Dr. Terence Tan from Halley Medical Aesthetics Revealed They Are Syringomas, Not Milia Seeds!

I’ve been plagued with a skin condition since very young. It’s not life threatening, but I just can’t simply ignore it! Tiny bumps started popping up around my eye area when I first started on a skincare routine at 9 years old. I hear you screaming in shock! My mama was THE “beauty influencer” I looked up to at a tender age! Vainpot-ni-siam kinda runs deep in our blood…

I didn’t know what they were. My any-own-how hantam diagnosis from Google seems to point me to the directions of it being milia seeds. I’ve actually stopped using any eye care product in fear of further worsening the condition since I thought milia seeds were caused by using products that were way too rich around the delicate eye area.

As I grow and age ever so gracefully, those bumps got more and more obvious! I’ve been on the lookout for a good medical aesthetic doctor to check out and treat this condition. So when Flora Isabelle posted about her experience on Halley Medical Aesthetics, I decided to go and get a consultation done with a medical professional rather than just trust Google.
Halley Medical Aesthetics

Wasn’t sure why I waited so long to consult a professional! Dr. Terence Tan is incredibly friendly and very approachable. I felt very much at ease during consultation. In just one glance, I was told that those tiny bumps were not milia seeds but syringoma instead.

20 years practicing experience really beats self assessment and Google hands down!
Doctor Terrance Halley Medical Asthetics

Sy-simi-goma?!? Such a big word that I’ve never heard before. Dr. Terence Tan patiently explains the differences between milia seeds and syringoma. Looks same same but different!

Milia Syringoma
– Asymptomatic, keratin-filled cysts.

– Superficial, pearly white, 1-2mm in diameter.

– Skin-coloured or yellowish, small, asymptomatic dermal papules that may appear translucent or cystic.
– Less than 3mm in diameter.  Multiple in symmetrical clusters.

Milia VS Syringoma

And you know what… the sway thing is, Asians are more prone to Syringoma. The only way to get rid of Syringoma is by CO2 laser. Dr. Terence Tan advised that the results are often uncertain and the ability to heal differs. And there’s no telling if you’re that lucky bitch who would heal perfectly or the sway one who would end up scaring coz your skin cell lousy-pox don’t regenerate fast enough. 😥

Judging from my age and my ability to heal I think I’ll most likely fall under the sway-chee category. So better don’t take that risk loh!

Dr. Terence Tan asked if I had any other concerns. Of course I do, and my list is even longer than my grocery shopping list. Apart from Syringoma, I’ve got plenty of fine lines, a collection of prada eye bags and slight hollow + sagging skin due to aging. It would also be an absolute bonus if Dr. Terence Tan could do something about my nose bridge which was close to non-existence.

For a total overhaul of the face, Dr. Terence Tan suggested Ultherapy; a skin tightening treatment that uses high intensity focused ultrasound to lift droopy eyelids, fill in wrinkles, reduce the appearance of eyebags, and tighten sagging skin on the cheeks area.

Whereas for my close to non-existence nose bridge, Dr. Terence Tan suggested using fillers to create a more projected mid face to compliment my forehead and chin. And while I’m at it, I could also consider fillers for tear trough as it would fill up my hollow under eye hence reducing the appearance of dark eye rings.

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

I’ve decided to go with the fillers. YOLO, don’t want to live with the nagging feel of “what ifs”… Bye bye photo editing apps, I could actually have chio-er nose bridge in real life!

Check back soon as I share first hand virgin experiences on nose bridge and tear trough fillers. Mad excited! #YOLO #JustDoIt

Mary Chia Hinoki Cypress Face Sculpting Treatment

After a short hiatus since February, I’m now back into the hustle and bustle of Public Relations industry. Things are moving a lot faster and I can’t be more thankful to be given opportunities. I decided to give myself a well deserved pampering treat after a busy week at work. I signed up for Mary Chia Hinoki Cypress Face Sculpting Treatment to unwind and hopefully brag on Instagram with the hashtag #iWokeUpLikeThis! 😆
Mary Chia Hinoki Cypress Face Sculpting Treatment

I was told the treatment would leave me with a well contoured face and glowing radiant skin. “准吗? 真的有那么神奇吗?” I asked in disbelieve. Apparently, the magic lies in a special tool made from the therapeutic Hinoki Cypress tree. The shape of the tool was designed to mimic the physical shape of a therapist’s hands at work, with up to six times the strength to enhance its effect on the lymphatic drainage system. I kept a skeptical mind with such exaggerated claims!
Mary Chia Hinoki Cypress Face Sculpting Treatment

Like any other facial treatment, we started of with a cleansing routine using a gentle cleansing foam. Then a warm face and head compress was used to kick-start the treatment process. Thereafter, a blend of Grapefruit and Grape Seed oil was applied and my therapist worked her magic with light pressure on various pressure points along the décolleté and neck to stimulate detoxification through lymphatic drainage using the Cypress hand apparatus. This is to reduce the appearance of uneven skin due to clogged nodes and tired muscles.

My therapist has been working on the left side of the décolleté, and the image below shows that the area of the left collar bone is clearly lifted! I’m now a believer! Damn magical right!!
Mary Chia Hinoki Cypress Face Sculpting Treatment

The pampering treat continues with soft hand massage across all key area of the face. Followed by the “magical” Cypress hand apparatus dipped in the Grapefruit oil gliding across the contours of the face, concentrating on facial acupuncture points to shape, detoxify as well as stimulate cells. Although the image below isn’t that obvious, but the left side of my face where the therapist was working on seems to be slightly lifted and contoured. 🙂
Mary Chia Hinoki Cypress Face Sculpting Treatment

A balancing mask was left on for 20 minutes to improve the radiance of my face.
Mary Chia Hinoki Cypress Face Sculpting Treatment

Cold compress to seal the goodness all in!
Mary Chia Hinoki Cypress Face Sculpting Treatment

A final generous spritz of Mary Chia’s renowned MU V.TIVATE Mist Spray is added to intensify the lifting effects from the Hinoki Cypress Face Sculpting Treatment. That was 90 minutes well spent! I walked out of the treatment room refreshed. Feels like a million bucks with my skin shinning like a diamond and a more contoured V-face shape. #iREALLYwokeUpLikeThat!

For up to date promotions by Mary Chia, visit their Facebook page.

The Hinoki Cypress Face Sculpting Treatment is 90 mins and is available at an introductory price of $180 before GST (Usual price $235) across all Mary Chia and Urban Homme centres.

Full Disclosure: We’ve been invited to Mary Chia to try out the Hinoki Cypress Face Sculpting Treatment for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation has been received. Views and opinion reflected on this blog post are my own and are no way influenced by anybody else.

A(un)t-boxing Leagoo Shark 1 Mobile Phone

Techy AhSoh strikes again with an A(un)t-boxing video of Leagoo Shark 1 mobile phone.
First part of the video shows what’s in the box while 1.30s onward is mainly about specs.

First impression of the Leagoo Shark 1: Feels extremely solid and well-built.

It’s available in 3 different colour; Starlight Silver, Midnight Black & Champagne Gold. Full HD 6″ screen with 63000mAh battery power weights 240.9g and only 8.5mm thin.
Leagoo Shark 1

Equipped with 64bit 1.3GHz Octa core processor, has 3GB Ram, 16GB Rom and the possibility of up to 64GB external micro SD card. And even got dual sim card slots leh!

13 megapixels, f2.0 Sony rear camera with dual flash & BSI Sensor. 5 megapixels front camera with flash. Make my London fat duck looks extremely yummy!

Looking forward to 6300mAh power filled days ahead where I don’t need to bring an extra power bank! Check back in 2 weeks to read about our user experience with the Leagoo Shark 1.

Full Disclosure: We’ve been given a set of Leagoo Shark 1 for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation has been received. Views and opinion reflected on this blog post are my own and are no way influenced by anybody else.

The PRACTICAL Proposal

I jumped on the bandwagon with 14 other parent bloggers to openly declare our proposal stories. I’ve read 11 proposal strories by far, and I think they are all very romantic and well planned out.

I’m risking my life to cover this story, coz I know Kitson is going to kill me! Here’s mine…

Kitson and myself met through work, and to be rightfully precise, 35,000ft above sea level.

We spent more time being apart than together. But like any newly minted love birds, we took many opportunities to swap out our flights so that we can be together. Kitson is 13 years my senior, and we dated for a year.

I remembered being extremely upfront, telling Kitson if I’m not his kind of wife material, he should seriously move on to another due to his age. I waited, but NOTHING. I guess we were both happy at where our relationship was at that point of time.

Life goes on and we are happy doing what we have been doing, traveling together and enjoying one another. There was no reason to reinvent the wheels.

But everything changed on that ONE fateful day:

Kitson was scheduled for Hong Kong night stop where the flight touch down late and the crew would stay at the layover city for a night. I was off that day and decided to send him off work on his bike and even planned to meet a friend thereafter.

Kitson suggested that I should take the bike, so that it would be more convenient for me to travel around and meet my friend. I agreed, but I barely made it to my final destination and got into an accident at Old Tampines Road! I instinctively called Kitson to tell him that I was involved in an accident, but I wasn’t badly hurt. Just some bruises and scratches.

He sounded extremely worried over the phone and suggested taking emergency MC so that he could get to me right away. I refuse to let him do that with risks of jeopardising his career. He then sent his cousin over to the accident location to get me, and left for Hong Kong.

Kitson SMSed me once he touched down in HongKong, and we stayed constantly in touch with him asking me every other minute if I’m feeling alright. He was such a worry-wart despite me repetitively telling him that I was doing fine!

Without a shadow of doubt, I was the first person he met when he touched down in Singapore. It was like any other day, and we were seated on the bed in my room. Out of the blues, he told me that he was very worried when I told him that I got into an accident, and for the couple of hours we spent apart, he cannot stop thinking about me and how he couldn’t live his life away from mine. Then that all important question came, “shall we get married?” he asked.

I stunted like vegetable then realised, “eh, no ring no flowers, and no bended knees woh!” Then Kitson replied, you agree we go buy now!

So that was how it happened. Do I feel shortchanged from a whirlwind proposal? Nah, not at all. If you know Kitson in person, you would have already known that he is not the touchy-feely sort of man, so to have him tell me his feelings then ask for my hand. I personally think that is the most sincere and practical proposal ever!

12 years, 6 months, 1 week, 3 days and 3 kids later. We’re still going strong.
AhSoh & AhPek Singapore practical proposal

For the next proposal story, we’re going back to the other owl of Owls Well Blogs – the one that cooks, sews, gardens and cultivates a plethora of strange and wonderful hobbies. A Becky Lee’s proposal story is fairly recent, as she’s only recently married, moved and is starting up a new life as a new bride. It’s romantic, but chock full of covert planning and secret-agent conversations!
Singapore parent blogger proposal story

Pak tor bring “lightbulb” coz MEATliquor SIN offers value-for-money $12 kiddy meals!

With Kitson’s hectic flying schedule, date nights are really rare and hard to come by. Uber thrilled to swing by MEATliquor SIN recently for a well deserving night out, but we decided to lug the entire kampung along since the kiddy meals are so darn affordable! #ByeByeDateNight
MeatLiquor Singapore

The burger chain founded by two friends with humble beginnings from a South London “MEATwagon” promises delicious sloppy burgers and good laughs. The interior at MEATliquor SIN is very much based off the original concept in the UK. Hip, edgy and strangely whimsical.

What’s a date night without drinks? Kitson ordered Plumdog Millionaire (L) and felt like a million bucks throughout the night while I had the Duxton Fizz (R). With the extensive alcoholic drink menu, we could tell that MEATliquor SIN is dead serious about it’s spirits.
MEATliquor SIN Drinks

I had the Dead Hippie burger. 2 mustard-fried beef patties drizzled generously with dead hippie sauce. You ask what’s in the dead hippie sauce? Don’t know, don’t care. Delicious 就 can liao!
MEATliquor SIN Dead Hippie

Totally lovin’ quirky names of burgers at MEATliquor SIN. Kitson had the HDB Chicken Burger which was a brilliant construction of fried chicken fillet layered with cheese and hashbrown. But unfortunately, Kitson felt that most of the burgers were a tad to heavy for his delicate palate.
MEATliquor SIN HDB Chicken Burger

$12 kid’s combos to satisfy little tummies with a choice of mains, sides of fries or veggie sticks and a drink too. Personally thought it was a great deal. Value for money. Worth every penny!
MEATliquor SIN Kid's Meal Menu

Always thankful for restaurants who offers activities to keep little hands busy!
MEATliquor SIN Kid's Meal Menu

When it comes to designing a kid’s menu, hotdogs are really a no-brainer. Smoky flavors in the beef frank is truly addictive. I had a mouthful and kept going back for more.
MEATliquorSIN Kid's Meal Hot Dog

Generously thick prime-beef patties in the cheeseburger! No more second guessing! #SayNoToPinkSlime This is one happy meal I’ll rather feed my kids with!
MEATliquor SIN Kid's Meal Cheese Burger

No kid would ever resist or say no to deep fried chicken patties. Hiroshi chow-ed down this chicken burger like a champ. And YES, he did finish his veggie sticks too!
MEATliquor SIN Kid's Meal Chicken Burger

Top up $3 to end your kid’s meal with a happy note with ice cream.
MEATliquor SIN Kid's Meal Ice Cream

MEATliquor SIN is perfect for after office drinks, date nights and value for money kid’s meal.

MEATLiquor Singapore
99 Duxton Road Singapore 089543
Tel: +65 6221 5343
MeatLiquor Singapore

Opening Hours: Opens Daily | Lunch (11.30am – 2.30pm) and Dinner (5pm onwards)
MEATliquor is now taking reservations on Chope.

For latest news and promotions visit:
www.meatliquor.com.sg | MEATliquor Facebook | MEATliquor Instagram

Full Disclosure: We were invited to MEATliquor SIN by W Communications for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation has been received. Views and opinion reflected on this blog post are my own and are no way influenced by anybody else.