Going to School for the first time | Learning Vision Hwa Chong

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If you follow us closely on our facebook page and instagram, you would have noticed our agony when it comes to picking a childcare center for James.

The childcare centers in Punggol are packed to the brim and have waiting list as long as the great wall of China! So when we were offered 4 days of trial classes by Learning Vision we were extremely delighted!

James was all excited when I told him that he’ll be going to school!
Bright eyed Bushy tail I’m-finally-going-to-school look.
James is finally going to childcare! Learning vision hwa chong

Learning Vision has many centers located conveniently around the island. We were enrolled into Learning Vision at Hwa Chong. The campus is surprisingly S P A C I O U S!
Learning Vision Hwa Chong

Stringent Health Check at the entrance of the school
Learning Vision Hwa Chong Stringent Health Check

Shoes were placed neatly in the cubby holes provided.
Learning Vison Hwa Chong. Shoes in neat chubby holes

Healthy Breakfast were served.
Learning Vision Hwa Chong Healthy Breakfast Menu

Kids were washing their hands after breakfast and frequently throughout the day.
Learning Vision Hwa Chong Washing Hands

“Tell me and I forget,
teach me and I may remember,
involve me and I learn.”

I was impressed that most of the learning activities were unconventional. I haven’t seen a single worksheet for the whole 4 days that we were there! There were many opportunities for children to learn hands-on.

James learns the word 面包 and 草莓果酱 by spreading strawberry jam on bread all by himself. Licking his fingers, smacking his lips and eating it!
Learning Vision Hands on Learning

Teachers play a very important role in a child’s life. Even more so when a child spends more than 8 hours in a childcare center with its care giver. I felt that the teachers at Learning Vision Hwa Chong genuinely love kids and their jobs too.

I wouldn’t have remained this cool with a roomful of abstract finger art painters, but the teachers remained nurturing. James painted a bunch of delicious looking 葡萄.
Learning Vision Hwa Chong nurturing teachers

圆形笑脸饼干. It was hard for James to resist those colorful chocolate bits while putting eyes and mouth on his “rounded face smiley biscuit”.
Learning Vision Hwa Chong Nurturing teachers

Even a simple session of story telling could become an opportunity to hone confidence of public speaking skills. Bringing story to life with puppetry. *two thumbs up*
Learning Vision Hwa Chong Story Telling

There were also a lot of singing and dancing, which the children thoroughly enjoyed!
Learning Vision Hwa Chong Circle time

And if weather permits, they can even play outdoor!
But before we go, teachers put on insect repellant for the kids.
Learning Vision Hwa Chong Outdoor Play Insect repellant

That Glorious Playground
Learning Vision Hwa Chong Outdoor Play Playground

Judging from those happy faces, this has got to be the BEST part of school!
Learning Vision Hwa Chong Outdoor Play playground

Learning Vision has a practice of serving Fruits before Food since research has shown that eating fruits before food is more beneficial as compared to vise verse.
Learning Vison Hwa Chong Fruits before Food

James sharing a lighthearted moment with teacher Alicia. Teachers were seen handling food with gloves each time food was being served. Nice Teachers from Learning Vision Hwa Chong

If a child was enrolled into a full day childcare program, they get to shower up before taking a little nap. James waiting patiently for his turn to hit the shower. It’s amazing to see how James was able to socially fit in even when he has never been to school before.
Learning Vision Hwa Chong Bathtime

The rest of his classmates took their bottles and napped,
while my little rebel had other plans.
Learning Vision Hwa Chong Naptime

After a good nap,
it’s time for a little snack.
Learning Vision Hwa Chong Snack Time

Then there were more singing and dancing.

While waiting for parents to come pick them up, children could choose to read a book…
Learning Vision Hwa Chong Open Learning

Or perhaps even explore a manipulative toy from the easily accessible cubby hole…
Learning Vision Hwa Chong Self Directed Learning

James is totally in love with the stringing toy!!
Learning Vision Hwa Chong manipulative toy

School has proven to be a joyful learning experience for James. I was surprised to see the bond building up between teachers and James in just 4 short days. James even hugged teacher Alicia on his last day of school.

Aww… That was really heart warming!

Even though James has grown to love the school and the teachers at Learning Vision, it’s a pity that the traveling distance to Hwa Chong is a tad too far for us. I’ll be checking out other branches and hopefully have a secure childcare placement for James soon.

Interested in checking out Learning Vision too?
With 21 easily accessible centers islandwide,
arranging for a personal tour around the school is a breeze.
Simply Call 67810888 or Email enquiries@learningvision.com.sg

Check out Learning Vision’s website (www.learningvision.com) for more details,
and to like them on Facebook to stay updated on their upcoming open house and the latest happenings at the centers.

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