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Wordless Wednesday: Are you a Cat or Dog person?

These pictures are taken from our recent Malaysia trip
where stray cats roam free on the streets.

Ma look! A cat!!
Hey ma look a cat!

Shoo kid shoo! I’m trying to chill here!
Tabby cat gets irritated... shoo kid shoo....

Can you get this kid off my fur?
cat running away from james

I’m warning you kid. Stay out!
scary cat

Yet another cat James wants me to take a peekture of…
Another cat that james insisted that i take a peekture of...

Does this make James more of a cat rather than a dog person?

Nope, it seems like he has plenty of love for dogs too…

During a recent house warming party at my cousin’s place
saw James chasing dogs in and out of rooms…

And this is Posh patiently “giving” James a paw.
and sometimes, James likes dogs too

So are you a Cat or Dog person?
I am definitely a dog person, but from my recent encounters with cats,
I must say I am starting to develop some feelings for them too!

Linking up with Ai Sakura for Wordless Wednesday:

Nostalgic Ipoh(Perak): Restoran Thean Chun (天津茶室)

Restoran Thean Chun;
a humble looking coffee house filled with nostalgic memories of yesteryears.
Restoran Thean Chun Ipoh

Sophia LOVED the Caramel Custard so much that she would fiercely fight off anyone who attempted to get a share of it! Egg Tea (蛋茶) didn’t look too appetizing, but the aromatic tea infused egg was pretty yummy. Hiroshi was just happy to get a glass of Ice Cold Milo in the scorching hot weather.
Restoran Thean Chun Ipoh Perak Caramel Custard egg tea

Chee Cheong Fun (CCF)
Restoran Thean Chun Chee Cheong Fun

Apart from the familiar Sweet Sauce we get from Singapore,
one can choose to have their CCF in Curry Pig Skin Sauce or Mushroom Sauce.
They are all topped generously with fried shallots and sesame seeds.
Restoran Thean Chun Chee Cheong Fun

Not the best I had in Ipoh, but it didn’t matter anyway….
The kids still chow down on those Chee Cheong Fun enthusiastically.

Shredded Chicken Flat Rice Noodles (鸡丝河粉/Kai Si Hor Fun)
Restoran Thean Chun Kai Si Sar Hor Fun Shredded Chicken Hor Fun

The texture of flat rice noodles is so smooth that it literately slides down my throat! Coupled with savory clear chicken & prawn broth makes this soupy dish a winner.
Restoran Thean Chun  Kai Si Sar Hor Fun Shredded Chicken Flat Rice Noodles

All these years,
Restoran Thean Chun has become more than just a place to keep tummies satisfied.
Restoran Thean Chun Ipoh Perak

It’s a place where friends gather, make memories and enjoy good food together.

Learning to shoot street photography from the hips.
Quite a fun experience!

Restoran Thean Chun
73, Jalan Market, Ipoh, 30000,
Ipoh, Perak, 30000, Malaysia

Phone: +60 5-255 3076