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The Music Run by AIA – Bonding with your Tweenager

tweenager [tween-ey-jer]

Kid who thinks he/she is too mature to do kiddy stuff but yet to young to rock it like a teenager. Roughly between the age of 10 – 12. Answers parent’s long winded questions with either one syllabus answers or aberration such as idk (I don’t know) or a mere shoulder shrug.

Description fits your child? Congrats. You’ve got yourselves a tweenager.

Hiroshi is at the age where kids try to outdo one another to be the coolest kid on the block. They talk about what’s trending, and music plays a huge part of their lives. Hiroshi constantly adds new songs into his Spotify playlist, and that’s how I stay up to date in terms of music choices.

😀 So when I heard about The Music Run, I thought Hiroshi would be eager to join me in this 5km run. #coolparentwannabe We signed up and he got excited about voting for the music he wants for The Music Run on Spotify!

Time check : 3.30pm | Venue: The Music Village
An infectious and energetic blend of music filling up the atmosphere at Sentosa with over 10,000 Music Runners for the highly anticipated Music Run, which saw tickets sold out one week earlier!
The Music Run Singapore by AIA stage activites

Checking out fringe activities at The Music Village…

Hiroshi is totally tickled by my goofy dance moves and the idea of silent disco. Music from the DJ is broadcast via a radio transmitter with the signal being picked up by wireless headphone receivers worn by music runners. No more noise curfews. We can party “quietly” all night long!
The Music Run Singapore by AIA 2016 Silent Disco

The giant inflatable slide is the place to be for kids (and adults too). Hiroshi kept going up and down till he was sweating buckets! The AIA Vitality Extreme Keyboard adds musical rhythm to every step we take. If we have this in our public spaces, I sumpa, I’ll take the stairs at all time!
The Music Run Singapore by AIA fringe activities

Hiroshi domineering the table football and making new friends along the way.
The Music Run Singapore by AIA 2016 table football

People was just chilling and playing giantic jenga while waiting for The Music Run to start.
The Music Run Singapore by AIA 2016 Giant Jenga

The emcees and popular local band The Sam Willows had the crowd all hyped up at center stage followed by Fitness First leading the warm-up exercises before the flag-off.

Time check: 5pm
The moment we’ve all been waiting for! FLAG OFF!

The 5km route was filled with five different 1km Music Zones (Rock, Pop, Old School, Hip Hop & Dance). It was also lined with over 120 concert quality speakers pumping 150,000 watts of music throughout The Music Run. With bits of “do you know?” fun facts along the way too!
The Music Run Singapore by AIA 2016 Flag off

In each Music Zone along the 5km route, music runners were also treated to special interactive activities such as the cool Harley Davidson bikers in the AIA Rock Zone.
The Music Run Singapore by AIA 2016 Rock Zone

Giant candy pops and huge beach balls at the Pop Zone. Hiroshi’s favorite music zone!
The Music Run Singapore bu AIA Pop Zone

Pop star doppelgangers and lookalikes in Old School Zone. By far my favorite music zone!
The Music Run Singapore by AIA 2016 Old School Zone

Giant Graffiti wall and uber cool looking cars at the AIA Hip Hop Zone.
The Music Run Singapore by AIA 2016 Hip Hop zone

Finally down to our last KM, which proves to be the hardest as experienced from Hello Kitty Run and My Little Pony Friendship Run. Held on, and decided that we aren’t cheating or quitting!

We totally missed those killer selfie and wefie moments in the W Dance Zone, since they were already packing up when we got there! #slowpokes
The Music Run Singapore by AIA 2016 Dance Zone

Hiroshi was just glad we made it back to the finishing line!
The Music Run Singagapore by AIA 2016 Finishing Line

Spectacular view greeted us. Celebrating the fact that we persevered and did not give up even though the going got tough! #LikeReal 😀 They were actually celebrating AIA’s 85th Birthday with a huge bash! DJ Sam Withers was already working up the crowd with awesome music…
The Music Run SIngapore by AIA 2016 Fireworks

We must have been the LAST to arrive at the finishing line, since they’ve already kept all the medals when we got back. But, a very kind lady took the trouble to look for them and got us those medals to reward us for our “never-give-up” attitude. Even if it meant coming in last.

Check out the highlights and you might want to sign up for The Music Run next year. 😆

Well, at least now I know Hiroshi loves music but hates running. Perhaps, I’ll do The Music Run with Kitson next year and party at the music village till there’s no tomorrow.

Full Disclosure: We were invited to The Music Run by Ninemer PR. No monetary compensation has been received. Views and opinion reflected on this blog post are my own and are no way influenced by anybody else.

My Little Pony Friendship Run 2016

-Media Invite-

My childhood sounded kinda deprived as I’m completely oblivious to My Little Pony even though the popular cartoon series was introduced in the early 1980s. I’ve only started pony-pedia when Sophia requested for a My Little Pony themed cake during her 6th birthday. I swear it was literately a crash course recognising ponies and their cutie marks! #ThingsMothersDo!
My Little Pony Themed cupcakes

Although her support now wavers between My Little Pony and The Littlest Pet Shop, I knew she would be mad excited about the inaugural My Little pony Friendship run! Totally lovin’ all the pony-rific exclusive plush toys from the event! #NotSponsored #AhSoh血汗钱

I thought it would be fun to go for the run as our favorite ponies and Sophia agrees. Sophia wants to be Twilight Sparkle and I’ll be the ever cheerful Pinkie Pie!

I’ve used light weight air dried clay for my pony ears and unicorn horns. Jumping clay works really well for this too. I got all my clay supplies from Art Friend at Plaza Singapura or Bras Basah Complex. After drying out, I would strongly suggest putting your ears and unicorn horn on a hairband or alligator hair clip with SUPERGLUE. (Hot glue is pretty useless here!)

In this time and age, you could learn everything from YouTube…

Instructions to My Little Pony Ears

Instructions to My Little Pony Unicorn Horns

We made it. Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie reported live from My Little Pony Friendship Run at Palawan Beach last Sunday! Our very first time cosplaying, but it was seriously a hell lot of fun!
My Little Pony Friendship Run 2016

You cannot call this a friendship run if your #BFF ain’t there! We’ve got Rainbow Dash flagging us off alongside with Mr Vernon Lee, Business Development Director of Medialink Singapore.

Insanely magical when we ran past a zone with a gazillion bubbles that fills the air!
My Litle Pony Friendship Run 2016

Hey Rainbow Dash we’re going somewhere over the rainbow!
And the dreams that you dreamed of… Dreams really do come true…
My Little Pony FriendShip Run 2016

I might not be the conventional mom who dishes out parenting advice… But I believe in sharing a child’s interest, experiencing crazy stuff together for the first time and learning to laugh at one another would bring the relationship to a whole new level. Bottom line is, we both had fun at My Little Pony Friendship Run 2016, and we’ll always do it again in a heartbeat!

When in doubt, remember this… You’re born to stand out, so why fit in? Ignore the neigh-sayers, always give your best, live the fullest and have fun at whatever your do in life.

Another cute medal and beautiful memories added into my collection.
My Little Pony Friendship Run 2016

Thank you SPRG for the kind invitation to participate in My Little Pony Friendship Run 2016.