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James’s Babbling! | Update on James’s Speech Progression

This post is an update on James Speech Progression,
since the last posting of getting diagnosed with Isolated Speech Delay.

Sounds a tad silly for third time parents,
but we were truly excited to see James communicating
and having conversations in his own special way.

James’s ability to speak is still not on par with kids his age.
And I am not putting a yard stick on my child’s development.
I am only writing this down because under the eyes of a medical professional,
James speech progression has been deemed as delayed.
The caregiver workshop for speech language therapy by KKH
which I’ve attended in May wasn’t exactly beneficial in my personal opinion.
We are still waiting to see a speech language therapist next month,
and a hearing test which is scheduled for September.

Even thou James is still a man of few word, his level of understanding is amazingly good. He is able to understand and carry out instructions most of the time. His communication skills involves baby sign language, gesturing, babbling and words. It’s gratifying to see him trying really hard to communicate in his own ways.

James has been babbling a lot more these day. Often surprising me when I least expected it. He said “Auntie” and “Come Down” just the other day. And “straw” today!

Soon he’ll be picking up more words, then phrases and even sentences too. We’ll be having real conversations in no time. But for today, I am just enjoying James for who he is and what he is capable of.

Till then, I’m sure I’ll be looking back and missing all his adorable antics of gesturing and babbling.

Fancy Child Labels: Isolated Speech Delay

When I was young, I hardly notice big medical terms being thrown around to label kids.

When you do not hit your developmental milestones as planned, you are simply known as a slow learner. In a worst case scenario, you might even be classified under the broad term of “why you so stupid!” But under both of these circumstances,  there is no call for concern, and life still goes on for the typical Singaporean.

A brief encounter with a child psychologist suggest that James might be delayed in his speech development. Who would have known that a kid should utter their first words by 12 months. Say at least 6 words by 18 months old, and have a progressively expanding vocabulary (one word each week!!) from 19 to 24 months old.

Hiroshi did not talk till 3!!
And today it is hard to even shut him up!

Nonetheless, I took the advice of the professional. The cheapest route to seeing a speech therapist is getting a referrer letter from the polyclinic. Despite the rumors of long waiting time, ours was only 3 weeks to see the professionals from KKH Department of Child Development.

The clinic was bright and cheerful with many toys to keep little hands occupied! James had no complains about the waiting time as he wondered around the clinic exploring. The nurses were very friendly and patient too!

We were first ushered into a room where the nurse ask preliminary questions, such as personal particulars and family history.

Then I was given an age appropriate questionnaire to fill up. Mainly accessing how much James can or cannot do. Questions range from language development, gross motor skill development and fine motor skills development. At times, I find myself staring blankly at the questionnaire thinking really really hard….

Thank goodness there was a therapist that brought us into a room to access him with hands on activities. This is to double confirm his development against my failing memory and answers on the questionnaire!

The final assessment was done by a doctor. Through a series of tests and evaluation, it is confirmed that James has Isolated Speech Delay.

Even though, James does not communicate verbally, he understands instructions perfectly and communicates with gestures and baby sign language.

We are praying hard that the follow up interventions will help James open his Golden Mouth soon. And hopefully with the ability to talk and express himself will lessen the temper tantrums too!