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Secrets to effortlessly losing 3kg or more in 4 weeks with Absolute Slimming

-Media Invite-

I’ve rejected many slimming blog engagement because I never felt I needed one anyway. But, after working full time, and realizing that my shift dress don’t glide down my hips like they did before, I panicked! Not too sure if age was catching up with metabolism rate slowing down or the constant sitting around in the office environment…

I’ve develop EXTRAs in areas that are less than desirable!

A holistic slimming program involving Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) methods such as 拔罐 (Cupping) and 刮痧 (scraping) peeked my interest, so I decided to try it for myself.

I was terrified of the cupping procedure before my treatment at Absolute Slimming, since my initial impression of traditional cupping has always been involved with fire, acupuncture needles and blood. But thank goodness, it’s completely different here at Absolute Slimming.

It’s actually pretty cool right here with the use of some new aged magnetic acupressure suction cups. Unlike traditional cupping, these harmless looking suction cups have blunt magnetic “needle” that sits on targeted acupuncture points. This in return mobilises blood flow resulting to more energised blood circulation. With that, it also helps improve metabolism and suppress appetite. Totally explains how I was able to get filled for less and stop with the binge eating.

I don’t get big angry bruises like traditional cupping methods. Mine are small like the ones you see in the image below. They take about a week to go off, but it varies from person to person. The cupping marks are an indicator of how much toxins there are in your blood. Cupping can draw the toxins out to the surface, which allows better circulation and improved metabolism.


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Scraping is a secondary method which complements cupping, maximizing the weight loss effects to its’ fullest potential. This method involves applying firm strokes to the body with a smooth-edged instrument. I have a very low trash hold for pain, so I often ask the ladies to spare me some mercy. Thank God, they normally oblige and go easy on me.
TCM Slimming GuaSha Abosolute Slimming

Apart from just cupping and scraping, diet played an important role in this TCM slimming treatment. I swear diet was the hardest part for a foodie like me!

Here’s a glimpse of what’s on the naughty food list:
Grains, Legumes, Nuts, Processed food & Fruits that are high in sugar or fat content.
In addition, I was only allowed to eat till 70% fullness and stop eating after 8pm.

Diets doesn’t get any easier when #gluttoncherieladie constantly sabotage you!!

I’ve faithfully followed the plan for the first 2 weeks, but the rest is history when I accidentally ate my colleague’s Ebi Rice Burger from MOS. I’ve also had an entire cheat week in Japan! Seriously thought this diet plan was spiraling to hell, but I was surprised to know that I still lost weight after eating “forbidden food” from my Japan trip! #AhSoh吃好料

The Results
I started the program weighing 56.9kg. The program ran 2 times weekly and lasted for a month. Finally ended the program with 53.7Kg. That’s losing 3.2kg in one short month. If that don’t impress you much, maybe these numbers would. Felt a significant difference in my waist, tummy and hips. And these hips don’t lie. 😛 *Sings like Shakira*

Session Right Arm Left Arm Right Thigh Left Thigh Tummy Waist Hips
1 30 30 61 60.5 76 87.5 101
8 29 29 59 58.5 71 82 97

Image what could have been if I’ve been more discipline and strictly stick to the suggested diet?
Absolute Slimming Bugis Review

It’s been more than a month after completing the program at Absolute Slimming and my weight has been maintained in the 53kg region. #happylikehell #CNYcoming

What did loosing 3kg meant for me?
Being able to fit into some of my older clothes was a huge ego boost. I realized that I do not have to resign to fate that it’s a “norm” to expand sideways with age or after childbirth. I was motivated to do more. Apart from being more aware of what and how much I was taking in, I’ve also started running. If you’re having trouble kick starting your goals in weight loss, perhaps Absolute Slimming could work for you too.

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Full Disclosure: I was invited to try out Absolute Slimming. No monetary compensation has been received. Views and opinion reflected on this blog post are my own and are no way influenced by anybody else.

James’s Eczema Update | TCM Eczema Treatment

Sorry for the lack of updates on this blog recently.

James’s eczema condition which sudden took a sudden plunge to the land of ultimate took a toll on me. For something that has started off with only a tiny patch at the back of his left elbows quickly spread to the sole of his feet, back of his knees, hands, palms and face. It was scary how quickly I ran through a small tube of steroid cream and Phyiogel cream in a blink of an eye. Condition seems to improve for a couple of days before it hits big time all over again.

We suddenly find ourselves battling with extremely dry skin patches over his belly button, neck, armpits, ears and scalp too! As a mom, I’m pretty hardy. But, it’s really heart wrenching to see James scratching himself to the point where the skin would weep and bleed. Even taking anti-histamine medication doesn’t stop the itch!
Kids with Eczema

Kitson felt that we should concentrate on finding the underlying trigger of eczema rather than going on a witch-hunt for the “miracle” cream.

We started putting James on a strict diet, with no dairy other than breast milk. We’ve also started James on his daily doze of Cod Liver Oil.

To rule out the possibility of dust mite allergy. We’ve clean out the room with a vacuum cleaner fitted with HEPA filter. Other than changing bedding twice in a week, we’ve also steam them and threw out pillows that are more than 6 months old. In addition to that, air purifier was put into the room running 24/7.

James is currently using California Baby Therapeutic Relief Eczema Shampoo & Bodywash. And since, James’s condition is now know was an eczema flare up, steroid creams are necessary evils at this current moment. Immediately apply steroid cream and moisturizer after showers. And generously re-apply moisturizer whenever needed.

I am finally seeing some light at the end of a long long tunnel. Even though the skin is still rough, patchy and itchy, the redness subsided and it significantly looks less “angry”. With fingers and toes crossed, I hope it stays this way (and better)!

In one of our desperate measures, we visited a Traditional Chinese Medical Physician at Shan Dong Traditional Chinese Medicine. I believe in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). But when it comes to kids, I get a little skeptical, since I’ve never heard of a Traditional Medical Physician that specializes in kids!

Well, it looks like I’ve been living under a rock all these while. This one not only specializes in Acupuncture, but does Chinese Pediatric Medical Care and Child Massage (tuina) too! I’ve got to sneak a photo of the setup in my next visit.

Check out the exotic medication!
Traditional Chinese Medication TCM Eczema Treatment

TCM Eczema Treatment; This concoction is apparently for “blood cleansing”.

Herbs were brewed over the stove for 30 minutes with a piece of lean meat.
With all honesty, it didn’t look nor smell appetizing.

But surprisingly, James had no problem with it. In actual fact, he took the medication in big gulps, smacking his lips and asking for more!
Traditional Chinese Medication  TCM Eczema Treatment

Get Well and STAY WELL real soon!
Fingers Crossed that TCM eczema treatment works!