The Significance of Reunion Dinner

The Reunion Dinner: The start of a billion migration.

In China, it is estimated that for this year’s Spring Festival, there will be over 3.6 billion “journeys” by Chinese people trying to make it home by plane, train, bus, or anything in between.

This shows the Significance of Reunion Dinner for the Chinese. Reunion Dinner normally happens on the eve of Chinese New Year. It is a day when family gathers and have a good meal together.

Being a Cantonese, we are particular about what we dish out during Reunion Dinner. Every dish should have an auspicious meaning to it. This is our first time preparing Reunion Dinner from home. I personalty find that it holds more significance than eating out at overcrowded restaurants.

This is what our Reunion Dinner looks like:
Singapore Mom Blogger Irene Soh Cooks Auspicious Dishes for Reunion DInner

1. James having a light hearted moment with Aunty Ivy.

2. 发财鱼生 Prosperity Toss “raw fish salad” Consists of strips of raw fish, mixed with shredded vegetables and a variety of sauces and condiments, among other ingredients. Yusheng literally means “raw fish” but since “fish (鱼)” is commonly conflated with its homophone “abundance (余)”, Yúshēng (鱼生) is interpreted as a homophone for Yúshēng (余升) meaning an increase in abundance. Therefore, yusheng is considered a symbol of abundance, prosperity and vigor. Highly Recommend YuSheng from Giant Supermarket Sushi Counter!!

3. EXTRA 鱼生 given by Our Neighbour! This year confirm will end in ABUNDANCE!

4. 六宝冷盘 Six Treasure Clod Platter

5. 横财就手 Braised Pork Knuckles with Mushrooms, Dried Scallops, Dried Oyster, Chestnut, Sea Cucumber & Sea Moss. It literally means “windfalls that are easily accessible”.

6. 年年有余 Steam fish in soy Sauce topped with fried garlic & caipo. This dish literally means to have a surplus every year!

7. 哈哈大笑 Steam prawns in Chinese Wine. The word for prawn sounds like “ha” in Cantonese, hence symbolizing laughter and happiness.

8. 花开富贵, 包有余 Stir fried vegetables with Abalone. When the flowers blossom, there will be prosperity and confirmation of surplus.

9. The Love of a Family is Life’s Greatest Blessings!

I am encouraged by the compliments by everyone and will definitely do this again!

May the year horse be filled with
galloping success, good health, great wealth and abundance happiness for everyone!

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