Swensen’s celebrates SG50 | Swensen’s SG50 Menu (Jan-Mar)

That is the signature flashy smile whenever we dine in Swensen’s at Orchard Ion.
Swensens Ion SG50 menu

Hiroshi had Mac & Cheese while Sophia dived straight into her Fish ‘N’ Chippies.
Swensen’s kids meal were served on adorable SubmaRay,
accompanied by a choice of drink and cup corn.
Swensens Kids Meal

I personally hope to see more colors, especially greens in Swensen’s kids’ meal.
But my thoughts doesn’t really seems to matter much,
because the kids wolfed down their kids meal and gave 2 thumbs up for taste!

Alrighty let’s get back to the main highlights of the entire food tasting.
Swensen’s celebrates Singapore’s 50th Birthday with symbolic SG50 menu!

For the whole year of 2015, diners can expect an intriguing dish every month at Swensen’s as part of an ongoing joyous celebration for the nation’s 50 milestone.

January 2015:
Laksa Aglio Olio with King Prawns ($14.90)
Our votes were unanimous for this one. DIE DIE MUST EAT!
Putting on a local twist on the classic Aglio Olio. Succulent king prawns poached in flavorful Court-Bouillion and tossed in tantalizing Laksa Pesto and fragrant Laksa leaves. It’s a perfect marriage of east meets west. Love it beyond words!
Swensens SG50 Menu: (jan) Laksa Aglio Olio with King Prawns

February 2015:
Grilled Chicken with Spicy Satay Sauce ($14.90)
I love satay, I really do…
Juicy chicken marinated with chef’s special blend of spices and grilled to tender perfection, accompanied with a delicious homemade satay gravy. Complemented perfectly with fragrant pineapple butter rice and refreshing mixed salad.
Gratifying in every mouthful with huge juicy chunks of chicken satay!
Swensen's SG50 Menu: (Feb) Grilled Chicken with Spicy Satay Sauce

March 2015:
Beef Rendang Baked Rice ($13.90)
Tender beef slices blasted in delectable homemade spicy rendang sauce, served over a bed of aromatic savory rice. Then baked to golden brown perfection with a layer of delicious melted cheese, and crowned with crispy prawn crackers for that crunchy finish.
I found that the beef slices was a tad dry on the sides, but the generous spicy gravy compansated for it. Love the full flavor. Will definitely be back for more!
Swensen's SG50 Menu: (march) Beef Rendang Baked Rice

The perfect way of ending our dinner was a selection of delightful Swensen’s Ice Cream.
Swensen's Orchard Ion Ice cream Buffet

The SG50 Menu launches in restaurants from
1st January 2015 and will run till 31st December 2015.
Each dish featured here will only be on the menu for one month,
So do check them out while it last!

Full Disclosure: We were invited to Swensen’s for media food tasting by Touch PR & Events. No momentary compensation was received. All views and opinion are my own.

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