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Giveaway Alert: FOX Fashion for Kids this Chinese New Year

Media Invite

It’s the time of the year again where everywhere is decked in red with pretty pink cherry blossom. Where my “diet-starts-today-to-fit-that-sexy-cheongsam” fitness plan, often fail miserably because of those yummy irresistible new year goodies.

The perfect excuse season, for new clothes because our traditions says so. New Year, New Beginnings, New Hopes, New Clothes…

We are 3 weeks away from Chinese New Year!
We’re almost ready. Are you?!?

It wasn’t easy picking 3 sets of outfit among the wide range of choices at Fox Kids & Baby.
Fox Fashion Singapore Chinese New Year clothes for kids 2015

But with the kids fully engaged and entertained with Chinese Calligraphy by Confucius Institute.
Chinese New Year Clothes for Kids from Fox Fashion Sg

I managed to shop in peace. I bet you, only another mom could relate and feel my joy. It was pure bliss! Check out what I’ve picked up for the kids… I think they look über AWESOME in it.

Hiroshi sports casuals in a yellow printed tee, grey striped jacket and grey bermudas.
Fox FAshion SIngapore Chinese New Year Clothes for Kids

Sophia is girly in pink, with a white crochet tee under sweet pink jacket and blue ombre skirt.
Fox Fashion Singapore Chinese New Year Clothes for kids 2015

While James goes for bold in this thick striped tee and black bermudas.
Fox Fashion Singapore Chinese New Year clothes for kids 2015

Like what you see?
Like, Share and Comment about which outfit you’ll like to win on FOX Fashion Facebook Page.
Giveaway ends on 6 February 2015, 12pm.
Fox Fashion Singapore Chinese NEw YEar clothes for kids 2015

Can’t wait? Need to shop at Fox Kids & Baby right away?
Check out these attractive Chinese New Year Promotion.
Promotion is valid till 18 Feb, 2015.
Fox Fashion Chinese new year clothes for kids 2015

The kids are definitely excited and can’t wait for Chinese New Year to come by sooner so that they can put on their new clothes. And as for me? It’s back to those dreadful spring cleaning. I’m still looking around the bushes for Flora, Fauna and Merryweather so that they can solve my spring cleaning woes by the wave of their magical wands. If you see them, do let me know…

*puts on rubber gloves and starts floor scrubbing*

Full Disclosure:
We were invited by Fox Fashion Singapore to preview 2015 Fox Kids & Baby Chinese New Year Collection. My kids received 1 set of clothes each and had happy memories of messing around with Chinese calligraphy brushes. NO monetary compensation has been received for this post.

Keep Kids brushing like Magic!

I am finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.
For the first time ever, they volunteered to BRUSH even before I could nag!

Wanna know how?
The secret lies in Disney Magic Timer App by Oral B.
Disney Magic Timer App from Oral B

I bet you, no kids will ever resist the magic of Disney characters.
But when used together with an incredible mobile App,
this is an unbeatable combination to get kids brushing on their own!

Sophia setting up her account and chose to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast.
Disney Magic Timer App by Oral B

Simply scan any Oral B Stages product and watch the magic unfold before you.
Disney Magic Timer by Oral B

Sophia’s eyes were fixated at the screen
while trying to “brush” away the foam to see the image that lies beneath.
Disney Magic Timer App by Oral B

She brushed for a full 2 minutes!
(Can you feel me jumping in joy!!)

Sophia was excited about collecting stickers after brushing her teeth
and looked forward to bushing again in the evening!
Disney Magic Timer App by Oral B

Even James was enthusiastic about brushing. He took Hiroshi’s Oral-B Pro-Health Stages Disney Cars Power toothbrush and went Me, Me, Me!!
Disney Magic TImer App by Oral B

Oral B Stages product are great investments for better Oral Hygiene in young kids.
Oral B Stages Disney Power Toothbrush

Watch Video to find out more about Disney Magic Timer App by Oral B

You can download the FREE Disney Magic Timer app from either
Disney Magic Timer App Apple Appstore OR Disney Magic Timer App by Google Playstore

Cheers to better Oral Hygiene for our kids.
Let’s Keep Calm and Brush on!

Full Disclosure: We have been gifted Oral B products for the purpose of this review. But all view, opinions, and fresh breath are our own.

Get Ready for Bad Air Days with Philips Air Purifier AC4014

There are 2 things that I would invest in my kids’ lives regardlessly.
Health and Education.

Hiroshi and Sophia practically grew up problem free.

But as for James, we have plenty to worry about. Not only is he plagued with the trouble of eczema, he has an sensitive airway too. Each time he comes down with a cough or flu, it will automatically worsen into bronchitis. The inhaler has turned into a permanent fixture at home. I think it is God’s way of making us work the extra mile since he is probably our last child!

In our case and for the sake of James we have an air purifier. An industrial grade one which is also widely used in hospitals around Singapore. It works perfectly, but aesthetically, it looked terrible.

I was excited to see Philips launching a whole range of air purifiers.

Aesthetically, it was Love at First Sight.
It is at least half the size as compared to our existing air purifier.
Philips Air Purifier

3 steps Filtration system aka Philips VitaShield IPS (Intelligent Purification System) Technology removes 99.9% of Bacterial from indoor air.
Philips Air Purifier 3 steps filter system

Step 1: Pre- Filter Netting
Filters large particles such as house dust and pet hair.
It is also anti-bacteria for added protection
*Can be washed easily, just like air-con filters*
Philips Air Purifier Pre filter

Step 2: Activated Carbon Filter
Removes odors, harmful gasses like benzene, formaldehyde including cigarette smoke and VOC emitted from household cleaning supplies, and paint fumes.
Philips Air Purifier Activated Carbon Filter

Step 3: Anti-Bacteria HEPA Filter
Capable of removing 90% of ultrafine particles (PM2.5) in the air including airbone viruses carried in droplets, mould, pollen. Effectively remove 99.9% of bacteria.
Philips Air Purifier HEPA Filter

p/s: Yours truly used it straight out from the box without realizing that the filters are individually wrapped in plastic inside the Philips Air Purifier Unit. So learn from my epic silly mistake, remove plastic from filters before using!

The additional features include easy-to-set (1/4/8 hours) timer which was hardly put to use since we turn on our purifier 24/7. Running at 36w, the Philips Air Purifier is definitely gentle on our pockets as well.

3 step fan-speed to adjust air flow to one’ liking. Ours is always on speed 1.

3-step light indicators (Blue-Good; Purple- Fair, Red- Bad) is a great add on, as it clearly show air quality level and when I need to bulk on on my stash of N95 masks!
Philips Air Purifier 3 step light indication for air quality

No more marking your calendars for filter replacement. This gadget is so smart that it even gives you a timely warning for filter replacements.

Finally an air purifier that looks good in a modern home
without the compromise over efficiency.

We love the Philips Air Purifier.

But, if I had to seriously nitpick, perhaps a “lock-screen” on the control buttons would be a useful feature to have for parents like myself.

James is intrigued by the buttons and is constantly pushing it. #outsmartedmommy
Philips Air Purifier James Outsmarted Mommy

I am not taking the current good air days for granted.
(Read about how our family survived with last years INSANE Haze level of PSI 401)
My Haze Survival kit comes with a good Air Purifier and a Healthy stash of N95 Masks.
Philips Air Purifier Haze Kit

Never be caught off guard ever again.
Stay Prepared.

Full Disclosure: We were given a set of Philips Air Purifier AC4014 for the purpose of this review. No other monetary compensation was received. All views, opinions and a nearly bacteria free room are my own.

Soup House SG Whampoa

Looking at the amount of dedication put forth in every bowl of soup by Andy; the proprietor of Soup House SG Whampoa. I totally felt that this is Soup made for the Soul.

Not only does Andy makes soups that are delicious. He is also adamant about bringing nutritious, and healthier food choices to his customers too.

明目鱼汤 (Ming Mu Yu Soup)
The rare ingredient in this soup, 明目鱼 has properties to improve ones sight.
The texture of the yam rice is light and very delicious.
Andy uses olive oil for his yam rice for a healthier alternative.

冬瓜汤 (Winter Melon Soup)
The clear soup broth is mild and has a hint of sweetness from the winter melon. Andy said that the skin of the winter melon should be left intact as it helps the removal of dampness in the body.

(Herbal Black Chicken Soup & Herbal Chicken Soup)
Herbal Black Chicken Soup was packed with flavor. Andy added his magical touch before serving up the Herbal Black Chicken Soup; a dash of chinese wine. To the commoner, the action may seem insignificant, but to the master, it opens up a whole new dimension. Taste of the Herbal Chicken Soup on the hand was less empowering, but equally as enjoyable.

翅瓜汤 (Skarkfin Melon Soup)
Looking at the presentation of each soup, I could only imagine the amount of effort puts forth in every bowl! This looks like restaurant standard but kopitiam prices. Mellow clear soup broth, beautiful presentation and pleasant tasting.

木瓜汤 (Papaya Soup)
This is a hybrid between soup and dessert. The subtle sweetness from the papaya and the nourishing white fungus and the promises of better complexion makes this soup a hit with the ladies. Very unique and tasty.

It has been an enriching experience at Soup House SG (Whampoa). Andy shared many secrets of enjoying double boil soup, stressing that all ingredients should be taken alongside with its soup.

We’ll be back for more soupy goodness!
At the meantime, checkout our interview with Andy
and what others think about Soup House SG:

Linking up with Dinomama for Foodie Fridays

Full Disclosure: We have been invited to Soup House SG Whampoa for food tasting. All views and opinion are our own.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Single Electric Breast Pump Review

I wouldn’t say that breastfeeding is the hardest part of motherhood. But with that being said, I won’t say it is the easiest part either. My breastfeeding journey with all 3 kids have their fair share of ups and downs. I’ve come to learn that each child is different and we simply learn from experiences.

Having breast-fed 3 kids and going through 3 different breast pumps, I consider myself a semi professional in this area.

This is the first time we are reviewing a breast pump that is not so “mainstream”. The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Single electric Breast Pump.

The Great Reveal:
Other than the breast pump and the electrical unit. There are also a 150ml feeding bottle with slow flow teat, 1 breast milk storage pot, 6 breastpads, and a steriliser box that doubles up as a carry case.

There are 3 settings on the electrical unit. Low, Medium, and High. The flexibility of being able to operated the breast pump on 4 AAA batteries makes this an added advantage for those who pump on the go.

There were chunky parts that made up the breast pump. Assembling the breast pump was simple and cleaning it was a breeze.

I totally liked the idea of pumping directly into storage pots. Perfect for mixing up with rice cereal when the baby starts weaning. Less transferring between bottles hence, less wastage. I swear every drop is like precious liquid gold!

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Single electric Breast Pump is Comfortable spelt with a capital C! I’ve used a similar product from a leading brand and it hurts badly. The silicon seal on the breast pump made a difference. Seriously gentle on the breast!

The white noise from the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Single electric Breast Pump is similar to other electric breast pumps out in the market.

I like the product. But, if I had to nit pick, I’ll say the Bottle Stand wasn’t stable and it tends to topple. So my suggestion would be pump and store immediately, rather than have to cry over spilled milk (pun intended).

Even with that being said, I would reccomend the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Single Electric Breast Pump for it’s extreme comfort. The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Single Electric Breast Pump is avalable at Mothercare for $299.

Full Disclosure: We were given the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Single Electric Breast Pump by Mothercare for reviewing purposes. No monetary compensation was recieved.