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The Music Run by AIA – Bonding with your Tweenager

tweenager [tween-ey-jer]

Kid who thinks he/she is too mature to do kiddy stuff but yet to young to rock it like a teenager. Roughly between the age of 10 – 12. Answers parent’s long winded questions with either one syllabus answers or aberration such as idk (I don’t know) or a mere shoulder shrug.

Description fits your child? Congrats. You’ve got yourselves a tweenager.

Hiroshi is at the age where kids try to outdo one another to be the coolest kid on the block. They talk about what’s trending, and music plays a huge part of their lives. Hiroshi constantly adds new songs into his Spotify playlist, and that’s how I stay up to date in terms of music choices.

😀 So when I heard about The Music Run, I thought Hiroshi would be eager to join me in this 5km run. #coolparentwannabe We signed up and he got excited about voting for the music he wants for The Music Run on Spotify!

Time check : 3.30pm | Venue: The Music Village
An infectious and energetic blend of music filling up the atmosphere at Sentosa with over 10,000 Music Runners for the highly anticipated Music Run, which saw tickets sold out one week earlier!
The Music Run Singapore by AIA stage activites

Checking out fringe activities at The Music Village…

Hiroshi is totally tickled by my goofy dance moves and the idea of silent disco. Music from the DJ is broadcast via a radio transmitter with the signal being picked up by wireless headphone receivers worn by music runners. No more noise curfews. We can party “quietly” all night long!
The Music Run Singapore by AIA 2016 Silent Disco

The giant inflatable slide is the place to be for kids (and adults too). Hiroshi kept going up and down till he was sweating buckets! The AIA Vitality Extreme Keyboard adds musical rhythm to every step we take. If we have this in our public spaces, I sumpa, I’ll take the stairs at all time!
The Music Run Singapore by AIA fringe activities

Hiroshi domineering the table football and making new friends along the way.
The Music Run Singapore by AIA 2016 table football

People was just chilling and playing giantic jenga while waiting for The Music Run to start.
The Music Run Singapore by AIA 2016 Giant Jenga

The emcees and popular local band The Sam Willows had the crowd all hyped up at center stage followed by Fitness First leading the warm-up exercises before the flag-off.

Time check: 5pm
The moment we’ve all been waiting for! FLAG OFF!

The 5km route was filled with five different 1km Music Zones (Rock, Pop, Old School, Hip Hop & Dance). It was also lined with over 120 concert quality speakers pumping 150,000 watts of music throughout The Music Run. With bits of “do you know?” fun facts along the way too!
The Music Run Singapore by AIA 2016 Flag off

In each Music Zone along the 5km route, music runners were also treated to special interactive activities such as the cool Harley Davidson bikers in the AIA Rock Zone.
The Music Run Singapore by AIA 2016 Rock Zone

Giant candy pops and huge beach balls at the Pop Zone. Hiroshi’s favorite music zone!
The Music Run Singapore bu AIA Pop Zone

Pop star doppelgangers and lookalikes in Old School Zone. By far my favorite music zone!
The Music Run Singapore by AIA 2016 Old School Zone

Giant Graffiti wall and uber cool looking cars at the AIA Hip Hop Zone.
The Music Run Singapore by AIA 2016 Hip Hop zone

Finally down to our last KM, which proves to be the hardest as experienced from Hello Kitty Run and My Little Pony Friendship Run. Held on, and decided that we aren’t cheating or quitting!

We totally missed those killer selfie and wefie moments in the W Dance Zone, since they were already packing up when we got there! #slowpokes
The Music Run Singapore by AIA 2016 Dance Zone

Hiroshi was just glad we made it back to the finishing line!
The Music Run Singagapore by AIA 2016 Finishing Line

Spectacular view greeted us. Celebrating the fact that we persevered and did not give up even though the going got tough! #LikeReal 😀 They were actually celebrating AIA’s 85th Birthday with a huge bash! DJ Sam Withers was already working up the crowd with awesome music…
The Music Run SIngapore by AIA 2016 Fireworks

We must have been the LAST to arrive at the finishing line, since they’ve already kept all the medals when we got back. But, a very kind lady took the trouble to look for them and got us those medals to reward us for our “never-give-up” attitude. Even if it meant coming in last.

Check out the highlights and you might want to sign up for The Music Run next year. 😆

Well, at least now I know Hiroshi loves music but hates running. Perhaps, I’ll do The Music Run with Kitson next year and party at the music village till there’s no tomorrow.

Full Disclosure: We were invited to The Music Run by Ninemer PR. No monetary compensation has been received. Views and opinion reflected on this blog post are my own and are no way influenced by anybody else.

Canon Family Shoot Out at Sentosa

Didn’t matter if I was outnumbered.
The odds were bad. 3 against 1.
But the sound of a Family Shoot Out at Sentosa by Canon was too hard to resist!
DIE DIE MUST GO, SoOOooOoOoOOooOOoooo we went!

In order to document our adventure at the state of fun,
Canon provided us with a selection of compact cameras to choose from…

I rubbed my hands in glee, getting excited over the thoughts that I’ll be laying my hands on the PowerShot G1X Mark II. But after much consideration and reluctance, I changed my mind. This camera isn’t exactly pocket size. Solo parenting plus juggling 3 kids, I think I better go for something smaller, but yet as impressive.
Canon powershot G1x Mark 2
It was a no brainer… The next best compact camera has got to be the Canon Powershot G7 X. It has been a long time since I carried a compact camera that fits comfortably into my palms and pockets! This camera is like chilli padi. Small but Potent!Canon Powershot G7X

What bloggers do when they find a camera with 180 degrees tilt touchscreen LCD?
I bet you knew what was coming… They take a wefie!
(For better or for worst, that’s Cherieladie; my partner for Canon family shoot out!)
Canon Powershot G7 X Cherieladie and Singaporemomblogs

Alrighty, let’s get back to business!
Sophia reading off the clue card for our first destination…
(Image credits to Cherieladie who was using Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II)
Canon Family Shoot Out at Sentosa

“Show us how it is like to look out from within the Guardian of Prosperity”
Task: Head up to the mouth of this creature
and snap a shot with you sky high view from above.

The clues were über obvious, everybody in our group shouted in sync, “The Merlion!”

We were racing against time…
On the escalator, going onto the monorail to find Prosperity! Huat ahh!
The folks from Canon were kind enough to extend another camera to Hiroshi too!
He was shooting with the Canon Powershot N100.
(Image Credits to Cherieladie)
Canon Family Shoot Out at Sentosa

Even though we were outnumbered by kids, we managed to reach The Merlion without loosing anyone! God decides to cry tears of joy after unlocking our new parenting achievements! :p On a side note, The Merlion statue very cute hor!
Canon Family Shoot Out At Sentosa The Merlion

Despite the pouring rain, it didn’t dampen our spirits!
We even gotten ourselves a lucky medallion coin from the Guardian of Prosperity.

Shooting in low light was a bliss since the camera is equipped with a bright f/1.8 lens. I was even able to immediately upload and instagram the pictures taken with the camera to my phone using the wifi transfer function of the camera. Super duper convenient!

Wanna know what’s the view like from the top?
No doubts about it when they say this is The State of FUN!
(Image from Hiroshi’s camera.)
Canon Family Photo Shoot Out The Merlion

Ciao Mr Merlion!
Our next clue points us towards Skyline Ludge.

We were pretty lucky to have the skies clear up for us.
Jerry finds joy in playing by the stream of water….
Canon Family Shoot Out at Sentosa

We decided to take a slow walk to Skyline Ludge,
since the kids won’t bulge after discovering water!

But, our best laid plans were scrapped
when the skies opened up and poured unforgivingly at us!

We ran all the way to McDonald’s to seek shelter.
Hot milo warm our hearts and souls.
(Dual capture feature on Hiroshi’s camera. Notice how drenched I got?!?)
Canon Family Shoot Out at Sentosa

We waited and waited.
But, the rain situation did not improved.
Then, it was time to head back to rendezvous point.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade…
And try to find someone whose life has given them vodka, and have a party.

Looks like Cherieladie and myself are having a blast taking selfies with silly faces!!
*Flips hair and sings like Elsa* The rain never bothered us anyway!
(Photo credits to Cherieladie)
Canon Family Shoot out at Sentosa

Even though we did not get to complete our Canon Family Shoot Out Challenge, we did had loads of fun! We managed to capture beautiful memories to remember for a lifetime. That’s much more than what we could ask for right?

Check out the impressive rage of Canon Powershot Cameras on Canon’s Website, and get the latest updates, from Canon’s Facebook Page.

Full Disclosure: We were invited to Canon Family Shoot Out at Sentosa. No further monetary compensation was received. All views and opinions are our own.

{GIVEAWAY ALERT} iFly, We flew at iFly Singapore

I am not an adrenaline junkie.

Where people gamely put on their bucket list
to leap over bridges with their dear life hanging on a thread,
or jump out of an aircraft in blind faith that the parachute will open.

Mine was to safely live till I am 101!
There is simply too much too lose as a mother of 3.

But when we received an invitation from iFly Singapore. I was escalated to find that I could in fact experience the thrill of skydiving without any associated risks that comes with it! I knew I had to pound on such an opportunity!
SIngapore Mom Blogger Irene Soh reviews iFly Singapore

Spanning at a height of 56.5 feet and width of 16.5 feet, at almost 5 storey high, iFly Singapore is the world’s largest indoor skydiving simulator.

The 18 feet tall acrylic wall glass offers unparalleled view of the South China Sea and a nightly firework display from the nearby Songs of the Sea.

Wall-to-wall airflow with its multiple fans technology ensures flyers never experience turbulence or fall out of the airflow.
SIngapore Mom Blogger Irene Soh reviews iFly Singapore

Stainless steel elastic net at the base of the wind tunnel is strong enough to hold two adult elephants (or 200 people of 100kgs each)!
SIngapore Mom Blogger Irene Soh reviews iFly Singapore

The wind tunnel has undergone rigorous testing. It is so SAFE that accident rates remain as ZERO since the day they started operations!

iFly Singapore even earned Bragging Rights to 4 Guinness World Records.

Enough TALK! Now watch us FLY!
(And since Hiroshi and Sophia passed the minimum age of 7, they get to fly too!)

It is simply liberating to experience true free fall conditions. Every flyer will get to fly twice in the flight chamber. And each flight will last 45 second long! That is approximately the time it takes for you to fall through the air from 12,000 feet to 3,000 feet!

Indeed. Anyone can Fly!
SIngapore Mom Blogger Irene Soh reviews iFly Singapore

And since we flew…..
SIngapore Mom Blogger Irene Soh reviews iFly Singapore

Now you can fly too!
We are giving away 2 FREE flight to iFly Singapore.

All you need to do is:
1. Comment on this blog post, tell us How many Guinness World Records has iFly Singapore broken so far? Name one of such records.

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Terms and Conditions:
* One (1) winner gets to win a pair of iFly flights
* Actual flight date(s) are subject to availability and co-ordination with iFly Singapore.
* Open to Singapore residents only.
* Giveaway ends midnight of 7 April 2014
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* This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook

Full Disclosure: This flight experience, and a DVD of it, was provided by iFly Singapore for the purpose of this review. All opinions reflected in this post are my own.

And the Winner of the iFly Singapore Giveaway are finally out!

The Winner is:

Jaime Chan

We will be conducting you very shortly about the collection of your prize and many thanks for Everyone’s participation!

Do keep a lookout for our Next Giveaway, as there is always something happening at SingaporeMomBlogs.com

Food Review: Arty Farty Dining Experience @ Museo

(Casual Fine Dining at Museo)

A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at MuseoI am instantly wowed by the magnificent view of the marina & luxurious yachts even before setting foot into the restaurant.

Tucked in the highly prestigious area of Quayside Isle on Sentosa Island…. Museo (pronounced as Moo-Zay-O) promises gastronomic treats exquisitely presented with a contemporary twist.

And as true to it’s name, Museo which means museum in Italian, brings great viewing pleasure of fine exhibits by well-renowned art masters, all displayed in an elegant and refined settings.

A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at MuseoWe were honestly spoilt for choices when being presented the cocktail menu, which comprises a range of 30 concocted cocktails!

This includes 10 exclusive brand new creations, as well as 10 classic cocktails, updated with a twist. And most interestingly, 10 dietary healthy cocktails where tea is infused with alcohol as well as other organic and healthy elements.

A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at Museo I had the Breakfast Martini. {$21} (tall skinny glass on the right) Which is basically made up of London dry gin, blood orange marmalade, citrus and a float of champagne. This is inspired by the modern classic Breakfast Martini,by Salvatore Calabrese in 2000. The tart flavors of the marmalade is soften by the champagne. If I knew breakfast was this happening, I wouldn’t mind waking up early everyday. Or perhaps even better…. Have all day breakfast!

Kitson had the Montenegro Sour. {$21} (the fat glass with pretty heart shaped orange garnish) Which is made up of Montenegro amaro, dolin, fresh pineapple & citrus. The dark caramel like nature of Montenegro amaro blended with the brighter dawn-esque sweetness of dolin rouge form the perfect base, Which the pineapple and citus pit their strength in flavor.

A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at Museo

We were just darn curious over the fancy names these cocktails were presented with, so  we decided to have another one; Kopi-o. {$16}

A local perk-me-up drink in its traditional outfit. A combination of Cariel Two-Vanilla Vodka and freshly brewed espresso floes silk-like across a tired palate subtly bittersweet.

We rubbed our tummies with glee, waiting for the next surprise to unfold.
A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at Museo
We had the Creamy Asparagus Soup with roasted bacon and herbs {$12} for starters. This creamy earthy vegetable soup hit in the right comfort spot. And as for the bacon, I love anything with bacon on it!! Oh-So-nice!!

A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at Museo
Next up was the Mezzanine Signature.

Diners were given free rein in customizing their own unique set by choosing 4 out of the 12 Mezzanines available for only $39. Or for the less adventurous, Museo offers the Mezzanine Signatures for $38, which includes an exquisite selection of 4 crowd-pleasers infused with local flavors.

We had the Joy of life {$12} (Smoked Roast Pork Belly served with hot sauce), The Kiss {$12} (Barbequed Squid with Chilli and Peppers), Matisse’s Gold {$12} (Deep fried Silver Fish served with hot sauce) and The Great Wave {$10} (Tuna Tataki) for our Mezzanine Signature set.

All I could say was, the small portioning has it left me craving for more! What a teaser!!

A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at MuseoAgain, curiosity got the better of us, we ordered Three Musicians {$12} (Soft Shell Chilli Crab served with sweet and savory Tomato-Chilli Sauce) which was also part of the Mezzanine.

There was a strange resemblance to Singapore’s Signature Dish; the chilli crab. But, this however was less spicy. And the clever use of soft shell crab also meant that there was no need for fine diners to get their hands dirty in the process of savoring this yummy dish.

A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at MuseoWatching chefs preparing our meals from an open concept kitchen
totally whet our appetite for more food…..

The setup was so comfortable,
we literately made ourselves at home.
Goofing ourselves silly with the menu.
A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at MuseoA Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at MuseoA Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at Museo

Back to serious food business.
A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at Museo
For Enterees, I ordered Sliced Beef with Mushroom “Zurich Style” Served with pan-roasted rosti potato. {$28}

I didn’t care much for the beef since it was overwhelmed by mushroom and mushroom sauce.
However, I do love the creamy wild mushrooms and pan-roasted rosti potato.

A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at Museo
Kitson on the other hand ordered River Prawns and Linguine. {$28} Baked prawn with cheese and herbs served with Aglio Olio linguine.

He quietly finished up in record time. So I supposed it must have aced a distinction from well traveled food critic.

We have a love hate relationships with desserts.
We love our desserts
but yet understand that
we shouldn’t indulge ourselves too much since the sensitive topic of age is catching up.

But, like always, the mind is willing but the soul is weak!
We over did dessert AGAIN!

A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at MuseoI was so predictable that Kitson instantly knew what I was going to order.That is precisely what happens when you are married for 10 years!

The Green Tea Creme Brulee served with Gelato {$12} of course!

The BEST I ever had. And even comparable to the ones I had in Italy!

A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at MuseoKitson had Vodka Chocolate Lava Cake served with Gelato. {$12} Lovely warm lava cake infused with vodka. Beautiful twist.

The small portioning has left us craving for more.
Highly Recommended!

A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at MuseoCuriosity has definitely killed the cat this time round.

Eton Mess. {$12} Strawberry and peach marinated with lemon juice and rum, plus a generous portion of whipping cream.

Refreshing dessert.
But, I wasn’t sure if I liked the rum.

A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at MuseoThe mastermind behind all these wonderful creation; Chef Yip.
Coincidentally, he is from Ipoh!!
I’ve come across plenty of good chefs from Ipoh on my gastronomic adventure!

I would rank Museo highly on its ambience.A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at Museo Perfect retreat for city dwellers
and peaceful sanctuary for working executives.
Great for a romantic first date between budding lovers.

Taking into account the ambience, food selection, and the amazing view.
It’s value for money.
A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at Museo
and the staffs are really lovely as well.

Kitson & Myself
(alongside with our little light bulb)
had the best date in many years
A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at Museo

A Singapore Mom Blogger goes food tasting at Museo
#01-22 Quayside Isle31 Ocean way
Singapore 098375
Tel: 6734 8066
Fax: 6734 8086
Website: www.mu-se-o.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MuseoSingapore


Singapore Mom Blogs has been invited by Museo for complimentary food review.
All thoughts and opinion are my own.