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James is TWO! (Part 2) | Sakae Sushi

Back Posting: 28 August 2014

The kids were excited to be back from school.
Hiroshi said, I cannot concentrate in school because I am excited about 弟弟’s birthday!
and Sophia chipped in saying, “Me too! Where are we going?!?”

The fact is, they have been counting down to their lil brother’s birthday from their organizers since many many months ago!
James's Birthday on organiser

Hiroshi was escalated to know that we would be celebrating James’s birthday at Sakae Sushi…Coz he loves Salmon Sashimi. Tsk tsk tsk… Very expensive taste buds!! 😋
Hiroshi eating raw salmon

Sophia loves her Califonia Monkey Maki. 😍
Sophia loves califonia maki

While I am happy with my bowl of chirashi that James is eyeing on!
while I am happy with my bowl of chiraishi

But James eventually decided to stick to his bowl of ramen. And like a true blue foodie, he was seen burying his face in the bowl and slurping ramen loudly.
James slurping noodles at sakae Sushi

James way of telling daddy this is how much I Love You!
I love you daddy

Turns out our decision to celebrate James’s birthday at Sakae Sushi was a great idea since he was practically entertained by the moving food on the conveyer belt…
James Sakae Sushi

Food quality seems to have improved at Sakae Sushi. Reasonably priced Japanese food. Service was alright. My only grouse was the restaurant layout was a little too tight.

Happiness is spending time together as a family.
James's Birthday Sakae Sushi

You may be our a little bundle of joy,
but the happiness you spread around is king size.
Happy 2nd Birthday James!

James is TWO! (Part 1) | Modesto’s

Back Posting: 27 August 2014
*extremely guilty that it took me a month to update James’s 2nd Birthday*

Looking at how little we are doing with James in our first trip to zoo posting,
I’ve decided to take pictures of James for 30 days leading up to his second birthday!
James is 2! 30 days to 3 collage

We started the morning by giving him undivided attention.
Celebrating James’s birthday with just the 2 of us at Modesto’s (Katong V).
Modesto's Pizzaria Singapore

Birthday boy had hungry pangs and decides that he could wait no more.
Bruschetta ($4.00/2 pcs) to the rescue!

Traditional Italian Wood-Fired Pizza
Costiera (Mini: $20 Regular: $25) Prawns, Squid & Crabsticks
Rustica (Mini: $18 Regular : $23) Marinated chicken slices, mushrooms & onions
Modesto's Pizza

Thin, crisp crusts with delicious toppings. A choice of having it “yin yang” means I can enjoy 2 pizza flavors at one go! Perfect for greedy people like me. Pizza will be charged the amount of the higher price pizza.

Fusilli Alla Boscaiola ($23.00) & Spaghetti Mare E Monti ($29.00)
Modesto's Pasta

James loved the Fusilli Alla Boscaiola. He was seen stuffing his face in the bowl of pasta, enjoying it and feeling very accomplished from self feeding.

Affogato Al Café ($10.00)
Single scoop vanilla ice-cream, topped with freshly brewed Italian espresso.
Modesto's Affogato Al Cafe

Tiramisú Modesto’s ($14.00)
One of the better Tiramisú I’ve tasted so far. And I must say I have high expectations for my Tiramisú, since there were only 2 that passed my stringent taste buds.

We were given a scoop of complimentary gelato for James’s birthday celebration. We appreciate the kind gesture. James totally love digging into the gelato in search for fresh blueberries and strawberries. *2 thumbs up!*
tiramisu Modesto's

On the overall, service has been topnotch. With a 50% off ala carte menu promotion, it was extremely valued for money! Restaurant ambiance is spacious and comfortable.

But unfortunately, Modesto’s at Katong V has ceased operation since 30th August 2014. There are still 3 other Modesto’s outlet situated at Orchard Parade Hotel, The Elizabeth Hotel and Vivo City. We’ll be back for more traditional Italian wood-fried Pizza! 😉

The birthday boy was happy and on a sugar high from all the cakes and ice creams he had. But, this post only conclude the first part of James’s Birthday celebration.

The birthday excitement goes on.
Come back and read all about part 2 of James’s Birthday Celebration…

Wordless Wednesday: Are you a Cat or Dog person?

These pictures are taken from our recent Malaysia trip
where stray cats roam free on the streets.

Ma look! A cat!!
Hey ma look a cat!

Shoo kid shoo! I’m trying to chill here!
Tabby cat gets irritated... shoo kid shoo....

Can you get this kid off my fur?
cat running away from james

I’m warning you kid. Stay out!
scary cat

Yet another cat James wants me to take a peekture of…
Another cat that james insisted that i take a peekture of...

Does this make James more of a cat rather than a dog person?

Nope, it seems like he has plenty of love for dogs too…

During a recent house warming party at my cousin’s place
saw James chasing dogs in and out of rooms…

And this is Posh patiently “giving” James a paw.
and sometimes, James likes dogs too

So are you a Cat or Dog person?
I am definitely a dog person, but from my recent encounters with cats,
I must say I am starting to develop some feelings for them too!

Linking up with Ai Sakura for Wordless Wednesday:

Possessed by Singulair | Odd Temper Tantrums by Singulair

James started throwing a huge tantrum from not getting his own seat in the car. I tried ways and means to pacify him, but he was inconsolable. He screeched at the top of his voice, making the 15 minutes car ride an eternal torture for its occupants. He started hitting, scratching and even attempted to bite me. Despite my stern warning he continues with his atrocious behaviour.

The tantrum didn’t stop after the 15 minutes car ride. Like a Taiwanese soap opera, it continued on… Everyone was seated for dinner and the crying persisted on. Patrons from the restaurants looked at me as if I’ve failed terribly to keep my own son under control. While the staffs were a little more empathetic, trying to coax James out of his trance. I walked out of the restaurant. Patiently talking to James hoping that he will snap out of it real soon. But my desperate pleads were being ignored. Food were ordered, food were served. But, like a broken record James went on and on and on.

My patience was running thin. I gave up. Decided to just stay in the car with James and let him vent it out. He became uncontrollably violent. Other than hitting, scratching and bitting me, he started throwing himself at the backseats. I’ve seen temper tantrums of a 2 year old kid. But, I swear this tantrum episode is out of the ordinary. It is nothing I’ve seen by far.

Nothing significant has changed in our lives for James to be behaving like that…

So we thought James’s medications (Singulair) which was prescribed by the Pediatrician for his wheezing problem might be the trigger source of this sudden tamper tantrums. After researching online, we realized that there were others in the same predicament. We stopped Singulair for a couple of days, and saw drastic improvement to his behavior.

Have you experience strange behaviors from your kids after Singulair?
Is this medication really safe for kids?
Singulair Temper Tantrums

James’s Babbling! | Update on James’s Speech Progression

This post is an update on James Speech Progression,
since the last posting of getting diagnosed with Isolated Speech Delay.

Sounds a tad silly for third time parents,
but we were truly excited to see James communicating
and having conversations in his own special way.

James’s ability to speak is still not on par with kids his age.
And I am not putting a yard stick on my child’s development.
I am only writing this down because under the eyes of a medical professional,
James speech progression has been deemed as delayed.
The caregiver workshop for speech language therapy by KKH
which I’ve attended in May wasn’t exactly beneficial in my personal opinion.
We are still waiting to see a speech language therapist next month,
and a hearing test which is scheduled for September.

Even thou James is still a man of few word, his level of understanding is amazingly good. He is able to understand and carry out instructions most of the time. His communication skills involves baby sign language, gesturing, babbling and words. It’s gratifying to see him trying really hard to communicate in his own ways.

James has been babbling a lot more these day. Often surprising me when I least expected it. He said “Auntie” and “Come Down” just the other day. And “straw” today!

Soon he’ll be picking up more words, then phrases and even sentences too. We’ll be having real conversations in no time. But for today, I am just enjoying James for who he is and what he is capable of.

Till then, I’m sure I’ll be looking back and missing all his adorable antics of gesturing and babbling.