this post is long overdued (July 2015), I just needed to document this. It’s a trip of many first for me. A trip so special that it has it very own quirky hashtag on instagram.

For the first time in 35 years of my life, I’m taking budget airline! Before you get me all wrong, I’m not haolian婆 hor! We are very lucky and thankful for Singapore Airlines travel benefits, Coz Kitson is cabin crew mah!

Went for a crazy durian buffet at RWS a night before the flight.
Honestly a bad bad idea. I tossed and turned in bed and couldn’t get to sleep!

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By the time I did, I couldn’t wake up in time! My travel companion Cherie must have called and messaged me a gazillion times. If she knew exactly where I stayed, I bet she would have tore down my front door to get my arse outta bed! Unfortunately, the phone was put on silent mode. But, thank God I made it in good time! Hello Jetstar, I’m all ready for an adventure!
Singapore Mom Blogger Irene Soh travels on Jetstar Asia!

The flight attendants greeted us with zest when we boarded. I remember thinking to myself, “Wow! This aircraft looks comfortable”. Walked briskly towards our seat and threw my heavy bottom onto it. Heaved a sigh of relief, Thank God I made it after all the crazy mad rush.

I was slightly amused to see flight attendants doing pre flight safety demo right in front of my eye. When I was still flying for Singapore Airlines, this safety demo thing has always been practiced year after year in the safety evacuation procedure test. But we’ve never really done it in real life. We’ve got in-flight entertainment mah! #Pamperedbitches

The only inflight entertainment available for me, the budget noob was people watching. But, I’m not complaining here… Sometimes you just need to disconnect to connect right? 😀
Entertainment on a budget airlines=Entertain yourself loh!

Space was slightly tighter than usual, but heck, we took off and arrived safely! And for that price, it was DAMN WORTH IT!

We wasted no time. The first thing we bought after touch down was a AIS traveller’s sim card. AhSoh like me cannot afford to be out of touch you know! #FirstWorldProblems

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Cherie getting queue number for taxi.
Virgin Buget Airline traveller Jetstar

Checking into Red Planet Hotels at Asoke. Rooms were bright with plenty of mirrors!! Don’t even get me started with the rain shower in the bathroom. Seriously bang for your bucks!
Red Planet Hotels Asoke BKK

Time to head out for our gastronomical adventure the local way.

And… you know what they say about friends travelling together right? Come back tomorrow and see if Cherie and myself are still in talking terms after the holiday.

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Steamy Steamboat at Genting [Resort Seafood Steamboat]

-Media Invite-

After all the fun and excitement of activities for the day,
(Superstars of Magic 4 and Behind the Scene tour)
It’s best to sit down, makan steamboat to warm up your soul in chilly Genting.

No better place to have it then the newly revamped Resort Seafood Steamboat.

Common sight when dining with bloggers 😆


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What a spread!
Genting Resort Seafood Restaurant

It’s hard to go wrong with steamboat. It’s pretty much a safe bet. As long as you have good soup base, fresh ingredients and a group of fun loving friends, that’s already a winning formula.

While you’re there, get the Ice Blended Calamansi Juice. -Super Refreshing-
Resort Seafood Steamboat genting Ice Blended Calamansi Juice

Ending my night on a sweet note with Steamboat Ice Cream.
Steamboat Ice Cream from Resort Seafood Steamboat

Resort Seafood
Level 1, Resort Hotel
Opens daily:
[Lunch] 12.00 noon to 2.30 pm
[Dinner] 6.00 pm to 10.00 pm

What to do at Resorts World Genting; Behind the Scenes Tour & Superstar of Magic 4

-Media Invite-

Planning to head up to Resorts World Genting?

I issue warning first hor… The outdoor theme park is currently closed to make way for more exciting plans ahead. *whisper* The first Twentieth Century Fox World Theme Park will be located at Genting Highlands and it would most likely be ready in late 2016. So look out for it!

So now go Genting do what leh?
I, AhSoh 介绍 you 2 other activities that you can do at Resorts World Genting.

1. Behind the Scenes Tour
For an affordable rate of $28RM, take a little glimpse on what goes behind the scenes at Resorts World Genting. (Genting Rewards Members got discount leh… $25RM nia!)

First stop: Genting International Showroom
Take a trip backstage and discover what goes on behind the glitz and glamour. Marvel as audio and light technicians explain the chim control panels with many buttons…
Resorts World Genting Behind the Scene Workshop Genting International Showroom

Second stop: First World Hotel’s Laundry Room
Being the Largest hotel in the world with 7531 rooms also means that the amount of laundry First World Hotel handles is also very tok gong! To be exact, 38 tonnes of dirty laundry on a daily basis… 好孔璞哦! But, thank God! Most of the processes are handled by machinery. Such a blissful sight for a moms to see that even ironing can be taken care by machines too!
Resorts World Genting Behind the Scenes First World Hotel laundry

Third stop: See, Do & Eat Workshop
This one hor, 对 AhSoh is 小儿科 lah. But I think, kids would definitely enjoy this. A hands on workshop to doughnut and bento decorating. My creations look quite PRO right?!?
Resorts World Genting Behind the scenes tour

Fourth stop: Horizon 50
In conjunction of its 50th anniversary, this 16,000 sq ft exhibition retrace the footsteps of Sri Lim Goh Tong who defined all odds in transforming Genting Highlands from an unexplored hilltop into one of the world’s most successful integrated resorts. Includes an introduction to the world’s first Twentieth Century Fox World theme park which is still work in progress. ( ¯ ö¯ )
Resorts World Genting Behind the Scenes Horizon 50

Tour Dates
September : 5,6,12,13,19-27
October : 3,4,10,11,17,18,24,25,31
November : 1,7,8,14,15,21,22,27,28,29
December : 4,5,6,11,12,13,18,19,20,25,26,27
[Click Here] Advance Booking for Genting Resorts World Behind the Scenes Tour

2. Superstar of Magic 4
If checking behind the scenes ain’t your thing. Abracadabra… The gathering of 7 magicians from all around the world might just end your day feeling the marvels of magic like a kid all over again.

Genting Resorts World Superstar of Magic 4

Line up of magicians for Superstar of Magic 4 (L to R):
Jay Mattioli (USA) Finalist in the hit reality show America’s Got Talent
Shawn Farquhar (Canada) FISM World Champion Close-Up Magician 2009
Joseph Gabriel (USA) Godfather of modern day dove magic
Ted Kim (Korea) FISM Original Act Winner
One Gun (Korea) Korean Magician of The Year
Jeff Lee (Taiwan) Winner of the Merlin Stage Magician of the Year
*Alana Moehlmann (Germany) German Magician of the Year 2012
(We didn’t see Alana, think she reported sick or *poof* went missing.)

Tickets are available at $98RM, $148RM to $248RM. From 10 July till 25 October 2015.
At the exchange rate of $1Sin to $3RM, see 7 superstar, is really cheap till lau sai!
[Click Here] Advance Booking for Superstar of Magic 4

Since AhSoh already 介绍 where to stay and what do at Genting Resorts World, our next post will be on delicious steamboat that warms up the heart and soul at cold cold Genting Highlands!

Till our next post.

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Largest Hotel in the World; First World Hotel at RWG

-Media Invite-

First World Hotel at Resorts World Genting expands and gets a facelift. An additional extension of tower 2 annex makes First World Hotel the largest hotel in the world with 7,351 rooms.

Couple time for Kitson and myself as we check out the brand new wing of First World Hotel.

Lobby of First World Hotel Tower 2 Annex has a modern contemporary touch.
First World Hotel Resorts World Genting Tower 2 Annex lobby

XYZ Deluxe Room
A splash of vibrancy in a functional space. Comfortable beds with clean sheets. The XYZ Deluxe Room comes with either two single beds or one queen size bed. Inclusive of flat screen TV, Mini-fridge and Safe. Frosted lime green walls divides toilet, sink and shower area.
Resorts World Genting First World Hotel XYZ Deluxe Room

XYZ Deluxe Room rates: 228RM (Low) 278RM (Shoulder) 351RM (Peak) 461RM (Super peak)

Apart from the latest addition of tower 2 annex, First World Hotel continues to update and refurbish its’ existing rooms at Tower 1 and Tower 2.

The room that took my heart and breath away! Luxurious space with modern touch of simplicity.
World Club Room at First World Hotel, Before and After refurbishment.
First World Hotel World Club Room Resorts World Genting

World Club Room rates: 408RM (Low) 468RM (Shoulder) 601RM (Peak) 734RM (Super peak)
– price is inclusive of breakfast for 2

Click to Book First World Hotel Rooms Online

With the current exchange rate of 1S$ to 3RM, this is a perfect opportunity for Singaporeans to head up to Genting for a short getaway. While waiting for the first Twentieth Century Fox World Theme Park to be ready in 2016, there are many other activities that you could still enjoy.

(Amazing view out of World Club Room)
Resorts World Genting

Check out what to do at Resorts World Genting in our next blog post…

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Wordless Wednesday: Are you a Cat or Dog person?

These pictures are taken from our recent Malaysia trip
where stray cats roam free on the streets.

Ma look! A cat!!
Hey ma look a cat!

Shoo kid shoo! I’m trying to chill here!
Tabby cat gets irritated... shoo kid shoo....

Can you get this kid off my fur?
cat running away from james

I’m warning you kid. Stay out!
scary cat

Yet another cat James wants me to take a peekture of…
Another cat that james insisted that i take a peekture of...

Does this make James more of a cat rather than a dog person?

Nope, it seems like he has plenty of love for dogs too…

During a recent house warming party at my cousin’s place
saw James chasing dogs in and out of rooms…

And this is Posh patiently “giving” James a paw.
and sometimes, James likes dogs too

So are you a Cat or Dog person?
I am definitely a dog person, but from my recent encounters with cats,
I must say I am starting to develop some feelings for them too!

Linking up with Ai Sakura for Wordless Wednesday: