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James is TWO! (Part 2) | Sakae Sushi

Back Posting: 28 August 2014

The kids were excited to be back from school.
Hiroshi said, I cannot concentrate in school because I am excited about 弟弟’s birthday!
and Sophia chipped in saying, “Me too! Where are we going?!?”

The fact is, they have been counting down to their lil brother’s birthday from their organizers since many many months ago!
James's Birthday on organiser

Hiroshi was escalated to know that we would be celebrating James’s birthday at Sakae Sushi…Coz he loves Salmon Sashimi. Tsk tsk tsk… Very expensive taste buds!! 😋
Hiroshi eating raw salmon

Sophia loves her Califonia Monkey Maki. 😍
Sophia loves califonia maki

While I am happy with my bowl of chirashi that James is eyeing on!
while I am happy with my bowl of chiraishi

But James eventually decided to stick to his bowl of ramen. And like a true blue foodie, he was seen burying his face in the bowl and slurping ramen loudly.
James slurping noodles at sakae Sushi

James way of telling daddy this is how much I Love You!
I love you daddy

Turns out our decision to celebrate James’s birthday at Sakae Sushi was a great idea since he was practically entertained by the moving food on the conveyer belt…
James Sakae Sushi

Food quality seems to have improved at Sakae Sushi. Reasonably priced Japanese food. Service was alright. My only grouse was the restaurant layout was a little too tight.

Happiness is spending time together as a family.
James's Birthday Sakae Sushi

You may be our a little bundle of joy,
but the happiness you spread around is king size.
Happy 2nd Birthday James!