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Possessed by Singulair | Odd Temper Tantrums by Singulair

James started throwing a huge tantrum from not getting his own seat in the car. I tried ways and means to pacify him, but he was inconsolable. He screeched at the top of his voice, making the 15 minutes car ride an eternal torture for its occupants. He started hitting, scratching and even attempted to bite me. Despite my stern warning he continues with his atrocious behaviour.

The tantrum didn’t stop after the 15 minutes car ride. Like a Taiwanese soap opera, it continued on… Everyone was seated for dinner and the crying persisted on. Patrons from the restaurants looked at me as if I’ve failed terribly to keep my own son under control. While the staffs were a little more empathetic, trying to coax James out of his trance. I walked out of the restaurant. Patiently talking to James hoping that he will snap out of it real soon. But my desperate pleads were being ignored. Food were ordered, food were served. But, like a broken record James went on and on and on.

My patience was running thin. I gave up. Decided to just stay in the car with James and let him vent it out. He became uncontrollably violent. Other than hitting, scratching and bitting me, he started throwing himself at the backseats. I’ve seen temper tantrums of a 2 year old kid. But, I swear this tantrum episode is out of the ordinary. It is nothing I’ve seen by far.

Nothing significant has changed in our lives for James to be behaving like that…

So we thought James’s medications (Singulair) which was prescribed by the Pediatrician for his wheezing problem might be the trigger source of this sudden tamper tantrums. After researching online, we realized that there were others in the same predicament. We stopped Singulair for a couple of days, and saw drastic improvement to his behavior.

Have you experience strange behaviors from your kids after Singulair?
Is this medication really safe for kids?
Singulair Temper Tantrums